Why Must We Remember Death?


border2 (4)All Praises are due to Allah swt, the Lord of the world, the Master of the Day of Judgement, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. And all peace and blessings be upon His most beloved one, Sayyidina Muhammad (sws), the mercy to the Universes, the most perfect of Allah’s creations, the intercessor on the Day of Judgement. And may Allah swt Mercy and pleasure be upon His Ahlil Bayt and his companions, especially upon the four Khulafa-e Rashideen, Hz Abu Bakr, Hz Umar, Hz Usman, Hz Ali, radiallahu ta’alihi Ajmain.

border2 (4)

O Believers, if we look to the sky, we will see that the moon is almost becoming a full moon. The days and nights of this holy month of Ramazan, are quickly passing away. We have already passed through the first ten Holy days, through the days of Mercy, and now, we have entered into the days of forgiveness. And very soon, these ten days will also pass us and we will enter into the last ten days, the days of freedom from the Fire.

hoja Effendi (5)

As Believers, we must show the value to this time and not let it slip away from us. Shahi Mardan Hazreti Ali (Karram Allahu Wajhahu) who was once with his companions, looking at the sky, he said to them, ‘ do you see these clouds? Time is like these clouds. Once it passes, it does not come back.’

The time of this month of Ramazan, once it passes, it will not return to us. So we must run to catch as many of the blessing of this month if we can.

In this month of Ramazan, Allah swt is giving a grant to the Believers, when we are fasting. We are cutting ourselves from that that is connecting us to this dunya. We are cutting  ourselves off from eating and drinking. We are cutting ourselves off from relations. We are cutting ourselves off from our animal characteristics and we are giving the control of this body to our spirit and when we are cutting ourselves from the chains of this dunya, then we are becoming more free to come closer to our Lord, Allah swt. And when we are becoming more free from this dunya, then we can sit and we can understand more.

As Ghaus-ul-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (q.s) is saying, ‘the word Ramazan means  to scorch, to burn.’ And he is saying, ‘our heart, it absorbs a spiritual lessons from the heat experience while fasting along with the reasons to reflect on the state of the Hereafter, just as the sun and the stone absorb the effect  of their exposure to the sun, to the heat of the sun.’

death1So in this month, we must be running to open our hearts more to an understanding of the Hereafter. We must run to understand more of the reality of this life. And the one certainty in this life, the one reality for this life, that is true for every single human being is ‘qullu nafsin dzaai’qatul maut’. As Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘ Every soul shall taste of death.’ The reality is that you and I, we are going to die.

In this Holy month of Ramazan, the believer must remember, must understand and must prepare for his death. As the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘An intelligent person is one who is constantly thinking about and preparing for death.’

And someone ask the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘how does one prepare for death?’

And he replied, ‘the one who remembers his death the most is the one who is most prepared for it.’

Hz Osman al Ghani (r.a) is saying, ‘know O son of Adam, know that the Angel of Death who has been assigned to you has not stopped to pass you and move on to others ever since you have been in this world. But it is as if he is about to  pass someone else and move on to target you.’

So be careful and prepare for him. Do not forget him because he does not forget you. And to know, O son of Adam, if you are heedless about yourself and you do not prepare, no one else will prepare for you. You must meet Allah, the Mighty and Majestic. So take for yourself and do not leave it for someone else. And those great man of Allah swt  who pass before us, they use to remember their death frequently.

Imam al-Jazuli (r.a), that Mubarak who is the author of the Delail-i Hayrat, he used to study in a Madrasah and one of the students came to the father of Imam al-Jazuli saying, ‘your son, he has gone crazy. He has become mad,’ and he brought the father of Imam al-Jazuli to his son’s room because all over the walls of that room, Imam al-Jazuli has written, ‘Maut, Maut, Maut; Death, Death and Death.’

When Imam al-Jazuli’s father saw this, he began to cry and say, ‘it is us who are crazy. Not my son.’

So what is the reason? Why is it that we must remember death?

It is because it reminds us that we are not of this world. That this world is not our home. It reminds us that we are only travelers in this dunya.


Hz ibni Umar (r.a), he is saying that ‘One day Holy Prophet grabbed my shoulder and said, ‘be in this world like you are a stranger or a traveler.’

And Hz Umar, he used to say, ‘if you reach to the evening,  do not expect to reach the morning. And if you reach the morning, then do not expect to reach the evening. Take from your health before your illness and take from your life, before your death.’

So the purpose of remembering death is to remind us that this world is not our home. We are just passing through. This is just a stage in our journey. And once we remember that, we must lose the taste of this life. Because the love of this dunya and the fear of death, they are diseases of the people of Ahir Zaman. Yes, we work and we have to take care of our families and we take care of our obligations and we help the community. But if we fall in love with this dunya and if this dunya stays in our heart, then it is  a disease that will kill our spirit and our faith.

But if we remember death often, if we remember that we are going to leave this world and we are going to stand in front of our Creator Allah swt and we are going to be judged  for how we lived in this life then we will lose the taste for this dunya and we will run to fix ourselves. We will not have time for the foolishness and the distractions of this dunya.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the dunya is the prison of the believer and it’s the Paradise of the unbeliever.’ So we must ask ourselves, are we living in this dunya as a prison or as a Jannat?

hajojanazahThe Prisoner is the one who cannot wait to escape from the Prison. The Prisoner is the one who, his every moment, his ever breath is spent  thinking and hoping for the day that he is able to escape.

Is that how we are?

Or are we so happy with this dunya thinking that it is the Garden of Paradise?

The Ummati Muhammad (asws) today they have fallen into the tricks and the traps of this dunya. We are looking to make it into a Paradise and we have forgotten the true Paradise which is our original home. If we make this dunya into our Paradise, then we are the ones who have failed the test of this life.

We must remember death, to keep the Ahiret alive in our hearts. And if we trade the life of this dunya for the life of Ahiret, then we are the ones who have won in this world. Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran in Aurah al-A’la, ‘surely, he has succeeded, who has purified himself. And remember the name of his Lord and prayed. But you prefer the life of this world even though the life of the hereafter is better and everlasting.’

So the successful one is he who has purified himself and who prefers the life of the Ahiret to the life of this dunya. And in this Ramazan, believers, we have a chance to purify ourselves in this Holy month of Ramazan. This month that is scorching us of our bad deeds. That is burning our bad deeds away, of our wrong intentions, or our wrong actions, of our sheytanic characteristics.

We must run to be from that category of people who purify themselves. And in this month of Ramazan when we are abstaining, we are staying away from this dunya, staying away from food and drink we must wake up the love of the Ahiret in our lives. Then we can be those ones who spent the days and nights of this month of Ramazan in a way that is pleasing to our Lord, Allah swt.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘throughout the entire month of Ramazan, Allah swt will go on, calling, ‘My servants, men and women, be of good cheer, be happy, be patient and be patient and be steadily persevere. I’m about to grant you relief from trouble and pain and you will shortly reach to My mercy and My generous favour.’

Lokman Hoja (3)We are asking for the mercy of Allah swt. We are asking for the forgiveness of Allah and we are asking for Allah to free us from the Hell fire.

Ya Rabbi, we are asking You to turn our hearts away from the love of this world and to turn our hearts to the love of the Ahiret and to make us to be from those that when we leave this world we leave it with, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu ve Rasuluhu.’

For the sake of our Holy Prophet (asws). For the sake of our Grandsheykh Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani.  For the sake of our Sheykh SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Qibrisi al-Rabbani.

Al Fatiha

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz,                                                                                                            Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi                                                         OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

July 19, 2013- 11 Ramadan 1434

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