The First Battle of Islam


battle of badr

The First War, first war of Islam. Which one was it?  O Believers, do you know? The Badr War. In that war, the enemy of Islam, they all gathered together, they came to finish the Prophet (asws) and only handful of Muslims. They came to finish that. Their aim was to finish Islam, in the beginning. They looked down to Muslims and they said, ‘we can finish this one quickly. Before they start growing, we must finish them!’ And they came near to Medina.

In that Battle of Badr, over 4000 mushriks, 4000 with all their horses, with all their camels, with all their weapons, with all their arrows, with all their latest technology that time, came to Medina to destroy Holy Prophet (asws) and a small group of Muslims who were with him. The Muslims knew they were coming but Holy Prophet didn’t move. Don’t think they were preparing for battle. They were not. The enemies were all very well trained and all very well equipped that time we can say with the best weapon of that time. They have shield on their body that even if you hit them with the sword, nothing can go through. What did the Sahabis have?

They didn’t even have sword in that war. Couple of them, they have sword, the rest they took some sticks in their hands, they took some stones, whatever the found they took. They were so happy going to a war, not planning to come back too. They were not planning to come back. Riwayat is saying, they have only two horses with them. On top of that, they were fighting the war during the month of Ramazan and Holy Prophet (asws) made it possible for his Sahabi to do that because they submitted to him. They submitted to him completely and fully  and they sacrificed everything for him. They were not complaining. They were not running away when things were tough, and their faith was so strong, believing in that Prophet. They completely submitted themselves to the Prophet. They submitted their lives, the lives of their family, the lives of their children, the wealth, the family connections, everything. That none of us here, we’ve really tasted that. They went through torture, they went through oppression, they went through hardship, they went through sufferings, they went through poverty, they went through starvation, they went through humiliations.

When the enemy was coming, fully equipped with everyone on their horses, Holy Prophet (asws), with him at that time, there were maybe 700 people. But there was still no permission given to them to go to war yet.  The Enemies were prepared and were approaching. Seeing this, some of the Sahabi they said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, give us permission to prepare to go to war with them.’

He said, ‘No, I cannot give you permission. I’m just a servant, like you.’

They said, ‘Ya Rasulullah. We left from Mecca and we came here. And they are coming together here to kill us. Are we going to sit and do nothing?’

And the people of Medina saying, ‘we open the door to you Ya Rasulullah. Now the enemies are coming, you are not giving us permission to go to fight with them? They are going to enter, they are going to finish everything that we have too.’

And the Holy Prophet saying to them, ‘No. That permission, it is not in my hand. It is in the hand of Allah. And unless Allah sends order to us, we will not fight.’

‘What we will do?’

‘If they come here, if we have no permission, we cannot fight. We will become martyrs, just like that.’

And Allah is testing them to see how obedient they are to Allah. That time, the Muslims, they became obedient to the Prophet (asws). And they said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, we hear and we obey you. And you are saying to us that we will sit and if Allah is not giving permission, they will come and kill us. We sacrifice our lives, our families, our children in your way already. For that reason, we are obedient to you and we are sitting. And if no permission is coming we will not raise our finger to them. And we’ll wait with you. If no permission comes, then we are ready to die.’

And that time Allah is giving order saying, ‘Now, go out. Pull the sword. You are the one that will be hitting and Allah is the one that is going to take their life. So now, you are fighting for Allah. You are not fighting for your children, for your wealth, for your cities.’

Soon as the order was given to them, they were so happy.  They were not going to be hundred percent sure that they are going to win because they  knew the power of the enemy that is coming. Over thousand of them, and for that time, it is a big number. Finally, they reached to Badr, and the Badr war began. Allah assisted them. Angels came. How many were promised to come? 3000 were promised to come. How many came? 2000. Another thousand were supposed to come but they didn’t come for Badr, they are going to come in the war of Mahdi (as) against the Dajjal. When that war comes, the rest of the Angels that are promised, they will come at that time. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may we be blessed enough to be in that war.

The Badr war is the war that Islam wins, the Haqq wins. How are they not going to win the war? They opened the Flag of Islam. The Flag of Islam was rising and Allah was with them. They win the war. Only three hundred Sahabis fought in that war. 313 against 4000. Those six, seven hundreds, who were with the Prophet before the war began, when they came and they see what was coming ahead, they said, ‘are we really going for a war? We were just talking here now, but they are really serious about it. They are going for a war?’ Immediately they started sneaking out. Only three hundred and thirteen went to the war. The rest, they went hiding here and there in Medina and other places. After the war ended, they came out. They pretended not to know what had happened, and they started asking, ‘where were you?’

The Sahabis said, ‘you don’t know?  we went to the war.’

They said, ‘we thought that you were just joking.’ Sound like you?

Think on it. Think, think. Think sincerely, seriously to your own self. Yes, they said, ‘we thought that you were just joking. We were not knowing that you were hundred percent serious. Otherwise we will be with you.’ Prophet (asws) said, ‘you sit. Be comfortable there. It’s okay. Cos your time is later.’ And that’s exactly what happened to them. And so many died as of munafiq, all the other ones. And so many, they have changed their side anyway too.

So, in the battle of Badr, 313 against 4000. 4000 that were defeated. The number is small, against 4000. And in every Muslim jihad, if you look carefully, in every war, the Muslims, they are always the minority. The unbelievers were the majority always. It’s not a matter of how many people are there and how much power you have. It’s the matter of whether Allah is in your side, or Allah left you and you are standing, two enemies standing in front of each other. Whoever is strong that time, is going to win. So, was it easy for them?

It was not. Was it easy for the Prophet (asws)? It was not. In that first battle in Islam which was fought during the month of Ramazan, Holy Prophet (asws) did not just take things for granted. He didn’t take his Lord, or Islam, or his way; Tarikat means the Prophet’s way, as a joke. ‘It’s okay, it’s all love, it’s all peace, it’s all happiness, it’s all ease.’ No. He did not. None of the Sahabis, they went through any of that. In the Battle of Badr, did he just take for granted to say, ‘I am Habibullah, these are my Sahabis, Allah is going to help us,’ That’s it? Did he prepare? He prepared. What else did he do? He prayed. Whole night long he begged, in sejdah,to his Lord Allah swt to grant him victory. He did not take his Lord as a joke.

You think the companions of the Prophet (asws), they spent whole day, whole night, just making zikr? Or did they first go through submission? Years in Mecca, they went through submission that they did not even raise their hands to strike back when their families are being killed, when their properties is being taken, when they are being oppressed, when they are being buried alive. So many of us, we are not thinking of this. We are not taking this and we are not putting it into our lives to say, ‘shukr Ya Rabbi. You tested them, you didn’t test me. If you test me, definitely I would fail, but because You didn’t test me, I’m going to make more shukr to You. I must now run in Your way.’

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may Allah raise our station high, for us to have more submission to our Sheykh.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSai Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)
Ramazan 1434

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  1. A.S says:

    Masha Allah Khalifa! Alhamdullilah your lectures are beautiful! I love the Badr lecture, I had teras in my eyes reading it.

    I have read all othe other lectures posted as well, BEAUTIFUL!

    You remind me of my Sheikh Moulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani!

    keep up the good work! Alhamdulillah! Insya Allah Arahman. Aameen.

    I love this site!

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