How Can We Find Laylatul Qadr?


Question : How can we find Laylatul Qadr and how can we know if we have found it?


Laylatul Qadr is the Night of Power. Laylatul Qadr is the night that is better than one thousand months, Quran is saying. One thousand months, if you start calculating, it’s about eighty something years of a man’s life. Meaning in this one month, it is better than the whole life of a man.  It is blessed. Laylatul Qadr is the night that Allah swt is sending so much power and is sending the Quran e-Kerim. We should find Laylatul Qadr. How are we going to find Laylatul Qadr? Well, that’s what everybody wants to know isn’t it?

For 1400 years, Awliya Allah, they have shown us how to find it. But finding Laylatul Qadr is not to say, ‘Oh, Laylatul Qadr is on that day, that night, I am going to worship on that night Only.’ Even if you find Laylatul Qadr on that night, when you worship on that night, possibility not too much benefit, because you are trying to cheat Allah.

You see, the Ottomans, they figured everything out. They take the best, the cream of the religion and they gave it to everyone. They are saying, ‘treat every night like it is Laylatul Qadr.’ That time, are you going to find Laylatul Qadr? Definitely. And they say, ‘treat everyone as if he is Khizir (as).’  As you know Khizir (as) is mentioned in the Quran e-Kerim; that one that was sent to teach Musa (as). Musa (as) Kalimullah, Musa (as) who was given Books. Musa (as) was representing the law, but there is higher law than that. This ties in with what we were speaking about earlier; that the book knowledge is something else, spiritual knowledge is something else.

Musa (as) had the book knowledge; knowledge of the Book. But Khizir (as) was sent to him. Khizir is not a Prophet, maybe. Some say he is, some say he is a a Saint. Doesn’t matter. Living at that time, Musa (as) is one of five Prophets that Allah has created, that is the highest. But Allah sent Musa(as) to him(Khizir), for him to teach Musa (as). Surat al-Kahf, if people are reading it, use to be Muslims were reading this every Friday. It will save you from the Hellfire. But Muslims, because they don’t believe in Hellfire, why should they read? Isn’t it? Astaghfirullah. They don’t take it seriously. But Musa(as) was sent to Khizir (as). Khizir (as) says, ‘you cannot accompany me.’ He is saying to a Nabi, he is saying to a Rasul, he is saying, looking at him, ‘you cannot accompany  me. You cannot learn from me. You have no patience.’

Musa (as) said, ‘No. I will. I have patience.’

Khizir said, ‘okay. Don’t question me. Don’t ask. Learn.’

There’s a big lesson there for us. Once you begin on a spiritual journey, don’t ask. Learn. But what they are teaching now? ‘Ask. Only by asking  you are going to learn.’ No, learning is through so  many different ways. It’s a long story, but Musa (as) question him on three occasions and these three occasions, that time Khizir (as) says, ‘No. That’s it. I told you, you cannot accompany me.’ Who knows what might have happened if Musa (as) didn’t question and Khizir (as) continued to teach him more and more. So Khizir (as) is the one with secret knowledge. And Khizir (as) is the one that if you ask him something, he will give it to you. He appears to us sometimes. So be careful what you wish for. That time if you wish for hamburger, you are going to get it. He’s never going to come around to your life again maybe. But that time if you are sitting down and you say, ‘I want Allah,’ ohh, how are you going to win now dunya and Ahiret. So, be careful what we remember. Be careful from our intentions. We are going to be judged according to our intentions.


So treat every night like it is Laylatul Qadr and treat everyone like he is Khizir. That time, because Khizir appears to a man, that time, you will win. Awliya Allah they are saying Laylatul Qadr, it is in the month of Ramazan. Heavily, it could be in the last third of the month. The last ten days. Heavily it is the odd number days and heavily, maybe it is the 27th.  But, of course now, we are not discouraging people from worshiping on the 27th. If you want to worship on the 27th, it is better to worship than not worshiping at all.

Some square heads they are saying, ‘no this is wrong, this is bida’at. He never said that. Going to the 27th masjid and reading and making khatame and all this, this is bida’at.’ It is better than nothing. What are you going to do, sit home and watch Bollywood movies whole night long? It is better at least. We are saying, it’s not the best, but now we are coming to the Ahir Zaman, you have to have a wisdom, you have to say, because mankind is so weak. What little they do, we cannot stop them. We say to them, we encourage them, ‘do it.’ Later they are going to get stronger, they are going to do more. Just like the first Jahilliyah. First Jahilliyah, say, ‘La illaha ilallah.’ That’s all. Say, ‘La illaha ilallah, Muhammadur Rasulullah.’ That’s all. Holy Prophet (asws) did not bring down the Shariat. He brought down the Shariat in twenty three years. But these days, when we have a new brother coming to Islam, we put him with Shariat. We say, ‘now you have to wake up. Now you have to wear this, you have to do this, this, this.’ No, no, no. What are you going to do if you have book knowledge, this is what you are going to be stuck with. How are you going to find Laylatul Qadr?

Treat every night like it is Laylatul Qadr. At least, to make two raka’at and say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m a weak one.’ And Allah loves His servants who says that he is weak. ‘This is what I can do if Laylatul Qadr is tonight.’

Sit for five minutes and say, ‘ya Rabbi, I’m sitting here, I’m just thinking of You. I’m not asking You anything. I’m just thinking of You. I want to be with You. You are always being with me. You are always with me but I’m far away from You. I’m just here to be with You.’ Five minutes. That time, yes, there’s going to be Qaramat. Because the heart will start to wake up, because you are stepping on your ego and you are doing something sincerely. With sincerity. Because one hour of meditation, it is better than seventy years of worship, isn’t it?

Imagine if you do that kind of meditation, that Tafakkur,  to sit down, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, ‘not one hour, five minutes, sit down and be with your Lord, sincerely. If you do it, it is better than seventy years of Nafila Ibadah.’ What happens if you do it and you happen to catch the Laylatul Qadr. It takes beliefs to do this. Yes. In the old days, so many were Awliya Allah and so many people doing Qaramats, yes, open. Because they believe.  These days, Muslims don’t believe anymore. They believe in the weatherman, they believe in the CNN, they believe in the internet, they believe in all those knowledges coming from unbelievers but when it comes to real Islam coming in, they said, ‘ are you sure? I don’t think so. What about this? what about that?’ They finished everything then they say, ‘is this hadiths sahih or not? Or is it maudhuk?’ So, playing games. But in the past, they believe.

There are other things, there are other signs that may be open, but this is enough, this is what’s useful for us. Believe me, if you take this, you are not going to lose. I’m not going to cheat you. I’m not going to gain. I’m not going to win anything. You are. At least to have the intention and in these days, it matters a lot. Because we are going through our lives without intentions. We are sitting there, making a zikr without intention. We are praying without the intention. Intention of prayer is not just to say, ‘nawaitu arbain,’ it’s not just to say, ‘I’m praying four raka’ats zuhr by myself, according to Hanafi way for the sake of Allah.’ That’s not just intention. That is just lafaz. That is just what you say. What you say and your intention is completely different, isn’t it?

So many people say but they intent something else. If we are standing there, really making the intention, ‘Ya Rabbi, now I’m praying for you. You are watching me, and I’m praying. I’m praying for You, for Your sake. I am a weak one. My prayer, it is dirty, it is corrupt, but this is my intention Ya Rabbi, give me strength.’ That time watch the blessings and the sincerity coming to your lives. InsyaAllah, this is enough. May we gain from this insyaAllahSelam Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

sincere intention

 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Ramazan 1434H
July 19, 2013

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