Sheykh Effendi’s Farewell Sohbet at Osmanli Dergahi NY


Last day in the Dergah

flower_example…And the next day when I came back, on Saturday, and on Sunday, we had the Fajr prayer here and he sat right here. There were only a few people there, those who were living here, and he said, ‘now I can close my eyes and go from this world, because I have completed building a Mesjid of Allah. And I’m leaving it for you and your children and your children’s children, until Judgement Day. I have finish my work.’

 Remember this. He left this for us. For our children. For our children’s children. He didn’t make this for himself or for his children, or for his wife, or for his family. He live his life for us, and he passed for us.

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz

sahibulsaif I

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim


Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Most of  you, I think you know that I am leaving today. Those who didn’t know, now you know too.

I forced you very hard to build this, Alhamdulillah. Finally. At least we have one morning, Fajr prayer here.  If I die, my eyes doesn’t go open. It’s okay. I will rest. Because the most important and the hardest job, we did it. We did it. Everybody does things of course.

When you look at it from outside, you say, ‘what is this? This is nothing. People, they are putting cities up.’

That’s true. But everyone does what is given to them. And what is given to you, you try your best in it. Similar like that King that he built thousands of cities in the presence of Allah. Because Allah is giving limits to His people. Some has little, some has more. And what the expectation is, which so many of you is not understanding me, always forcing, this is the meaning; that what Allah has given to you, you have to put it out. Not to look at that one to see why is that one doing this much and I have to do that much.

Allah is justYour capacity is that much, his capacity, what Allah gives to him is that much. If he does his capacity full, even if it’s just this much, little, he’s going to get the full reward. But even if you do the whole thing by yourself and if your capacity is above that, you are still not going to get the same reward that that one is getting, which Allah is granting, little, this much.

Just like the ant, entering to a Paradise. Not all the ants, not the animals, but just one is entering to that Paradise because it made the intention, running, trying to run to put the fire of Namrud off when Namrud put the fire to put Ibrahim (a.s) in to burn. In reality, who put the Namrud there? Who put Ibrahim (a.s) there? Who put the fire? Who has the control of everything?

Allah Jala wa’ala swt.

Namrud did what it was for him. He did his job. But in his creation, Allah gave him two doors; right or left, good or evil. If he were to choose the good, he will not be mentioned as Namrud, too. He will be mentioned in some other name that people, they will put praise on him.

The destiny, you cannot just say ‘Destiny’ and finish. Because Allah has created the children of Adam and He has created them for Haqq, for His service. But He left them in this world in two sides, saying, ‘ If you follow this way, you will be fulfilling the orders that is granted to you, and worldly and Hereafter you will be happy. If you are not doing that and you are running to fulfill the desires of your ego, you will not be happy in dunya, and don’t expect to be happy in the Hereafter too.’ Because you are choosing that to your own self, because you have a free will.

SahibulSaifYou choose to be here, you choose to be in this masjid. But you can choose right now to go to a bar, to the club, to the places that Allah has banned. That is in your hand. No one can change that for you.

So, what Allah has granted to us, what He has given to us, He is expecting for us to use it because He knows what He has given to you, what is your capacity and if you are not using that capacity fully, it is not His fault, it is your fault.

You cannot say, ‘Allah is putting this burden on me and I cannot carry.’ When people they do that, and they fall and they go and they commit suicide, they will be punished for that too.

So, what Allah is granting to us, He knows what kind of creature He has created.

And He is bringing others out too, to provoke them, to push them, to get them upset, to get them angry, to do this, to do that, to make them to do things, to push them to fulfill their limits that Allah has granted to them. Or He puts others out there too to pull them from the right way, to bring them to the wrong side.

There’s always leaders on every side. The good or the bad. So whoever you hang around with, if you are a human, whatever you are, doesn’t matter, whoever you hang around with, slowly you are going to start moving towards that side. Because it is inside of you. What that one was doing, the wrong things, that is also inside of you. That is also the characteristics of the ego. When the man is losing his guide, or he is having doubt on his guide or he is not accepting what his guide is saying to him, he is going to follow his own self, his own ego, his own understanding. Which the world is falling into the biggest trouble, because of this.

So Alhamdulillah, Allah Jala wa’ala swt has put us here too, taking us to the top of the mountain, from the village of Cyprus. We never know anything other than that. There’s only a handful of people, I didn’t know any cars or any this or any that. That’s where I was growing. And we circle around the world, and we end up on top of this mountain thinking what Allah is wanting from us too, what is it that we have to do?

OsmanliDergahiNothing is happening  for a coincidence. And every step that I made, I looked behind, I looked forward, I looked every side to see what’s happening. So many difficulties standing  on the way. So many roads are open, so many roads are close, but Alhamdulillah, we are not giving up. So many difficulties especially in these last several years that it is almost impossible but I didn’t, I didn’t decide to give up.  I said No. if I’m going to die, I’m going to die while walking, while running, while I’m doing this. I cannot. I have to do this. Which Allah is ordering, giving through inspiration, through orders, through signs. And, for a man like me, He has given help like you. Alhamdulillah.

And, from almost impossible, you made something possible. And now that I’m hearing around everywhere, people talking back and forth and they are saying and I’m sitting, thinking on that too, analyzing that too, thinking and now I’m hearing words that is circling everywhere that is very open now saying, ‘they are spending over  5 million dollars here to build this place.’ But, that is good. Because that’s how they would do. So that’s good, That is good. That’s why I say, it is something, miracle that we build. Otherwise, it is easy for construction companies to do this one, two, three. How many months they will take? One month? One month.

No, but just like we are trying to make a lake, taking water from one side of the Ocean, carrying and putting water on this side with a bucket that it has holes in it. By the time you remove the water from there to bring it here, there’s no water inside the bucket left. But this is how we did it.

difficultInsyaAllah, this is how we are doing it.

It’s good knowing that light is coming out. It is good to hear the rooster  that is screaming everywhere, it is good that the cats, they are in the Mesjids now, they are beginning to adapt.

So with that, I have to thank specially, to some people. Everyone has something in it. But there’s people who really put their hearts out, put everything, that it’s hidden, nobody knows, nobody has to know but we have to know. Allah is saying to give everybody what they deserve, what they did and what they are trying to do.

Building, contracting this place; the manager of building this place, is special Thanks to Haji Abdul Hamid and Haji Halit. This are the two person that really work very hard. I force them, really to the end. I really force, and you all know me when I force, how bad I get, and I just leave to this two person that I really force them in every side and they didn’t give up. And they did it. And I’m thanking specially, these are the people that they put their effort, their power, their intelligence, their power of work into the place.

I’m especially thanking to Haji Tahir, I cannot pay them, but they are getting their pay definitely, very high pay they are getting. Yasin, that little kid, that’s the helper of Halit. I’m also thanking especially to Sultan Abi. Special thanks to Erkan, and of course the head of the Shepherd, Serkan and all the other ones from; Salih is also running around very good in these days. Special thanks to Abdullah. The sickness that I got really got under the control of the bees, I didn’t use nothing else. I couldn’t get up from the bed, impossible, but he runs all the time and he did his best and he is doing his best always. Asik Ali, he’s always bringing me green stuff, fresh.

Everybody has their own specialty in any way, but I have to say, like Adil, he’s taking nice pictures, making us very famous in the world. Now, who else? Oh, Shakir is here, Abdul Rehmen, Ahmed, somebody mention Cuban..

mesjid1halitbuilding of mesjidbuildsebuilding mesjidmesjiddconstructmesbuilddmesjid3SahibulSaif (7)se farewell


 Sohbet by SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

  May 20th, 2012

 After Fajr prayer at the newly constructed Osmanli Dergahi Mesjid

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