The Sincerity Of The Ashab-e-Badr

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All Praises are due to our Lord Allah swt, the Creator of the Universes, Master of the Day of Judgement, and may all peace and blessings be upon the mercy to all the worlds, Sayyidina Muhammad (sws) and upon his family and his companions.


Ayuhal Mukminun,  O Believers, the month of Ramazan is nearing its end. We have passed more than half of this Holy month. And the Muezzin who was once saying Marhabah Ya Ramazan during the tarawih prayer,  he is now calling Al-Wada. He is now bidding farewell to this Holy month. And in one week , we will be making the Jumatul Wida; The farewell Juma for the month of Ramazan. And then we will be entering into the celebration of Eid.

O Believers, run to honour these days and nights, the last days and nights of the three Holy months, as much as we can, so that the Eid, will truly be and Eid for us.And in these Holy days of Ramazan, we have just passed  through one of the most important, one of the most momentous, one of the most crucial days in the History of Islam, and in reality, in the History of the Universes. We have passed through the days when faith was tested and the truth, it became victorious over the falsehood. We have passed through the day when the Heavens were opened and the inhabitants came to help the Believers on the face of the Earth.

Yes, O Believers, we have just passed through the anniversary of the first Battle of Islam; The Battle of Badr. We have just passed through that day when 313 Believers came to the battlefield and found before them 1000 Mushriks, unbelievers. And on that day that Allah swt is calling Yaumul Furqan in the Holy Quran, the Day of Separation. Allah swt, granted victory to the Believers. O Nation of Muhammad, O Nation of Muhammad that is drowning in humiliation and degradation, O Ummati Muhammad, today, with all of our numbers, with all of our wealth, with all of our technology, we have fallen into the lowest debts that we have never seen before  in the History of Islam. How were our Seyyids, our Masters, how were their examples? How were our Masters on the Day of Badr, that Allah swt granted them an open victory and came to their aid. What is the difference between them and us?

When the Kufar were coming closer and closer to Medina, the Holy Prophet (asws), call the Shura (meeting) of his most noble and wisest companions, and before him were representatives from the Muhajirun and from the Ansar. When Holy Prophet (asws) asked the Muhajirun to give their opinion about the battle, the first to speak was Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, then Hz Umar al-Farouq. Then the Sahaba Al Miqdad ibn Amr spoke, and he said, “ya Rasulullah, proceed where Allah directs you to because we are with you. We will not say as the children of Israel said to Musa (a.s), ‘go you and your Lord and fight and we will stay here.’ No. we will say, ‘go you and your Lord and fight and we will fight along with you.’ By Allah, if you were to take us to baraqul himmet, we will still fight with determination against its defender.’

And the Holy Prophet (asws) then look to the leaders of the Ansar, the Muhajirun who had been with the Holy Prophet (asws) from the beginning. They had been with him when the ban happened in Mecca. They had been with him when the kufar had attacked them at the Ka’aba and they had left their whole lives behind. They have sacrificed their families, their wealth, their connections, everything. And they made Hijrah with him from Mecca to Medina.

The Ansar, they had been in Islam for a shorter time. And now, their loyalty to the Holy Prophet was being tested. So one of the leaders of the Ansar, Hz Sa’ad bin Muaz, he said to the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘By Allah, I feel that you want us to speak,’ and when Holy Prophet (asws) gave him permission, Hz Sa’ad said, ‘O Prophet of Allah, we believe in you and we testify that you are the true messenger of Allah. We bear witness that what we have been given is the truth. We give you our firm pledge of obedience and sacrifice. We will obey you willingly in whatever you command us and by Allah who has sent you with Truth, if you ask us to cross the Red Sea, we will do that readily and not a man of us will stay behind. We hope that Allah will show you through our hands, those deeds of courage which will please your eyes. Please led us to the Battlefield in the name of Allah.’

Look O Believers, to the bravery, to the honesty and to the courage of our Masters, the Sahaba e-Kiram, on that day. Someone once came to Shahi Mardan Hz Ali (karamallahu wajhahu) and said, ‘Ya Ali, you are the bravest of men.’

And Hz Ali said, ‘No. Abu Bakr is the bravest of men. At the Battle of Badr, we had prepared a pavilion, a tent, for the Holy Prophet. But when we were ask to offer ourselves for the task of guarding it, none came forward except Abu Bakr. With a drawn sword, he took his stand by  the side of the Prophet of Allah and guarded him from the unbelievers by attacking those who dare to come to that direction. He is the bravest of men.’

Even the children on that day showed the true meaning of being a man. Hz Abdur-Rahman ibn ‘Awf is relating that before the battle began, two young boys approached him and said, ‘O my uncle, which one of those men is Abu Jahil?’

and Hz Abd Rahman is saying, “I asked those children, ‘O my son, what will you do with him?’ and they replied, ‘O my uncle, I have made a promise to Allah, that either I will bring him down, or I will die first.’” And Hz Abd Rahman ibn Awf, who is one of the ten who is promised Paradise, he said, ‘I was so happy to be standing between those two boys and I pointed them to the direction of Abu Jahil, and I saw them attacking him like a falcon attacking its prey.’

And on that day, the help of the Heavens came to the Earth. Allah swt is reminding us in the Holy Quran saying, ‘remember when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you saying, ‘I will help you with a thousand Angels, each behind the other, in succession.’ And the Kufar who were being captured were saying, ‘ they are not man fighting in this battlefield but Angels.’

Those believers who came to the battle without swords or weapons but only two horses, when the kufar, when the Mushriks, they had one hundred, they were being helped by the Heavens. And the reasons for that help coming down from the Heavens, is that they completely sacrifice everything that they had for the sake of Allah and their Prophet.In that battle, they were tested. They gave up their wealth. They left their families behind. And they were putting up their necks for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). They are the ones, that are being described in the Holy Quran, ‘amongst the Believers, are men who had been true to their promise with Allah.’

May Allah describe us like that  as well. And those Believers, they made their promise to be true to Allah, by keeping their promise to the Holy Prophet. All those Sahabi e-Kiram, they had made beyat to the Holy Prophet. And on that day, their beyat, their promise, it was tested. On that day, the day of Furqan, the day of separation, the true Believers were separated from the munafiqs. On that day, the true Jama’at  of the Believers, they were granted, Divine help. If we want the help of Allah then we must keep the promise that we have made. Who have we made a promise to? Who have we made a beyat to? To those who have made beyat to SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, they should remember that their beyat is to have submission, to have obedience and to have Muhabbat. That beyat, it does not end with his veiling from this world. It continues.

O Believers, if we want to become strong instead of being weak, if we want to be honoured  instead of being humiliated, the first step that we must take is to keep the promise that we have made. O Believers, do not look at the size of the group. Don’t look at the numbers. Remember that on the day of Badr, there was 313 sahabis against more than one thousand of the unbelievers.  But the help of Allah was on the side of those who believe and Allah is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘how often has a small group a mighty enemy by Allah’s permission.’ And Allah is with the patience. So we must be patient. We must keep our promise and we must beg our Lord, Allah swt for His help.

way of Haqq

In these Holy days and nights of the month of the Ummat, we must spent this time asking our Lord Allah swt, for His help and for His pleasure. Just as the Holy Prophet (asws), on the day of Badr, he did not simply sit and wait for Allah’s help to come, he begged and he made dua, stretching his hands so far to the Heavens until his cloak fell from his shoulders and he said, ‘Ya Allah, accomplish for me what you have promise me. Ya Allah, bring about what You have promise. Ya Allah, if this small group of muslims, they are destroyed,  You will not be worshipped on this Earth.’

 Ya Allah, we are asking You to send us Your help and Your support and we are asking Ya Rabbi in these Mubarak days of Ramazan, we are asking for You to give us the strength to be from that small group of Muslims who are truly, sincerely worshiping  and serving You. Ya Rabbi, for the sake of Your Beloved (asws), make us to be those ones who will help to bring the honour back to this Nation. Ya Rabbi,bring that one who will rescue the Ummati Muhammad, bring Hz Mahdi (a.s) for the sake of our Grandsheykh for the sake of our SahibulSaif.  Amin.

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                                Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)                                                                          OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York                                                                   July 26, 2013

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