Pictures of the Friends of Allah that remind us of Allah


Question:What can a young man do to protect his eyes when there is Haram wherever he looks?


Don’t look. That’s the best protection. What do you want me to say? Look and then after that go and wash your eyes? It’s already there. These eyes, it is better than any camera. The brain is right behind the eyes. Some they are saying, the eyes, it is part of the brain. Whatever the eyes sees, it’s taking and it’s storing there, storing inside our mind.

Be careful what we are looking at because, it’s still there. You know your computer ? You’re searching, you’re looking, you’re downloading and you say, Erase. Delete History, delete everything. Is it still in your laptop or not? It is still there. Maybe you can hire a real big expert to come and pay some money and he can delete everything. But, there’s some price there. Otherwise, it’s still there. In here, in our brains, in our hearts, it’s taking everything, it is still there. Everything is still there you have to pay a price for that to be deleted. It’s not so easy. Sometime, it’s a very high price. That’s why Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, what did he say? ‘Lower your gaze. If you see something, lower it.’ Don’t look. Don’t surround yourself with harams. When there is haram, put some control on yourself. Step on your ego. Your ego wants to look, don’t look. Like they say, your first look, it’s okay, it’s for you, the second look you give, its’ for sheytan. Now, don’t say you are going to take one long look like that. No, that’s not the meaning. But of course, in these days, we are living in such weird unusual times.

In Muslims society, forget about all the haram things, you don’t even see women going out, uncovered. And it gives you a different peace that time. It gives you a very different peace. But if you are living in a society where everything, the forbidden things are shown to you, stay away from it. Don’t watch T.V. That is a big sheytan box anyway. You want to talk about brainwashing , you know there’s a reason why they call it programming , programmes because it programmes you. It takes the commercial millions of dollars, hundreds of hours are spent; making a thirty second commercial that is going to completely brainwash you in thirty second. You are not hungry, you watch commercial about fried chicken wings, you got hungry. You have no need to buy some perfume, you see one commercial and you say, ‘ah, why not. Maybe I should go and buy. Because it shows if I sprayed it on me, some nice girls, they are going to like me.’ Programming.

First, you understand the intelligence. You understand with intelligence, this is wrong and this is right. Why? Then, for you to have the strength and the power to stop from doing the wrong things, it takes more than intelligence.  This is when it takes faith, and it takes spiritual help. That’s the time when you have to be under the guidance of a Sheykh, a friend of Allah. Under the guidance of that Mursyid, that teacher in a community. Then you will find it easier. Those things will still be around but it’s easier to carry it. It’s easier to carry.

That’s why, people are also not understanding this. They say, ‘Oh, pictures, it is haram.’ Huh, so good muslims, they are saying, ‘we cannot even have pictures. It is haram.’ But they are watching T.V. What is T.V, but billions and billions of moving pictures. Isn’t it? That’s what movies mean isn’t it? Movies mean  Moving Pictures. That’s why they call it Movies. They can watch a movie, they have picture of their money, of their dog, of their cat, of their husband, of their wife, of themselves, everywhere. But they said, ‘Pictures are haram. Especially, don’t put pictures of your Sheykh.’

That’s why in our Tarikat we have pictures of our Sheykh everywhere to remind us of Allah. Now, this is something that is there, that will balance, that will counter, that will erase the wrong things, the haram thing that you see.

pictures of our Sheykhpictures

So, as you like again. This is the month that you are also going to use your intelligence, and you are going to use your willpower. More support is given to the willpower to use it. You see something haram there, lower your gaze and say, complain to Allah about your own weakness. Don’t say, ‘Oh, look at these people. Oh, this is wrong.’ No. Say, ‘ya Rabbi, forgive me. I’m weak. Send me some help. I cannot do this by myself.’

And Allah loves His servant who begs Him. So you do that. InsyaAllah, slowly, you will get more faith and more strength to carry it. Otherwise, this is not something that we can just throw a book at you. Then you are going to read that book, then you are going to become better. No. Now we move into area of  the will power. Willpower, has to do with the ego. Ego, you can only learn under a Sheykh. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)  OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

July 25, 2013

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