What is the proper way to give Zakat to watch other’s rights?



Murid: What is the proper way for us to give zakat for ourselves and our family and to watch the rights of other Muslims?

Sheykh Lokman: You are talking about the Physical zakat?

Murid : Yes, for our bodies, for our family, and also like you are saying in the sohbet, rest of the Muslims to watch their rights.

Sheykh Lokman: How you are going to watch their rights? That’s good. When it comes to your property, what you are suppose to give zakat according to your property, that is very easy. One fortieth part that you are suppose to give. Now if there are other property you are holding for more than one year. Then there are other calculation for that. That is very easy for man to calculate, and to go to any Imam, any scholars. You want, you can google it, and you will know. But it is more than that. It is more than just giving.  These days, Muslims they are not really giving proper zakat anyway. They are not. Because I am just saying, maybe individuals they are, certain communities they are. But for example, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the water and the fire belongs to everyone. It is forbidden for us to buy and sell it to each other.’ Now, fire, oil is included with that, Gas is included with that. Meaning that it belongs to everyone, it belongs to the Muslims.

Now I am saying this because the zakat is not being paid, the rights of every Muslims are on those government and countries that they are pumping the oil every day and they are getting so rich with all the profits, but they are not giving the rights to the Muslims. Seyh Efendi did a calculation, once he did with oil, once he did just with the Hajj profits, and he said, ‘one country, with the revenue they get just from the profits, what they made from the oil, every Muslim person on this planet, according to that calculation, they should get one thousand dollar a month. If there are seven people in the family, they should get seven thousand dollars. So Muslims don’t have to run after this dunya. It is there.’ And Muslims what do they do? They are supposed to worship, they are supposed to send things to their graves, and send it to their ahirat. Yes, that time you can start to make ibadat, because you are not being slave, you are not working 12, 15, 18 hours a day, earning.

Yes, we may understand, those ones in the third world countries, they have to work so hard just to feed their families, but what I don’t understand is that Muslims coming to this part of the world, and they are working 12, 15, 18 hours a day? What kind of lifestyle you want? You want to lead the lifestyle of your rich unbeliever neighbors? So there is something wrong there.

So now Allah is fair. That time every Muslim will have time to think, to make proper ibadah, to make zikr, to make proper relationship with one another. And to live Islam.

That is not given to us, understand? Out rights are not given to us. And Allah will question those ones, and they are not being too smart too. All the oil that they have, more than 50% they are giving it to the West anyway. I am being very generous to say more than 50%, definitely it is more. If I say 90%, I am not being exaggerating. And whatever little they have, they put it in their pockets, and they refuse to give to the people. Every Muslim country so rich in their resources, but what happened?Because the Muslim leaders, they are not real Muslim leaders. They are not living Islam. They are not practicing Islam. They are not taking Islam for their countries, for the laws of their country, we may say, they may look as if, but it is not. And, all these rights of the people they are keeping.

So yeah, that’s what I mean by the zakat is not being paid. Because I said before, Muslims have never been more rich, more wealthy than they’ve ever been in history. And all these richness is supposed to give free time, to the Muslims, to the believers to worship Allah, not to be slave to the dunya. Take it for yourself now.

What are the rights of others?  If you are an individual, what are the rights of others you can watch? You don’t know. Person may not know. But person knows, that there are so many people, like I said from Damascus to Burma, they are suffering, because they don’t have so many things. Now our hands are tied, we cannot change so much, but at least it must touch us. It must shame us. That here we are, we have so much in front of us, we want to be able to give something to them, we cannot. What can we do? At least we can open our hands, we can beg and ask Allah to help them and to raise their station. Are we doing that? Not just saying, ‘ya Rabbi, help them.’ No, it’s easy to do that too. Are we waking up in the middle of night? That’s something. Now your hands are tied, you cannot do something physically, at least you can, when you are waking to go to sajdah to say, “Ya Rabbi, this much I can do. I am a weak one. Please help them.” That way, at least we can balance things. Things cannot be balanced until Sahibul Zaman arrives, until he comes. InshAllah-ar Rahman. Salam aleykum.

night of beraat dua

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz

April 4, 2013

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