The Doorway to the Holy Prophet (asws)



Let us renew our religion first, saying, ‘Ash hadu allah ilaha illallah, Wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasulluhu. Sallahu ta ala wa ashabi wa salam.’

The most important thing, the  most valuable thing is the Shahadah. All the worship; fasting, zakat, zikrs, hajj, everything that we are doing, is to protect the Shahadah and to make this Shahadah to become a reality for us to experience the Shahadah. Not just for us to say with the tongue. Now we are saying it with a tongue, because this is the declaration of our faith. If we begin with Shahadah, we begin clean, we begin pure, we begin correct.

We are beginning with Shahadah and we are asking support from the holy ones, from our Sheykh, to send us something that is going to give benefit to us. This is not a academic association, this is not a scholarly association, this is not an association that we are reading  from books. We are asking that walking Quran, Holy Prophet (asws). Not to him directly too. That is very bad manner to ask directly. But we are asking our Sheykh, that one who is another walking Quran. Because he gave up everything, walking in the way of Prophet. He has disappeared himself into the Ocean of the Prophet (asws), disappeared himself in the ocean of his Grandshaykh. He has lived and he has passed in this world, for the sake of Allah, for the sake of His Prophet. And When we ask support from the proper one, the proper support is going to come to us.

If we ask support from the wrong one, if we take reference from the wrong book, wrong people, if we are looking to speak according to our own knowledge, if we are asking to speak according to our own ego, according to our own interpretation, then we are definitely not on the Siratul Mustaqim. Not on the way of the Prophet, and the Mu’min, that Allah has given description. What is the description of the Prophets and the mu’min?

In the ayat of AmanarRasul, that in our way we are reciting everyday, that very valuable very important ayat that Allah swt Himself spoke that ayat directly to the Prophet without Jibril (a.s), in the night of Miraj. What is the reply of the Prophets and the believers? ‘Sami’ana, wa ata’na, ghufuranaka rabbana wa ilayka masir.’ Sami’ana wa ata’na – we hear and we obey. And to You is our return.

we hear and we obey

Very important, the Prophets and the Awliyahs, and the Salihins they are not giving a reply to Allah, “I will think about it.” or “what you say to us, let’s talk about it. Let’s debate, this is what I think.” Because people are twisting, in this is the age of fitna, Ayat of Allah, Haqq is open, but they are twisting everything. When the Quran says, ‘think,’ it is to think with the will of Allah. It is not to think with the will of your ego. When the Quran says, ‘think and meditate, why you don’t think?’

It is to use the intelligence that Allah has given. Not to use that intelligence, so call intelligence that shaytan use in that time when he says to Allah, “You are wrong. You are making me to make sajdah to Adam (a.s)? You are wrong. I am right.”

Not to take intelligence, so called intelligence, arguing debating, giving interpretation, like our ego that Allah is saying, “who are you and who am I? Who am I and who are you?” And our ego is saying, “you are you, and I am me.”

‘Sami’ana, wa ata’na, ghufuranaka rabbana wa ilayka masir,’ – we hear and we obey and forgive us, because we are returning to you. Don’t return to your ego, don’t return to shaytan, return to Allah. Beginning with that shahadah, keeping that shahadah precious and valuable. Putting that shahadah high. That shahadah has nothing to do with us. That shahadah is Allah and His Prophet. The shahadah is not even complete if you don’t put the Prophet in there. That is the whole key, because now Allah locks you in. Once He puts the Prophet in there, He locks you in. Because everyone who just says, ‘La ilaha illallah,’ without putting the Prophet (asws) in there, in reality they are declaring themselves to be the messenger of Allah. They are declaring themselves to have the right to interpret, to judge, to do anything that they want. Even if Allah is saying to them something clearly, they are saying, ‘well it’s up to me, what I think it is.’

But Allah swt in His great religion of Islam, He has locked everything, and saying, ‘say La ilaha illallah, Muhammadan Rasullullah. Renew your sahadah by saying, Ash hadu Allah ilaha illallah, Wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan Rasullullah.’ Because now we have an obligation, there is a condition to La ilaha illallah. La ilaha illallah is not according to whatever you think, whenever you think, like today’s shaytan and dajjalic people are saying,”We need diversity. We need diversity, differences. We need differences, we need disagreements.” But according to the ego. Yes, Holy Prophet asws is saying, “the differences in my ummat it is a mercy.” You think he meant the ummat killing each other is a mercy? You think he meant the ummat fighting with each other and destroying everything of each other is a mercy? You think the differences that is happening in the world right now, in every country, amongst every Muslim community, the bloodshed, the torture, the tyranny, the cruelty, this is a mercy? Isn’t this different?

No, he says, “the differences in my ummat, that they are not fighting with each other, that these are just different ways, but reaching to one point. Reaching back to me.” Holy Prophet asws is saying, important, then reaching to Allah, that becomes a mercy, because now, you may choose whatever road is there, that is going to fit you more.

Allah swt has locked that shahadah with Muhammadan Rasullullah (asws). Because now, that one is our guide, that one is our Prophet dunya and ahirat. Sayyidina awalin wal ahirin – The first Sayyid and the last. No others. Those who are following him, who have finished in his way, those who walks in his footsteps, those who have disappeared into his ocean, they become a part of him. When we hold on to them, we are being brought to the Holy Prophet (asws).

ummati MuhammadThe Holy Prophet (asws), is a doorway to Allah. Never you will be able to reach to Allah unless it is through the door of the Holy Prophet (asws). Allah has put that condition. Allah has put that condition to all of mankind. Allah swt has put that condition to all the Prophets. 124,000 Prophets and millions of saints, Allah has put that condition. There is no exception. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘unless you follow me. If you don’t follow me, your end is going to be hellfire.’ And Holy Prophet asws is saying, elaborating on that, ‘But the way to follow me, is to follow those ones who follow me.’ Because he did not leave that open. 1400 years ago, Prophet came. He left.

Two billion Muslims may say, ‘okay, we are going to follow the Prophet. But we are going to follow the Prophet (asws), and we are going to look at his words, and we are going to interpret as we see fit. We have to make ijitihad. We have to make tafsir of the words of the Prophet. Because Allah says we have to follow, so we are following the Prophet.’ Holy Prophet (asws) has locked that also. He did not leave any room for debate or interpretation for that. He said, ‘Islam will be split into 73 different groups.’ He didn’t say Islam will be split into 73 different groups and it is a mercy. All these groups, and all these groups they are going to enter into Paradise, and all these groups they are on Haqq. He did not say that. He said, ‘Islam will be split into 73 different groups, 72 of them, they are bounding toward hellfire. One group will be on the Siratul Mustaqim.’ One, not two, not three, not four, not seventy, seventy-two groups bounding to hellfire. One group will be saved. He didn’t close it there too so that everyone now can claim, “oh I am that group.” Every one group now will claim now, “I am that group. I am that group. I am that group,’ everyone is on the Siratul Mustaqim. But we don’t see any reflection of Paradise.

Because if you are on the Siratul Mustaqim, where is your destination? Paradise, instead, this world is turned into a hell. That means, the 72 groups they are ruling. Not the one group. He didn’t leave it there to say anyone can claim that they are from the one group. Because they asked, “which group is that? Ya Rasullullah.” And he said, ‘they are those who follow my sunnah, and the sunnah of my sahabis.’ Extending that, saying, ‘those who follow my and the sunnat of my sahabi, and those who follow the sunnah of my sahabis and those who follow those who follow the sunnah of my sahabis and that continues until Judgment day.’

So even that is locked, if you find yourself deviating from the sunnah of the Sahabis, then you may find yourself in the 72 groups. You say, ‘well there are so many sahabis, I may choose anyone of them.’ So does that mean, the shaytan’s logic will say, ‘well I am going to choose Ibni Salamah.’ He is a Sahabi, he was the one who chose the world over the Prophet (asws), even accusing the Prophet of taking bribes. People can say, ‘he is a sahabi.He didn’t make shirk, he just disagree with Prophet a little bit. I can follow his sunnah.’ Isn’t that siratul mustaqim?

Some twisting, saying, ‘I am following the sunnah of Ahlu bayt. And Ahlu bayt they are fighting with Hz Abu Bakr, Umar, and Usman, so that means I am the one that is on the Siratul Mustaqim.’ Ahlu bayt they are on the top of our head. They sacrificed dunya and ahirat for Allah. And they are fighting? Fighting? Hmm, something to think about now. The Sahabi-e-Kiram, after the Holy Prophet (asws) had passed, they did not break away to say now everyone is independent. They came together and they elected one head. That head was already chosen by the Prophet (asws) by signs open and closed. And that is Hz Abu Bakr. After him, Hz Umar, Hz Usman, and Hz Ali. The head has always been one.

So, the sunnat of the sahabis are those ones, only those one that they are taking the title of the sahabi, companion of the Prophet, because they have completely lost themselves in the oceans of the Prophet. We are not talking about the munafiqs. Hasha astaghifirullah we are not saying sahabi became munafiqs. We are not saying that either. There are so many hypocrites, pretending to be sahabi. The only difference is that Shia says majority of sahabi they are munafiqs. And we are saying, there are munafiqs, hypocrites who are pretending to be sahabi, and their signs are clear. The important thing is to follow the sahabi who follow the Prophet. Not to follow those ones who broke away. Musaylimah Kazzab, the liar. He met the Prophet too, he took knowledge from the Prophet. Awliyah Allah they are saying, all alims, all ulema they are saying, ‘if you met Prophet one time, if you see him with your own eyes one time you are already a sahabi.’ He (Musaylimah Kazzab) took knowledge from the Prophet. Yazid too, but what happened?

Did he follow the sunnah of the Prophet?

So this is simple, isn’t it?

They left the sunnah. You can declare whatever it is, but if you left the sunnah of the Prophet, you can declare that you lived together, you eat, everything you are doing; Yazid was holding hands with Hz Hussain, they were playing, they loved each other. But you left the way of the Prophet (asws). So, are those the Sahabi that Holy Prophet (asws) saying we have to hold on to? That if you hold on to them, you will be on Siratul Mustaqim? Come on now, obviously not.

siratul mustaqim

So the doorway to Allah is through the Prophet (asws), and the doorway to Prophet are those ones, that they disappeared and they followed the laws of the Prophet that the Prophet put. And they follow his lifestyle strictly, and following those who were in front of them, and who follow those who were in front of them. A chain. Unbroken chain. That time inshAllah ar-Rahman. You will be in safety. Anything more than that, don’t listen here and there, so many people are saying, here and there. Well, Quran is saying for us to think. Quran is saying for us to be humble, so I am going to think humbly that I don’t have to follow the four mazhab, or 1400 years of Islamic scholarship. And they are going straight to the Quran. Quran is saying. How they understand that Quran, I don’t know.

But now they are saying, “we are going to follow the Quran according to our nafs. According to our interpretation. ” Those who are using it, saying, Quran is commanding us, Allah is commanding us, and they are doing harm in the name of Islam. And those who are using it, saying, we are going to change everything, because Quran says we can do that, according to our interpretation. That we don’t have to hold any laws that Islam is saying we have to hold. Both sides they are wrong.

May Allah keep us in the siratul Mustaqim. We are following the way of SahibulSaif who is following the way of Sultan Awliyah. And we want to be humble to say we don’t want to make our own way. Musaylamah Kazhah, He made his own way. And he fool so many people too. Like right now, so many people who are being fooled, maybe so many, not so many, some people, only the fools are going to be fooled. Looking at someone, and that someone is saying I am following Sheykh Effendi, Sahibul Sayf for so many years. If you want him, then you must follow me, you may go, it’s okay. Just as Musalimah Kazhah also says, I took knowledge from the Prophet, in order to get that knowledge you have to come through me. And declaring his own way. Declaring his own prophecy, dropping so many things.

So may Allah keep us on the siratul mustaqim and the way of our shaykh. We are not even coming close to understanding our shahadat. Definitely, but we are keeping at least our intention clean and pure. and When we keep our intention clean and pure with that sahadah, that shahadah is powerful enough to clean us from our wrong action and from our mistakes. And we come out from that clean and pure like a baby who just came their mother. Wamin Allahu taufiq.

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you. May Allah raise the station of our Sultan Awliyah and our sahibul sayf higher and higher. May this Jumah be blessed, may our Ramazan be blessed. May all the mistakes that we have done, and the sins we have done in the past, sins we are making in this month, sins that we are going to be committing. May Allah forgive us and make it easy for us. May all the obstacles that is in front of us, may we have more strength to overcome them, to become better, all that we want is for our Sheykh to be please with us. That is all we are looking for Because if our Shaykh is happy with us, our Prophet is happy with us. If Prophet is happy with us, Allah is happy with us. And we are happy with our Lord.

Untitled-3Wa min Allahu taufiq. Al Fatiha.


Salam alaykum rahtumullah wa barakatu.

After Juma Sohbet by Lokman Efendi

Aug 2, 2013

Sohbet transcribed by Halim Hakkani


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