Save yourselves from having a Hard Heart


Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Through him, the humanity learn how to please and approach their Lord. And the Believers, we must be running and having a passion to learn about the life of Holy Prophet (asws), and to walk in his footsteps.

One of the believers once went to the wife of Holy Prophet, Hz Aisha ra and said to her, “tell me about the most amazing experiences you have in the company of Allah’s messenger.” She began to cry and she said, “was there anything about him that was not amazing? That was not a marvelous wonder?” and then she said, “one night Holy Prophet (asws) get up from bed, made wudhu and started to pray Tahajjud.” She continued, “as he prayed, his eyes were flowing with tears until they reached to his chest. As he went to ruku, the tears in his eyes increased even more. And as he went to sajdah, and even more he began to cry.”

She said, “all night he prayed like this, until Hz Bilal came to inform him of the fajr prayer.”  She then asked him, “Ya Rasulullah, what causes you to weep when Allah swt has made you free from mistakes, He made you ma’sum?” Holy Prophet (asws) the mercy to all the universes replied, “Ya Aisha, should I not been a thankful servant?”

O Believers, we must think. This is not a story or a fairy tale. This is not a fantasy or imagination. This is real. This is the life of Holy Prophet. He is the most beloved to Allah swt. He is the first in creation. He was a prophet when Adam as was between water and clay. This is the Holy Prophet that Jibrail has came down from Heaven to give him revelations. This is that Prophet that met his Lord without any veil. He went beyond Sidratul Muntaha. And that Prophet (asws) who is without mistakes, without sins, he is spending the whole night in prayers; crying and weeping and begging his Lord Allah swt, saying, “shouldn’t I be a thankful servant? Abdan Shukrah?”

O Believers, we are constantly disobedient, constantly making mistakes, constantly breaking our promise to our Lord, especially those who are calling themselves Muslims and the people of the 21st century, but we are not even sitting down for one second to make shukur. We don’t know whether we are heading toward fire or to Paradise. Yet we do not sit for one moment to make sincere shukur to our Lord Allah swt. Even the stones are better than the believers of 21st century.

Gaus Azam, The Greatest Intercessor, Hz Abdul Qadir Geylani (qs) narrated a story saying, that Prophet passed by a small stone that was gushing with water. He was amazed; such a small stone was bringing so much water out. Allah swt gave permission to that stone to speak, and that stone said to the Prophet, saying, “ever since I heard of Allah swt speaking of the fire that is fuel by man and stones, I have been crying out of fear.” So the Prophet made dua for that stone to be free from the punishment of the fire, and Allah swt granted that dua. That Prophet informed the stone that it was freed from the fire, and left that place. When he returned he found that stone was still gushing water, even more than before. The Prophet was astonished and asked, “why are you still weeping? Why are you still crying when Allah swt has forgiven you and save you?” That small stone said, “that was the weeping of sorrow and fear, but this is the weeping of thankfulness.”

O so called believers of the 21st century, our hearts have definitely turned to be worse than these stones. We do not, we are not even moved. Our heart is not moved for just a second to thank Allah swt for the countless blessing that He has giving us. That our Lord, Allah swt who is the Creator of the Heaven and the Earth and everything in it is looking down on us, and providing for us. But we remain ungrateful. So what is it to make a sincere thankfulness to Allah swt?

disobedienceHz Junaid Al Baghdadi (qs), when he was only 7 years old was taken on the hajj by his murshid. More than 400 great shaykhs were discussing the meaning of shukur, the meaning of thankfulness. Hz Junayd’s murshid told him to speak. The young Hz Junayd (qs) said, “thankfulness means you should not disobey Allah by means of favors given to you, or to make of his favor a source of disobedience. “

Thankfulness, shukur is not just to say, thank you. No. Shukr it is an act. It is action. Thankfulness is to change our lives and to move in the way of Allah swt. If we are thankful to Allah swt, we will not disobey Him. More than that, thankfulness is not to take the blessing that Allah swt has granted to us and then arrogantly use it to disobey Allah. If we look at something haraam, we are using the gift of the eye. If we are hearing something forbidden, we are using the gift of the ear. If we spend money on something forbidden, we are using the gift of that riziq. Any haraam we may do, we are taking the gifts and the rahmat, the mercy of Allah swt and using them for disobedience. And to show gratefulness to Allah swt, and to make shukr, we should, we must be running to have more obedience to Allah swt. As Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi qs is saying, “Love is to show gratefulness.” We must leave aside complain, and ungratefulness.

O believers, O Murids, turn instead toward the thankfulness of our Lord Allah swt. Without His favor and blessing, we cannot even take one breath in this life. And Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, “the one who doesn’t thank the people, he does not thank Allah.” Meaning the blessing of Allah swt may come to you through His servants and you should show thankfulness to them.

O Believers, O those who call themselves murids of SahibulSaif, our guidances, our blessing, the goodness that is in our lives, definitely it has to come to us through our Sheykh. As one saint is saying, ‘I am lowly, and my Sheykh is exalted. And he is the most high, and he has lifted me up with him. May I be sacrificed for that Exalted One, who has protected a lowly one like me.’

If we are true, if we want to thank Allah swt, then we must show gratefulness to our Sheykh. And gratefulness, thankfulness is to show obedience and to carry on his mission. His mission, his work is an amanat. It is a trust that he has left us to carry. If we want to show our gratefulness to him, and by doing that showing our gratefulness to Allah swt, we must hold that trust high and continue it until we passed from this world. Holy Prophet (asws) was constantly making this dua. “Ya Allah, help me to make Your Zikr. Help me to be thankful to you. Help me to make beautiful worship of You.”

We are asking our Lord Allah swt, to let us to be from those ones who are remembering Him. We are asking our Lord Allah swt to let us to be from those ones who are making a true shukur of Him. And we are asking our Lord Allah swt to let us to be from those ones who are worshiping Him in the most beautiful way. And we are constantly thanking Him for the blessings He is raining down on us, especially the blessing of our Sheykh, Sahibul Sayf, Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibirisi Al Rabbani.

connection to Prophet


Juma Khutbah by Hoja Lokman Efendi

Sep 13, 2013

Osmanli Dergah, New York

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