How can I keep my daily prayers with increasing love?


Question : How can I keep my daily prayers with increasing love? Can you advice me a wird (zikir) that can help me in increasing the love for Allah swt and His Prophet (asws).

daily prayer


The engine that will motivate and give power to your worship, it is Tafakkur. It is meditation. But you can only meditate if you are in sohbet. You understand? Because association makes the man to think, to understand, to put two and two together.

The sohbet, when you listen to the sohbet of the Sheykh, it will open up so many ways of understanding of your actions that you take for granted. Of the signs that you take for granted, of the Quran, that you read like a robot, of the hadiths that you are reading just to show off to other people, ‘I know this hadiths and I know that hadiths,’ of the zikir that so many enter into illusions and delusion world. The sohbet is the key. Once, you are listening to the sohbet and you are listening with sharpness, the way that the Holy companions of the Holy Prophet (asws), when they listen to the sohbet, description is given that they sit so still that a bird can come and perch on their head, and the bird is not going to run away, not going to fly off, because they are sitting so still, listening carefully to what the Holy Prophet (asws) was bringing.

So with the sohbet, with the association, after the association, the man takes that association and then he starts remembering. Remembering what the Sheykh has said, bringing from the Quran, bringing from the Hadiths, bringing from the lifestyle of the Awliya Allah, and giving it to us. We take it, we start chewing on it, digesting it. And that’s the time where the nutrients is going to reach to you.

So when  you do meditation, tafakkur,  when you sit and you understand, trying to understand yourself, questioning yourself, questioning your actions, questioning your intentions, questioning your movements, questioning  your speech;  ‘did I say that for the sake of Allah? or do I do that for my ego? When I did that, is it according to my own intelligence? Or did I do that because my Sheykh has said that this is the way that we should be doing it, because the Prophet is saying it.?’

Once you start doing that, that will give a sweetness,  a taste to your prayer. And when you go into a Sejdah, that Sejdah will mean something to you. That Sejdah will have sweetness because you’ve already started the engine, it’s moving, then when you make the prayer, the namaz, when you make the zikr, yes, you will start going somewhere.

Because the whole day, the whole week, you already starting the engine. You’re thinking, you’re thinking, you’re thinking,  and when you enter into that worship now,  when you say AllahuAkhbar, it is not a word, because you’ve been thinking about how Allah is greatest, throughout the day. When you are now giving the tahyat Ahir, sitting down and giving salams to the Prophet in the prayer, this is something the wahabi, they hate.

We say, ‘Assalamualaika ya Ayuhan Nabi Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu,’ we are addressing the Prophet personally. We are addressing the Prophet as if he is right there in front of us, in the prayer when we are supposed to be only praying for Allah swt, we are addressing the Prophet, isn’t it? We are addressing angels too. We are addressing the Ibadullahi as-Saliheen; the servants of Allah and the saleh. Then once you are in the sohbet, in the tafakkur, once you are making the namaz, you start understanding and feeling what it is that you are reciting, what it is that you are saying.

So many will say now, because you ask for wirid to increase love for Allah, they say, ‘Oh, just say ya Wadud. Ya Wadud, Ya Wadud, Ya Wadud….’ The cassette tape is going to say ya Wadud, nowadays there’s no cassete, you put it in your MP3 player to say Ya Wadud, 24hrs, you think the Wadud is going to come to that MP3 player? Or you teach a parrots or pigeons, how to say ya Wadud. Is it going to reach?



How is that love going to reach now?

You must love the Holy Prophet (asws). You must love whom the Prophet loves. Once you listen to the sohbet, your heart must increase in love to the one who is showing you a reflection from the Prophet (asws), and showing your own reflection. Once you start falling in love with those ones, that time, your worship will be touched with love. But we are not here for emotions also. Understand that. Because the love comes with a lot of hardship.

One man came to the Holy Prophet (asws) and said, ‘Ya Rasulullah,  I love you.’

Holy Prophet (asws) says, ‘then prepare yourself for hardship.’

These days, doesn’t matter if you filled arenas with tens and thousands of people saying, ‘ooooh….Ya Rasulullah, we love you,’ then the next day, they go back to the same foolishness being stuck in the dunya. And if a little bit of hardship touches them, if their dunya is taken away, they are ready to lose their faith.


May Allah protect us. InsyaAllah.


Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

January 9, 2014

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