Being one of the Nation of Muhammad (AS) is a Very High Honor



These kind of gatherings are happening right now in every parts of the world. Without any organization. Without any government’s help. Just groups of people coming together for the sake of Allah (swt) to praise His Prophet (asws). That shows, that’s supposed to be showing to them, to the intelligent ones, who is the Prophet.

The whole world, every second that is passing, there is no name mentioned as much as “Muhammad,” ever in this world. Nonstop, the Prophet’s name is being mentioned 24hours a day. Now, you are one of the Nation of Muhammad. And in the world, it is nothing. The reward is in the ahirat. Because all Prophets, when Allah (swt) created them, He asked them in the spirit world, saying, ‘I have given you a prophethood. Are you pleased with that?’

And they said, ‘No, Ya Rabbi. Take this prophethood away from us and make us to become one of the Nation of Muhammad.’ Just like you. One individual. They didn’t want to be Prophets. They wanted to give up from that and to be from the Nation of Muhammad.


That is a very high station that Allah (swt) has granted to us. We didn’t work for it. We didn’t run for it. Some are saying, ‘Oh this is Prophet, this one is rich, this one is a King.’ Look at the kingdom that Allah (swt) has given to you. The eternal kingdom. The kingdom of Muhammad (asws) is going to be the highest. Are you just dropping that away and you’re turning for this dunya that is only three days?

Don’t think that dunya has four days. It’s only three days. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s how you have to live. But yesterday has passed and it is gone. If you filled your book with good deeds, be happy. If you didn’t, be sad for yesterday. Because you lost one more day, you didn’t send anything to your grave.

You’re worrying that you worked today and you lost money that you didn’t have. Some have stores saying,  ‘we didn’t make enough profit today.’ They’re worrying. Are you worrying that you didn’t send enough to the grave. That you need for the grave and beyond. That is the first worry that you have to have.

world is three daysSo if you didn’t do good yesterday, run double today for Allah’s sake. Because you have only today now. If you’re living today, you don’t know if you are going to reach tomorrow.

Dunya is three days. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. Today, you are living in it. Look at what you’re earning. But you are not knowing if you are reaching tomorrow. If you reach tomorrow, dunya is three days again. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

If you keep this pattern and you think on it, you’re going to be the winner at the end of your life.

If not, so many are just wasting their lives. And this is given to your hand. No one can complain about this one and that one. Today’s people, they’re complaining about each other. This one did this to me, that one did that to me. What did you do when they were doing those things to you? Were you being patient? Saying, ‘Thank you Ya Rabbi. I know that you are using this donkey to attack me. But I’m being patient it is ok. So please help this one also, that he’s attacking me. And make me to understand, also, that I am getting a reward because I am being patient. So, in reality he is helping me, so please help this one to bring him out from this mess.’ Then you will be rewarded double. Always.

If you think that way, you will not have too many worries. If you do not think that way, 24 hours is not enough for you to worry. You need to put another 24 hours in that 24 hours. Keep yourself that way, worry that way, keep your life miserable that way, because the worms of the grave are waiting for you. The miserable ones will be cleaned by the worms in the grave. You’re sending them there with your dirty attitude, with your dirty manners. With the manners that Allah and His Prophet are not liking.

Sheykh Abd KerimWamina Allahu Taufiq


Sohbet by Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibirisi al-Rabbani Hz

Posted 2/22/12

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