Was the Battle of Gallipoli (Canakkale) a momentous occasion in Islam?


Question: I have tried to explain the importance of Canakkale to my family members as a momentous occasion in Islam, but they see it as a specifically Turkish commemoration. How can I explain to them the Truth of this matter?

This is Ahir Zaman, so many things people are going to deny. This is ahir zaman and we have been cut off from the Haqq, from the truth. Not one or two years but decades, a hundred years. How are muslims going to understand the importance of Canakkale? What is Canakkale? Galipolli, the Battle of Gallipoli. What is that battle?

They say, ‘Oh, it’s with Turkey and some others, and they are fighting.’

No, it is NOT!

It is the Turkish army specifically belonging to the Ottomans, defenders of the Khalifah against the whole world. Anzac forces, British forces, Muslim forces that they brought, that they tricked, trying to cross the Straits, trying to cross some hills, to enter into Istanbul and to bring down the Khalifah. So, this is important because if they have penetrated, they would have brought the Khalifah down, and we will not have Islam as we know it today. Finish, it would have been finished.

First, for example, if you have tough time convincing your parents, first, you have to ask them, ‘do you believe in Khalifah?’

turkish soldierIf they don’t, then where can you go from there? If they don’t believe in Khalifah, or if they say, ‘Khalifah is only the Khulafa al-Rasyidin, nothing else.’ Or they said, ‘we don’t believe in the Ottomans.’ Then ohh, so much foundations you have to lay now. Not just foundation, you have to dig up the old foundation and throw that away, then you have to lay wires and cements and put new foundations for them to understand it.

How are  you going to do that? They are not going to understand if they don’t understand Khalifah, what is the importance of Khalifah, why is Khilafat important. Because Khalifah is representing Allah, is representing that Prophet. When Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘when there is no Khalifah for three days, there is no Islam.’ If they don’t understand that, if they believe that, ‘Oh, Khalifah is just something from the old times,’ if they believe that Islam can survive without the Khalifah. If they believe that, ‘oh, we can have nationalism and we can elect our own leaders and we believe in democracy, we believe in the western lifesty, etc…etc..’ if they believe in all of that, they don’t believe in Khalifah, how you can start, how then can you tell them what is the importance of Canakkale. Impossible!

But once you have faith, and you believe, and you come with an empty cup and you understand, then that time, we may fill you up. Otherwise, if the person is coming with the ignorance and the arrogance, even if forty Prophets were to come down to speak to them, they will not understand. Holy Prophet (asws), all his life he spoke to his uncle, who’s not an unintelligent man, he is the most intelligent man at that time. His uncle. But because his uncle, with his arrogance and stubbornness didn’t want to listen to him, refuse to listen to him and went against to him, he is called the ‘Father of Ignorance,’ Abu Jahil.

Ignorance, the Father of ignorance. And now, there’s not one Abu Jahil, there are millions of Abu Jahil. They know this world very well, they study very high, they can speak so good, but simple things, their stubbornness and their arrogance kicks in and they refuse to listen. So what can we do with that?


Arrogance, only the fire can fixed that.

Canakkale, 250 000 Ottoman soldiers, muslims soldiers, soldiers of  the Khilafat, Turkish soldiers that protected the Khilafat, when the rest of the Muslim world, they turned their backs against the Khalifah, they betrayed. And those are the ones who sacrifice themselves and because of that sacrifice, Allah swt favoured them and stopped those enemies from penetrating.

It’s okay, those who are not remembering, they are going to cry a lot and they are going to lose a lot. Because the Canakkale, it is the most important and it is the most decisive battle ever in Islamic history, except for the battle of Badr. Battle of Badr and Canakkale, most important wars, conflicts, battles in the History of Islam.

forgivenessThe Battle of Badr, if they had lost that battle,  there would not have been Islam. It would have been finished. Three hundred and thirteen against thousands. Canakkale, if 250 000 did not sacrifice themselves by blood, not by talking, not by making fatwas, not by reading, not by arguing with each other, they gave their blood. If they did not give their blood, if those enemies would have penetrated, we would not have Islam. They would have taken down the Khilafat and they would have dictated their terms on how Islam and the Muslims should live and rule themselves.

So, may Allah bless the martyrs of Canakkale. We are asking for their medet and their support for us, for the bigger battle that is going to come.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may Allah raise their station higher and higher, may they sent their blessings to our Sheykh and to our Grandsheykh. InsyaAllah and may we hold on firmly and may we live our faith.


Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, the Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibris (qs)
Osmanli Dergahi – New York

March 2013

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1 Response to Was the Battle of Gallipoli (Canakkale) a momentous occasion in Islam?

  1. zahrinealshajarah says:

    In any building or formation, the foundation is the most important…no matter how deep or shallow it is buried, when it is dug up, time will tell one’s history…a revelation of origin…maybe in part, maybe as a whole. No one can distinguish Allah Azza wa jal’s light. If you take a brick out of that foundation per say, the building becomes unstable. Same goes for our history, our homes, our families, our Imaan…it all relies on the foundation and we all return to Allah in the end to face our ultimate fate of what kind of a foundation we have built our Imaan with. So yes, I think that Islamic history is very important…it keeps alive the Islam in heart and thoughts.

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