What are you expecting when you are doing things?


for the sake of Allah (640x427)

Watch. Understand. Why are you doing things? And what is the expectation that you have when you do things? The expectations that you have when you do things, it is worldly?You’re not doing for the sake of Allah- you’re doing it for the sake of your ego. The expectation is not even supposed to be- for those ones reaching to High Stations – the Akhiret too.

For the sake of Allah. For His Love. The Fear and the Love, both. Otherwise everything it is in His Hand.

Just like there was a time, Hz. Rabia saying, there was a group of people arguing, saying we are doing all this worshipping and obedience just to enter to the paradise, to enter to the highest places of the paradises. And one group saying we are doing this from the fear of the hell. Fear of the grave. And she was the one that they said “let’s go there to speak, to see that holy one, what is she going to say, which one of us is right.” And that one knowing, and taking one axe and taking one jar of water, and going out quickly. And when they were coming, saying, “O our Holy Mother, where are you going? We have a problem. We came to consult.”

She said to them, “No. I have something very important to do right now. I cannot speak to you right now.” And they say, “your important is our important. We should help you. Let us carry the axe and the jar of water. We’ll do the job first and later we ask you.”

She said, “No, you cannot do it. What I am doing is with this water, I am running to turn off the fire of Jehennem. And with this axe I am going to bring down the Paradise, the beautiful palaces of the Paradise. To see that time, why you’re going to worship and who you’re going to worship to.”

That was enough for those ones. Is this enough for 21st century people? Think on it. Think for yourself first. Don’t look to the other ones. Say to yourself, I am saying to myself, and you say to yourself, “where am I in this? Am I sincere or not?”

You will know the answer by yourself. Nobody has to tell you anything. Nobody has to praise you or bring you down. Look at yourself, on which side you are.

Sohbet by Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani

Posted 2/14/12

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