The Excellence Of Shaban Shahrun Nabi Over Other Months

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All praises are due to our Lord Allah swt, the Lord of all the Universe, the Master of the Day of Judgement who had made this day of Juma’ah, Holy to himself. All praises to Allah swt who created Adam (a.s) on this day, who saved Nuh (a.s) from the flood  on this day, who saved Ibrahim (a.s) from the fire of Nimrod on this day, who saved Musa (a.s) from Firaun by splitting the sea on this day, who raised Isa (a.s) to the Heavens on this day and will sent him back on the earth on this day. And all praises are due to Allah swt who sent the Mercy to all the world Sayidinna Muhammad (asws) as a giver of good tidings and a warner.

May all peace and blessings be upon the most honoured in Creations, the Master of the first and the last, the Master of the two Universes, the intercessor for the Children of Adam (a.s). All peace and blessings be upon the Rasulullah (asws), the owner of the river of Kausar, the Sahib of the Maqam al-Mahmud, the guide to the straight path.

Allahumma salli Wa salli Wa Barik alaihi Wa ‘ala alihi wa ashabihi ajmain.

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I bear witness there is none worthy of worship but Allah swt. And I bear witness that Muhammad (asws) is a servant and Messenger.


Ayuhal Mukminun, the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to us in a Hadiths e-Sheriff, ‘the best of my nation is my generation and then the ones who follow them and then the ones who follow them.’ And in another Hadiths, the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘My companions are like the stars in the sky. Whichever of them you follow, you shall be rightly guided.’ They are our Teachers. They are our Masters.They are our Guides to the straight path. By looking at their lifestyles, by looking at the way they were running after the Holy Prophet (asws), we can put something in our lives to walk on the Siratul Mustaqim and in every moment, in every period of time, the examples of those companions of the Holy Prophet (asws) are coming down and they are speaking to us, giving us instructions on how to become better servants to our Lord, Allah Almighty.

Hz Anas ibn Malik (r.a) who was a personal servant of the Holy Prophet (asws) related to us saying, “when the companions of the Prophet beheld the new moon of Sha’ban, they will be busy reading the Quran. The Muslims will pay the Zakat on their wealth on this month to help the weak and the poor to prepare for the fasting of the month of Ramazan. The Governors, they would collect all the prisoners to carry out the sentence on those convicted of major offences under Islamic laws and to set the rest free. The businessmen would set about paying their debt and collecting their dues. Then when they see the new moon of Ramazan, they would bath themselves, and they would devote themselves to worship.”

O Believers, we must look at the seriousness, look at the dedication, look at the Mohabbat of these blessed companions that they were showing to the Holy month of Sha’ban. The month of the Holy Prophet (asws). Why were they showing this importance to this month? Why were they running more in the way of Allah in this month? Because they were running to follow the lifestyle of their Master, Sayiddina Muhammad (asws) and the month of Sha’ban is the most beloved month to the Holy Prophet.

Ummul Mukminin Hz Aisyah (r.a) is saying, ‘Sha’ban was the most beloved month to the Holy Prophet and he would connect it to Ramazan.’

We must understand the value, the importance of this month. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the excellence of Rajab over other months is like the excellence of the Quran over all other Speech. While the excellence of Sha’ban over other months is like my excellence over the rest of the Prophets and the excellence of Ramazan over other months is like the excellence of Allah swt over all His creatures.’ And Ghausul Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (qaddasAllahu sirrahu) is saying, ‘ just as the Prophet (asws) is the most excellent of all Prophets, his month is the most excellent of months.’

As Believers, we must think. We must use our intelligence. What is so important and Holy about this month that is being compared to the Messenger of Allah?

In this month, O Believers, is the Holy Night of Bara’at, the night of Accounting. The night that Holy Prophet (asws) is getting up the whole night and he was worshipping and he (asws) was saying, ‘this night is where all the births are recorded for the year and every death is registered. This is when provisions are given to mankind and their deeds and their actions are gathered up.’


In another Hadiths e-Sheriff he is saying, ‘this is the night in which the worldly actions and deeds of mankind are carried up to the Heavens.’ He is saying when the night of Nisfu Sha’ban arrives, the night of Laylatul Bara’at arrives, Allah swt makes careful inspections of His creatures. He forgives the true believers. He gives relief to the unbeliever and leave the resentful to their resentment, those who have burning anger to the anger that would burn them until they call for Him.

O 21st century Muslims, where are we? Where are we going? Allah swt is asking us a question in the Holy Quran saying, ‘Faayna tathhaboon – So where then are we going?’  Where are we heading? What are we doing?

When we hear this news from the Holy Prophet (asws) that is coming from the Heavens, what  is our attitude? Are we like those Sahabi e-Kiram who were running, killing themselves to do good actions and to fast, and to please Allah swt in this month? Or are we taking these days like any other day being lazy and rebellious to our Lord Allah swt? Are we taking seriously that the Lord of all the Heavens is going to examine our books from the entire year in this night, that He is going to write our next year in this night?

As our Sheykh, SahibulSaif, Sheykh Abd Kerim Kibrisi al-Rabbani (rahmatullah alaih) is saying, ‘the Qadar, the Divine decree, it is not changing. But the pen is writing according to the way that we move.’ So how did we move in this year?

We must take it seriously. During this one year that our Sheykh, our beloved Sheykh, that the Lion of Allah, that the SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, has been physically veiled from our eyes, how did we move? Did we move to hold his mission strongly? Did we move to make him to be happy with us? Did we move to attach ourselves  more to this Jama’at, to this Dergah? Did we move to build the bonds of love between the brothers here, between the jama’at here? Or did we run to separate ourselves? Did we run to make fitnah? Did we become weaker? Did we become hypocrites, acting in the physical absence of our Sheykh in a way that we would have never acted in his physical presence?

We must ask ourselves this questions. We must take the answers to this questions very seriously. For the believer, yes, the believer is very strict, he is very hard on himself and he is easy on others. The Believer, he has eyes only to look at himself, to judge himself. He is not running to judge other people. We must judge ourselves, take account of ourselves and ask for forgiveness for the wrong things we have done before this night of bara’at is coming. The Believer, he must be worried. The Believers, they must take this seriously. The Sahaba e-Kiram, they were taking it seriously. As Hz Abdullah ibn Masud (ra) is saying, ‘the Believer, he sees his sins as if he is sitting at the foot of the mountain, fearing that it might fall on him. While the sinner sees his sins as a fly that lands on his nose, he just waves it away.’

O Believers, we must show honour to this month. We must show honour to this days. We must take these days and night seriously. We must run to erase our wrong actions and intentions from our books before they are carried to be inspected to the Heavenly stations. We must run to fill our books with good deeds and intentions. We must increase our zikr, our reading of the Quran, our Salawats, our fasting, our worshiping, and our istighfar

We must sit and think and judge ourselves and make strong intentions to leave these wrong things that we are doing. We must turn to our Lord Allah swt and ask for forgiveness in these days, sincerely. O our Lord, Ya Rabbal Alameen, we are hoping and begging for Your forgiveness. We are hoping and begging for a clean Bara’at. We are hoping and begging for a clean strong year, a year of coming closer to You. To be open for us in the night of Bara’at for the sake of Your beloved one Sayyidina Muhammad (asws).

Amin, Amin, Amin.


 Jumaah Khutbah by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,

Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs). 


June 14, 2013

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