How Will One Learn Servitude


Sheykh giving sohbetsohbet

We asking blessing and support from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif to send us something that is going to benefit us. This Tarikat is based on association. Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. This Tarikat is based on association. And these are Holy words coming from the Pir of our Tarikat, Hz Shahi Naksibendi. And he said it over seventy thousand time, seventy thousand sohbets.

Mureeds, it’s not sohbet once a week, it’s not even once a day, you should have it five times a day. Sheykh Effendi, for some time he used to do that too. In the early days, you remember (Hoja asking a Mureed), he’s praying with us, sitting down, having a sohbet, feeling it. So it’s important to have this. And the sohbet is something that is send from different stations to whatever that is needed for that community, for that jama’at, for the Mureeds at that time.

These days, there is a separation, a disconnect between who is speaking and who is listening. When a religion, it becomes just book knowledge, then you are going to get the separation. These days, Tarikat has become book knowledge too, but, people find what they are looking for. Majority are not really looking for a guide, or a sheykh, or a Mursyid, they just want a lecturer. They just want somebody there to just deliver a lecture. If they give hand outs, it’s better. They just have to sit, fill up a questionnaire then they go back with that hand out. This is not religion. This is especially not  Tarikat and this is not sohbet. There is a sohbet that is, in that sohbet, there for you for that time. As much as you are looking to fix yourself, you will find it.

Alhamdulillah, we have reached to the Holy month of JumadilAkhir. Every month it is holy, of course. This is the stepping point to the three Holy Months that is going to enter, in which in the old days, the three holy months, the Sheykh they prepare the Mureeds for seclusion in this three Holy months. In the old days, they make seclusions; forty days, seventy days, a hundred days, whatever it is, and in the old days, at least the Mureeds they are fasting. If they are not fasting Mondays and Thursdays, they are fasting the Holy days and the Holy nights that is entering, they fast the day before and the day after. Some, they may fast, because everyone is waiting for the big month, what is that month? Ramazan. And the Holiest night, the night of Laylatul Qadr, the night of Power. Everything must lead up to that night. So they are preparing now.

Some, because of their love for ibadat is so strong, we are not even entering into spirituality now, just ibadat, they start fasting before Ramazan. Not just Mondays and Thursdays, some they may fast whole month before, some they fast months before that when they are calculating, Rajab is entering, they are going to fast until the end of Ramazan until the seven days after Ramazan to complete one hundred days. To say,’at least one third of the year, almost one third of the year, I’m fasting for the sake of Allah.’

So, we are going to enter into the month now of Rajab. Many people will ask me, what are the special salawats, special daroods, special worship, special things that you need to do in this special days. Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. This Tarikat is based on association. If you are taking the sohbets and you decide now to apply the sohbets, because the sohbet is like ammunition against sheytan and your ego, and you are saying, ‘I cannot do khatam of Quran, it’s too much for me. I cannot sit and make too much zikr, it is too much for me.’

If you just take the sohbet, and you are going to apply it during these three Holy months, and you are going to sit, for example, you are going to reflect to make tafakkur, you are going to stand up, you are going to work, and  you are going to watch your heart, what enters into your heart and you are going to stand and you are going to watch what comes out from your mouth and you are going to be very careful.You are going to make it more aware for  yourself that you know, in the seventies, Sheykh Effendi likes to say this, he talks  about Charlie’s angels,this is another thing in the seventies, you know Candid Camera? In the seventies, eighties they have candid camera, they have hidden camera and they record you, to have that understanding that you are on camera, especially in this Holy months and they are watching you.

If you do that,  not only the Holy months will become Holy, you will also start changing to become better. Your worship that time will have more value. We are not talking about doing a lot of worship that has very little value, but we are looking for small worship that has very high value. Allah is looking for what? The amount of worship?

deeds without sincerity (2)

He is looking for sincerity.

How a man is going to be sincere if he is not watching what comes out from his mouth and what goes into his heart? If whatever comes to his heart, he’s not screening it,  and whatever comes from his mouth or her mouth, they are not screening it, everyone thinking that, especially now we see the sickness in Tarikat, you think that you are ma’sum, you cannot be approached, everything you do is correct. You are beyond reproach, no one can say nothing, no one can correct you.

That is wrong. And another sickness, is people try to correct each other. But you are not watching how much authority is given to you to do it, and what comes out from your mouth when you are doing it, and are you doing it because you see Sheykh Effendi doing it? or you are doing it because you like to do it, it fits to your ego and you are not watching the results to see whether there is something working or not. Very quick to say, ‘I have a right. What about my rights?’

‘What about my rights?’ ‘I have a right.’

We enter into Tarikat, to watch for our rights? To look at what is entitled to us? Or do we enter into this way, Siratul Mustaqim to look at the rights of Allah and His Prophet? Whose rights we are looking for? If you say you want to enter into Tarikat to look at, ‘what my rights are,’ then we are saying,  you are in the wrong business. Wrong associations. If you want to look at what are your rights, this is not the way, this is not your path. Because if you start concentrating on that; what your rights are,  it’s never ending.  Hundred people here, you have a hundred rights. And everyone is going to say, ‘me.’ Not you, not anyone, ‘me.’ That is complete ego. That also means you have lost your direction to know the reasons of  your creation, of our creation. What is the reason of our creation? To have rights? What is the reason of our creation?

Allah swt has given that answer. Don’t need to think so much. Quran is speaking. We have been created to know Allah and to worship Allah. We have been created to become servant to Allah. Who was the saint, or the sahabi, who had a servant and he asked him a few questions? We just said that in the khutbah a few months ago?

That one had a servant and he ask his servant, ‘what is your name?’

The servant says, ‘whatever you call me, O my master, that will be my name.’

Eh when it comes to spirituality, everyone talks a whole lot about spirituality, ‘I’m very spiritual, I’m seeing this, I’m noticing this, I’m sayyid, I’m sharifa….’ This kind of things, so much they talk about but when it comes to doing it, to emulate, to walk in the footsteps of believers, to walk in the footsteps of the Saints and the Awliyas and the Prophets,  they say, ‘no, no, no, no…..i’m so weak, I cannot carry this. It’s not me.’

‘What is your name?’ ask that sahabi.

‘My name is whatever you call me.’

‘What do you want? What do  you need?’

And the servant says, ‘what does a servant has to do with need or want?’

It’s a whole series of questions that he ask. So now what are we? Servants. How are you going to learn servanthood? You think we are servant?

‘No, that’s too extreme.’

So you are saying that the Sahabis, and the Saints, and the Awliya and the Prophets, they are there to show their lives and there’s nothing that we can take from them? We become so arrogant and ignorant and stubborn that we cannot even say, ‘that is my role model. I don’t know if I can follow it, but at least that is in front of me, I must try. And whenever my ego goes up, I must look at them and feel shame.’

And when that servant said that, that one who asked him, a very high sahabi who asked him, he started crying and he cried so much that he fainted. And he says, ‘that servant has more faith than I do to my Lord. So I have been created to be servant.’


The servant first look to the rights of his master. The rights of Allah swt. But this is like allergy, especially in the west. They don’t like the word servant, they don’t like the word master. ‘No, everyone is equal!’ Really? Go say that to your boss that you work in your company. Saying that ‘everything is equal, it is a democracy. Today you are sitting on that chair, I’m out here, tomorrow I want to sit over there. Equal.’ Or go to White House and say, ‘I want to sit over there. Equal.’ No it is not.

So, we have the role model that is in front of us. And we have the reasons that Allah swt has said, that He created us to become servants, to know Him and to worship Him. But He has created us not in original sin. He created us in Ahsani Taqweem, in the most perfect form. Do you understand? He created us in perfection, perfect form. He had created us and He has call us Hazreti Insan. That we are created and we have been honoured that Allah is saying, ‘wa laqad qaramna bani Adam, and we have honoured the children of Adam.’ Never He said in the Quran, we have honoured the Angels or we have honoured the animals or any other creation. But we have honoured the children of Adam.

You think, to occupy that maqam of Hazreti Insan, of Ahsani taqweem, is just by doing whatever we want to do? Saying whatever we want to say? Behaving however we want to behave at that time because it makes us to feel good? then later to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ but the damage is already done? We are believers, we are trying to be believers, we should be better than that. It is not with titles that the honour comes. It is with the sincere intention and it is with the actions that you do. It is not with the titles. People are saying, they are this or they are that. Look to see your lifestyle. Does it fit to that title that you are giving to yourself or others are giving you? No it doesn’t. Then fix it. Become better.Does it fit to the title? You are trying to. Then be happy because that comes from Allah. It doesn’t come from you again. Don’t take any credit for it again, because Allah is sending help that you are able to do it.

We are reaching to the Holy months. You know what happens to the Holy months when they are coming? What happens? You think you are the only one who knows it’s a Holy month? Sheytan also know it’s a holy month. Isn’t it? Sheytan also knows, and  your ego also knows that there’s a big blessing that’s going to come. So what does your enemy, what will he do to you when he (your enemy) knows that soon, in one week’s time, you are going to get something really good, big reward? Say, you are going to get big treasure. You are going to get a big blessing. What do you think your enemy will do, and that  enemy is your sworn enemy, that enemy never sleeps, the enemy is plotting day and night to bring you down. You think the enemy is just going to keep quiet and let you to receive that treasure, that blessing that is coming to  you?

shaitan setan syaitan enemy

The enemy is going to step up to sabotage you, correct? Isn’t it? To make sure that you don’t get it. To make sure that there are some sabotage there. You have an enemy outside, sheytan is your enemy outside. But he’s one of four. But you also have an enemy that is inside and it is always the enemy that is inside that is more dangerous than the enemy that is outside. Even the kafirs they know, the Chinese philosopher saying what? ‘keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.’

They know. The art of war. You are always worrying against to your ego. Who is keeping the ego closer? Who is knowing the ego closer? Muslims? Are they even talking about this? You see them talking about this in the mesjids, in the conferences, everyone said, ‘we have a big enemy!’ reminding each other about this enemy. Huh! hree days seminar, conferences or gatherings of tarikats maybe, you know, million men salawats, very good, give salawats, but the enemy is inside. Whatever salawats that is coming, the enemy is sabotaging it too. Are people talking about this? Handful of people are talking about this. Very very small handful. I’m being very generous. Really I only heard Sheykh Effendi talking about it and concentrating. Most of the time, speak about other things.

So, we must watch this enemy that is going to sabotage us because the Holy days and the Holy nights, they are approaching and if you are around Sheykh Effendi long enough, you know that certain things start to go crazy, certain things start to happen at this time. To yourself, to people around you, to this world. Cut yourself against that. Don’t give in. Don’t think that whatever comes to your heart, it is coming from Rahman. Don’t think that whatever comes from your tongue is coming from Rahman. Understand the enemy that is inside.

If you are concentrating on that, then help will come to you. We are weak. We cannot fight against it by ourselves, definitely we cannot.  But help will quickly come and there will be safety. And the mistakes that  you do, you can easily stop them,  and the mistakes that you do, Allah may turn those mistakes not only forgiving it,  but turning it into good deeds and He will reward you for it. This is the mercy of Allah. But the mercy is reaching, if you take that one step closer to Him.

May Allah forgives me and bless all of you. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we are approaching those Holy months, make the intention to pull yourself out from the actions and the intentions that is guided by the ego, and to pull back and to watch, first observe then later you may do steps whether to fix it or not to fix it. Don’t be just in the middle of things, to be caught up in the whole thing and not to be able to see.

Hoja Efendi3

Wa MinAllahu Taufiq.  Al Fatiha.

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Osmanli Dergahi NY

April 4, 2014

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