How would you advise the many Naksibendi murids around the world to serve the dergah?


Question: there are many Osmanli murids all over the world but they do not know how to properly serve the dergah. What do you advise them to do?


Learn how to serve the Dergah properly. Go to the Dergah. Follow the authority that is in the Dergah. For the murids, it is not for you to question that authority. Right or wrong, doesn’t matter. Don’t question it. You see something, it’s questionable, you may still come and speak to me. Everyone has direct access to me. You may say, ‘I’m seeing this, I don’t understand.’ It’s different from seeing something and complaining, ‘this one did this wrong.’ Say, ‘I’m seeing something, I don’t understand. Can you clarify something for me?’ that is if you want to speak. But don’t fight. Don’t start to question. Don’t start to make a Fitnah.  Question mark there, ask me the question. I’m always saying, ‘you have any question? Say something.’

That vekil (wakil) is not doing things that are hundred percent according to your level, that’s okay for you to ask me, it’s not okay for you to ask him. It’s not okay for you to judge him. It’s not okay for you now to spread and to tell other people, ‘look, he’s doing this….’ Not for you. You may come to me directly. You come to me directly, you are not going to get affected. If you are trying to fix it by yourself, you are going to have the burden crushing you. Because our work, our job as murids is to obey. Those in authority, they will be fixed, if need fixing, by those in higher authority. That’s how it is, that’s how it always will be.

So, you are going to run. How to serve the Dergah? Well, it’ll be easier InsyaAllah, that question to answer. Because the only place in this whole world that people have direct access to Sheykh Effendi, and knowing how he trains murids to serve the Dergah, the only place in this whole world, is here, in the Catskills in the Osmanli Dergahi in New York. I’m not saying because we are special. I’m not saying we are the only one. But because Sheykh Effendi has put the markas here and he spends most of his time here, and the training that he’s given to us as murids, he has not given it to anywere else. It’s not because he gives us so many secrets, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about how he is strong and with firmness, knocking us wall to wall. And with that knocking wall to wall, the secret comes.

Yes. He has not done that anywhere else, as far as I know. So many times, you cannot. Because people cannot take it, especially the olderly ones. Younger ones, they are a bit strong. They still have hope, they still have growth. Olderly ones, after a certain time and they are like this ( Hoja shows a look of disinterest). But then, there are some who have youth, they are young in their spirit and they still want to grow, then that’s the time, get ready to get knocked wall to wall. It will be easier if they come and they see how things are run here. It will be easier. InsyaAllah, in the future when we go and when we travel and when we say a few things. and the secrets also will be given. Maybe over here you have to spend so much time to get something and over there, because of your sincerity, you spend just a little bit of time, then you are going to get it too. It happens too.

But, understand what is a Dergah. What’s a Dergah?  Dergah is just a place for you to just sit down, have tea and make zikr. You can do that too, but it’s not too much benefit you are going to get. But if you see a Dergah as a place where you want to have a community, where you want to have a village that you want to live, as Muslims, as believers, with that aim, then you are going to run to build it. Slowly but sure you are going to run to build it. The aim is for all of us following our Sheykh to live next to each other, to have daily access to the zikr and the sohbet, to put Islam, to put the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws) first into our lives. To raise our children and our grandchildren in that atmosphere. That is a Dergah. So if you have that aim, I don’t need to tell you anything what to do. You are going to try to find ways, you are going to start building now. It’s not a matter of getting land here and there also, which anybody can also do. First you have to build the spirit. First you have to build the community, the faith.

The Heart has to come together first. When the hearts are together, then Allah will open the way. The hearts were together in Mecca. And Holy Prophet (asws) trained them for twenty-three years with the most difficult training in the world. And when that training was complete, Allah open up the whole city of Medina. And when they pass that test in Medina too, then Allah swt open up the whole world. So, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may it be easy. SelamAleykum.

 Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim al-Kibrisi (qs). Osmanli Dergahi (New York)

June 11 2014

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