Uhud: The Essence of True Love Is In Sacrifice


jumah (2)

Ayuhal Mu’minun, O Believers, welcome to you on this Holy day of Jumma. This day is honoured in the sight of Allah swt and His Messenger. And they honour those who respect this Holy day. Rasulullah (asws) is saying, three types of people attended Jumma; one type is present but in a heedless way and all he gets is that. Another comes with the dua, Allah may grant or refuse his request as He wishes. Another is present silently and quietly, without stepping over a Muslim or annoying anyone. And that is an expiation, and that is making his sins to be forgiven till the next Friday, and three days more. The reason being that Allah swt says, ‘he who does a good deed, will have ten times as much.’ So when we come to the Jumma prayer, we should be in awakening station, so that we can take something that will give us benefit, Insya’Allah.

O Believers, Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran in Surah al-Tauba, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Say to them, if your sons, your fathers, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtain, your business where you fear that it is going to be lost, and houses which you are pleased, if all these are more beloved to you than Allah and His messenger, and the struggle, the jihad in His course, then wait until Allah executes His command. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people.’

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in Hadith e-Sharif, By Him in whose hand my life is, none of you will have faith until he loves me more than his father and his children.’ O Believers, the words of Allah swt, and His Prophet (asws), they are clear. The Holy Prophet (asws) must be more important to us than anything else. The Holy Prophet (asws) must be more beloved to us than anything in this world, more than our parents, more than our wives, more than our children, more than our possessions. Our hearts must be the throne of the Holy Prophet (asws).

In these days, so many may claim to love the Prophet. So many may be making huge maulid, singing so many poems and praises of the Prophet (asws), and chanting that they are the lovers of the Prophet. That is good that they are doing that. But for every claim, there must be a proof. And there is a proof of loving the Holy Prophet (asws) as well. That proof has been shown by those who came before us. That proof has been shown by the best men to walk on the face of the earth, and they are the Holy Companions of the Prophet (asws). If we look to their life, we get just a taste of what it means in reality to love the Prophet.


Hazreti Saad ibn Waqqas (ra) is saying, he narrated, saying, “when my mother heard that I became a muslim,  she became so angry and said, ‘O Saad, what is this religion that you have embraced? Which has taken you away from the religion of your father and your mother? by God, either you leave your new religion, or I will not eat or drink until I die and you will be broken hearted.’”

And Hazreti Saad said to her, ‘don’t do this my mother, because I will not give up my religion for anything.’  And his mother stop eating and drinking, until she became very weak and thin. Finally Hazreti Saad said to her, ‘O my mother,’ did he say to her, ‘O my mother, I love you, and because I’m so sad that you are like this,  I’m going to give in’ ? He said, ‘O my mother, even though I love you, my love for Allah and His messenger is stronger. By Allah,  if you have a thousand souls and one soul after another were to depart, I will not abandon this way for anything.’

They did not just sacrifice their family ties for the Holy Prophet (asws). The were ready to sacrifice their lives for him. Look to the example of the Sahabi that the Holy Prophet (asws) gave him the title of the Living Martyr, Hazreti Talhah bin Ubaydullah. On the day of Uhud, when the Muslim army was in pieces, there were only eleven people shielding the Holy Prophet (asws). And as the enemy came closer and closer, Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘the one who drives this people back from us will be my companion in Paradise.’ Hazreti Talhah asked permission but Prophet told him to maintain his position. And one Ansari went and fought until he was martyred. Then Holy Prophet (asws) asked, ‘is there no one who will fight this people?’ Hazreti Talhah asked permission again, but Prophet (asws) told him to maintain position and someone else was martyred. This happened until all the people who were around the Holy Prophet were martyred. And  Holy Prophet (asws) finally said to Hazreti Talhah, ‘Yes. Now you go.’

Hazreti Talhah entered the field, the medan, like a Lion! He plunged into the middle of the enemy line. He drove back so many of the unbelievers and pushed them away from the Prophet. When he saw arrows aimed at the Prophet, he jumped in the air to catch the arrow aimed at the Prophet. And he jumped in the air to catch it with his arm so much so that his arm was permanently disabled after that day. Holy Prophet (asws) was so happy with him after Uhud that he said, ‘whoever will like to see a man, still walking on earth, who has completed his lifespan, who has completed his mission,  let him look at Talhah ibn Ubaydullah.’ Meaning that he did die for the Holy Prophet (asws). And Hazreti Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) is saying, ‘that day, that entire day, belong to Talhah.’ That is the love that is being mentioned in the Quran and the Hadiths.

O Believers, love is to give your life for your beloved. The Sahabi e-Kiram, they were not Angels from the Heavens. They were also humans like us. They had families that they love, they had homes, they had businesses, they had lives, but everything was sacrificed when they said, ‘Ashadualla illaha ilallah, wa Ashaduanna Muhammadur wa abduhu wa Rasululluhu.’ Their love was proved with an unquestioned, unwavering, unconditional obedience to the Holy Prophet (asws).

O Believers, O murids, don’t think that we are an exception. Because the ayat is saying, ‘Obey Allah, obey the messenger, and obey your rightly guided leaders.’ Our Beyat is extending to the Holy Prophet (asws), through our Sheykh who is his representative on the face of the earth. If we claim to love the Prophet, we must love our Sheykh like the Sahabi e-Kiram love the Holy Prophet (asws). And to love the Sheykh is to obey his order. No one can claim to love him while being disobedient and rebellious to what he left behind.

O Believers, this is the reality of the religion of Islam. The essence of this religion is love for Allah, His Prophet, and their friends. And the essence of that love is sacrifice. O Believers,  we must run to put that love in our life, because with that love comes a huge honour. The hadiths is saying that an Ansari man came to the messenger of Allah while feeling sad. The Prophet said to him, ‘why do I see you sad?’

He said, ‘ya Rasulullah,  I was thinking about something.’

The Prophet said, ‘what is it?’

The Ansari said, ‘we come to you day and night, looking at your face and sitting by you. Tomorrow you will be raised with the Prophets and we will not be able to see you.’

The Prophet (asws), he did not say anything. But later Jibreel (as) came down to him with this ayat, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,  whoever obeys Allah and the messenger, they are with those unto whom Allah has shown favor, of the Prophets and the Saints and the Martyrs  and the Righteous. The best of the company are them.’ And the Sahaba, he rejoiced when he heard this. O Believers, if we want to be in the company of the Prophet and the Saints, the Martyrs and the Saliheen in the next life, there is a condition; Obey Allah and His Prophet, obey our Sheykh and may we be in the best of their company. SelamAleykum


stock-vector-anatolia-Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)
August 15, 2014


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