Hudaibiyah: Lessons For The Believers


Khalifah Lokman Effendi (3)

Ya Ayuhal Mu’minoon. Welcome to the Believers on this sacred month of DzulQaedah. O Believers, the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in his Hadiths e-Shariff, “The best of my nation is my generation. Then, those who follow them and then those who follow them.” And in another Hadiths e-Shariff, he is saying, “my companions, they are like guiding stars, whoever you follow, you will be guided in the right path.”

O Believers, the Sahaba-e-Kiram, the Companions of the Holy Prophet (asws), they are  our role models. Why is that? Because they were the ones who were in the association of  the Holy Prophet (asws). They were the ones who were in the sohbets of the Holy Prophet (asws). And through that association, through that sohbets, they gain the title of Sahabi. For the ones who are trying to be in the association of the inheritors of the Holy Prophet, we look to the lives of the Sahaba e-Kiram as a guide for us, for how to be in sohbet. We look to them to learn obedience, to learn submission, to learn mohabbat. Because in their lifestyle, we see the example of how to pass through every test that is being put in front of us on the way. And one thousand four hundred and thirty years ago, the Holy Prophet (asws) and the Sahabis, they were put through a great test.

We must know our history as believers. We must know the seerah of the Holy Prophet (asws). We must know what the Sahaba e-Kiram went through because when we learn what they went through, so many times, we are finding a light that will help the road before us. Allah swt has made them to go through whatever that they went through to teach us and to guide us for the following generations until Judgement Day, on how to lead our lives.

One thousand four hundred and thirty years ago, the beloved of Allah swt, Alaihi Salatu wa Salam, had a dream that he saw himself entering Mecca and making Tawaf around the Ka’aba. Understand that this was a time that this looked impossible. The Quraisy, the tribe that the Holy Prophet (asws) belonged to, they had become the worst enemy of the Prophet. They had fought the Muslims in Badr, in Uhud and in Khandaq. Yet the Holy Prophet (asws) had a dream seeing that he was entering Mecca and he was making Tawaf. When he told his companions his dream, they became overjoyed and in this month, the month of DzulQaedah, the Holy Prophet (asws) and his companions, they were on the road to Mecca. As they began to come near Mecca however it became clear that the situation was very difficult. It was impossible.

Holy Prophet (asws) sent his messenger ahead to see how the situation was in Mecca. And that messenger came back saying that the Quraisy had sent Bedouin warriors with weapons to stop the Muslims from entering Mecca. Understand that the Holy Prophet (asws) and the Sahaba e-Kiram, they were not there to fight. They were not armed. And Allah swt sent so many signs showing the Muslims that they should not enter to Mecca immediately. So they moved instead to an area called Hudaibiyah. And while they were there, the Holy Prophet(asws) sent Hz Osman(ra) as a diplomat to Mecca to talk to the Quraisy and to negotiate terms for the Muslims to enter to make Tawaf. And look carefully at the obedience and the love of Hz Osman. While he was in Mecca, the Quraisy said to him, ‘well, we do not know about Muhammad and the other Muslims.  But while you are here, we allow you to make Tawaf around the Ka’aba.’ Hz Usman said, ‘I will not make Tawaf until Rasulullah (asws) makes Tawaf.’

Later people started making fitnah and saying that he had made Tawaf while he was in Mecca and Hz Usman said, ‘I declare by Him who holds my life that if I were detained there for the whole year and the Prophet were to remain in Hudaibiyah,  I would not have gone around the Ka’aba until the Prophet had done so. The Quraisy did invite me to make Tawaf around the House of Allah, That I decline.’ This is a lesson of obedience and love for the believers. He did not rush to make Tawaf of the house of Allah until he could do so with Allah’s messenger.

So the Quraisy, they actually held Hz Osman, as a kind of hostage. And when time passed and no news came about Hz Osman,  rumor began to spread that he was murdered. So Holy Prophet (asws) gathered all the one thousand four hundred Sahabi who were with him, under a tree, and they gave Bai’at to Holy Prophet (asws), the Bai’atul Ridwan. And the Holy Prophet (asws) put his hand on top of them saying, ‘this is the hand of Osman.’ O Believers, what did they make Bai’at for?

They make Bai’at to struggle for the sake of Allah until their last breath that they would die in the way of Allah. And Allah swt is praising that Bai’at in the Holy Quran in Surahtul Fatih saying, “Certainly Allah was well pleased with the believers when they swore allegiance to you under the tree, and He knew what was in their hearts, so He send down Sakinah, tranquility on them. And rewarded them with a near victory.”

After this Bai’at, the Quraisy came to begin to make diplomacy with Holy Prophet. They asked him, ‘why have you come here?’ Holy Prophet said, ‘I have come to perform the umrah. The Quraisy are already wrecked by war. If they agree, I will make peace with them for a specify period and they should give way to my companions and me. If they want, they may join with the group that others have joined and this would give them a rest. But if nothing is acceptable to them except war, then by Him who holds my life, I would fight them until I lose my head, or Allah makes this religion victorious.’ And the Quraisy who have just suffered a tremendous lost in Khandaq the year before, they decided to make a truce. When the diplomat came to the Holy Prophet (asws) camp, he was shocked. The diplomat, he was shocked. When he went back to the Mushriq, he said to the Quraisy and to all the inhabitants of Mecca, ‘O my nation, by Allah, I have taken delegations to the courts of Kings. I have been to Kisra, Ceaser and Najashi as representative, by Allah I have never seen a King whose courtiers respect him the way the companions of Muhammad (asws) respect him. By Allah, when he spit, his spit falls on the hand of any one of them, that person in turn rubs it over his own face and body. When he gives an order, they ran to fulfill that command. When he makes wudhu, it seems that they will end up fighting each other to get the water used by him. Before him, they lower their voices. And out of extreme respect, they don’t even dare take a good look at him.’

And so they began to make the terms of the treaty. And the Quraisy were very disrespectful when they were writing the truce. One of them began playing with the Holy Prophet’s beard trying to put the Prophet down. When Hz Abu Bakr saw this, he pulled out his sword and said, ‘if that hand touches the beard of the Prophet again, it will not be allowed to go back.’ After the treaty was written, the treaty of Hudaibiyah, it looked like it was unfavorable to the Muslims.

treaaty of hudaibiya (2)

It said the Muslims could not perform umrah until the next year. It said that if anyone from the Quraisy became a Muslim, they had to be handed back to the Quraisy. But that the Quraisy do not have to give any Muslims back to the Prophet. And Fitnah again began to arise in the camp of the Holy Prophet (asws), by the hypocrites. Some people started saying, ‘didn’t the Prophet say we were going to make umrah this year? Look, we came all these way and didn’t make umrah and we agree to this treaty that makes us weak?’ Holy Prophet knew all these. And what did he do?  He came out of his tent, and he shaved his head and sacrifice an animal as though he had just finished the umrah. And when the people saw this they remembered their Bai’at and they rushed to follow the sunnat of the Prophet, shaving their heads and sacrificing the animals. And Allah swt send the verse, ‘Truly We have granted you a clear victory.’

victory in hudaibiyah

“Verily, We have given you a manifest victory.”

And Hz Umar (ra) came to the Holy Prophet (asws) and asked, ‘Ya Rasulullah, is this a victory?’ And Holy Prophet (asws) replied, ‘Yes.’

O Believers, put yourself in that situation. Holy Prophet (asws) had a dream that he was performing umrah. He went with the Sahaba e-Kiram to Mecca and was prevented from making umrah. They signed a treaty with a term that looked unfavorable  to the Muslims and they turned back to Medina. What would we think? How would our faith be? Would we be shaky? Would doubt enter our hearts?  Doubt did not enter into the hearts of the true believers. And yes, that treaty of Hudaibiyah, it was a huge victory for the believers. At the time of Hudaibiyah, Holy Prophet (asws) went to Mecca with one thousand four hundred companions. Two years later, he conquered Mecca with 10,000 companions. After Hudaibiya, the Arab tribes and the other nations saw that they Holy Prophet was so powerful that the Quraisy signed a truce in order to avoid fighting. And after that the Holy Prophet (asws) sent diplomats to Abyssinia, to Rome, to Egypt to Persia and because there was peace, Islam could spread easier and more free. As Al- Zuhri was saying, ‘there was no victory for Islam greater than Hudaibiyah. When the truce came and war laid down its burden, people began to meet in safety and converse, they start to talk together. And no intelligent man who learnt of Islam, who did not enter into Islam.’ Within two years or the truce, as many as those who had entered it before, they embraced Islam, or even more. During this time, the great companion, Khalid ibn Walid and Amr bin al-As, they entered Islam, and yes, the dream of the Holy Prophet (asws) was ultimately fulfilled as he and his companions made Tawaf of the Ka’abah and shaved their heads.

What are the lessons of the Hudaibiyah for the believers? What can we take from this incidents? What are those guiding stars teaching us through their actions that are speaking to us 1430 years later?

We must submit to the will of Allah. We must submit to the will of the Holy Prophet (asws) and we must submit and be obedient to the words of our leaders. Because the Holy Prophet (asws) and also the inheritors of the Holy Prophet, their road is illuminated by the light of Allah. They see what we cannot see. What may look so good to us, they may know that is bad for us. What look so bad for us, they may know it is good for us. Allah swt is saying, ‘although it is hateful  to you, it may happen that you hate a thing that is good for you. And it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows. You don’t.’ As our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Al-Qibrisi Al-Rabbani, he is saying, ‘the Mursyid is that one who knows when the road comes to a fork, which way to turn. He sees the light going ahead,  and the Holy Prophet (asws) is holding that torch. Anyone who is following, he may go then. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman.’

O Believer, O murids, we have given beyat, we have sworn allegiance to the one who is leading us on the way that is being illuminated by the Holy Prophet (asws). If we take our own detour from that road, we will be lost forever. If we follow that road without question, without doubt, without following our nafs, we will reach to safety. O Believers, be like the Sahabi e-Kiram. Say, ‘we hear and we obey.’ If we do that, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, we will reach to safety.


SelamAleykum wr wb.

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

September 12, 2014

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