Man has lost their direction



The faith is a reponsiblity. The religion it is a responsibility. It is not something light. It is not a joke. It is not as you like, as you wish Sufism.  No, It is a heavy responsibility and every Prophet carried that responsibility heavily. Every Sahabi, they carry that responsibility heavily. It is so good now to sit and just to listen. You are responsible from one part; it is to listen. The one who is speaking is responsible from at least two parts. He is responsible to speak and he is responsible to listen to what he is saying. And in these days, if we sit and we listen, so many are speaking but the words that come out, it doesn’t give benefit to them.

This world now is being filled with scholars. And now, Sheykhs  are popping up like mushrooms. After the rain falls, morning time sun hits a little bit, pop…pop..pop…pop…pop…everyone is a Sheykh now.  MashaAllah. It’s okay. But we see, the world is not getting better.  Murids are not getting better. Tarikat is not getting better, in fact it’s getting worst now.

What do we say to a city that has a thousand doctors? It  doesn’t mean now that the city, it is very healthy city. If there’s more doctors that means there’s more sick people. Isn’t it? So many Sheykhs, world is getting more sick. Believers and unbelievers. Muslims, Jews, Cristians. Because people, they have lost their directions. 21st century man,  they have lost their direction. They have lost their compass. They have lost the reasons of creation. Reasons of creation has now become to just to satisfy your ego. Just to take pleasure from this world, and to run after the treasures and the pleasures of this world, to satisfy your ego.

Religion? Religion has become a joke. Ritual. Tasawwuf, Sufism is a play, it’s a game, it’s a feel good. And if they see anything that has some discipline. If they see anything that has some toughness, they say, ‘no brother, this spirituality is all about love.’ And their meaning of love means you can let your ego to do as you like. That is love. SubhanaAllah. May Allah protect us from that kind of thinking and that  kind of life.

Speak something that is going to give benefit to you and to others or else keep silent. These days, keeping silent  is a lost art. If they say, ‘Speech is silver, silence is golden.’  Who is keeping silent these days? Who is keeping silent, to hear and to keep silent? Or to hear, then to say, ‘I hear and I’m obeying. And forgive me.’ Instead, ‘Oh I did that because of this, because of this, because of this.’ Are we understanding, taking that and putting it into your life? Are we understanding?


One, it is a reply of what? Of Prophets and Saliheen. You are claiming that you are praying so much, you are doing so much, but you are not giving the answer of Prophets and Saliheen. Prophets and Saliheen, the ayat of Amana Rasul, they are reciting every single day. Sami’na wa ata’na ghufrânakarabbana wa-ilaikalmasīr , I hear and I obey and forgive me and my end is to return to You and not be separated from You. Take that any way you want. The more excuse you are giving, the more reasons you are giving, the more veils coming down, the more that time something that is so simple but the ego is saying, ‘no. this is difficult. This is too much.’

It is not. We don’t know what difficulty is. You don’t know what difficulty is. Especially living in the west, you don’t know what difficulty is. That’s why, little things, it becomes so much. Allah has blessed this country in so many ways. But that blessings can turn into a curse when you waste it, when we become spoilt with it, when we are not understanding that this is a blessing, this is not our right. This is a blessing. This is a gift, and it is a responsibility. Which means, when things get tight a  little bit, you are not just going to give up, to run, to throw out, to waste. You are going to use it properly. I was just reading one sohbet today, Sheykh Effendi is saying, clothes that people are wearing in the old days, one pair of clothes that they are wearing, they are not wearing one pair  one week then to throw it out, to buy a new one, every season to buy a new one, to follow sheytanic fashion houses. In the old days they are wearing something until it tears, until there are patches and these days, they are tearing it themselves to make it look fashionable. That’s all coming from sheytan. But what is the meaning of that?

You take something and  you don’t waste it. You don’t just throw it away. It doesn’t just mean your clothes. Look at the ease that Allah is sending you. It is not just to say, ‘syukur ya Rabbi, You are sending me this.’ I have this, I have this, I have food, I have drink, I say Syukur. But if that is threaten a little bit, then I start to give up or I get upset, or I get angry. That’s not Syukur. Syukur is to say, when you have and when you don’t have, ‘as You like Ya Rabbi. I am happy.’ To know when Allah is giving it to you, it is also a test and you share things. That if Allah is not giving to you, it is a test and there may be a blessing in it because He is not giving it to you.  It is not just the material things. It is the things you have also in your life.

So InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may we have more understanding of what our Sheykh is teaching us, to change our lives, to change our nafs, from a nafsu amara into a nafsu mutmain, the nafs that is happy with their Lord and their Lord is happy in whatever conditions. So that we can say, ‘we hear and we obey, and forgive us and our end is to return to You.’

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Amin


Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

October 10, 2014

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