I am weak through iman and physical strength, what should I do?


Question: I am weak through iman and physical strength. I do not have as much strength as others but feel that it is stored inside of me, but I cannot find it. It feels as though the will within me starts to die. This happens when doing anything, such as prayer, looking for work or education. Please give me advice.

we are weak

So you feel weak, you want to be strong, keep the company of those who are strong and keep up with them. If you are weak, for example, physically, what do you need to do? You need to exercise. You are weak, first you have to say, ‘I have to get up. I have to exercise.’

‘No….I’m so weak. I have no strength to exercise.’

You see the problem? You understand?

‘I wish I have the strength.’

You have the strength if you exercise.

‘But I’m too weak to exercise so that I can find strength.’

Then stay at home.

Meaning first you have to have the will and the will have to be against to your ego. So, you want to exercise, so you get up, you try to exercise. What if there are people around for free they can help you; like what do you call these days, those people? Personal trainer. What if there are personal trainer? Is it not smart to have a personal trainer? So you can exercise. Then they’ll say, ‘One more!’ and you cry and say, ‘No!……(crying)…!’ we have people like that. When they are training, they’re crying and they are paying money. ‘Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!’ ‘but I can’t…’

And after that, they love it. They are crying but they love it. Americans they like it. They are not so use to discipline like this. Because that one, coming from mountain, pushing them, pushing them, pushing them, ‘yeah baby. It’s okay. Good Job!’ Good Job, everything. Everything good job. Not doing anything, good job. Weakness. But later when they want to be strong, they going to the gym and they get a personal trainer, the more the personal trainer pushes them, the more they are crying in pain, but the more they love it. And they are paying money. More money on top of it.

‘Ahh…it was a great day. I had my Beast Mode on!’ Beast Mode. Tauba Astarghfirullah.

So, you find a personal trainer to push you. So you are weak spiritually, find a personal trainer. He is going to push you. You are going to cry a lot. Believe me. Find a group. If you say, ‘oh, I cannot find.’ Then we say, you are still in that whining station. People whine when there’s no real pain. Once you have a real pain, you stop crying. You start running to look for the cure because it’s killing you. You understand?

So now, you have to pull yourself out from people and places that brings you heaviness and laziness and weakness, and go to a place where everyone is working out. That’s all. You cannot find Allah surrounded by luxury. You cannot hope to exercise surrounded by nice pillows, pizza, video games, everything. You cannot. You go into a gym, everything in it looks like a medieval torture chamber. Isn’t it? But people are enjoying themselves. They are getting a workout. So, find yourself something. A personal trainer. Prepare to cry a lot. But you are going to say, ‘Great!’ later on. ‘Good Job!’ you are going to say to yourself.


Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi (as) Osmanli Dergah -NY

October 3, 2014



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