Lately, I feel like not to be humble or a caring person. What should I do?


Question: I have been doing more worship than usual, caring more for others, and sharing your sohbets on social media. Lately, I feel like not to be humble or a caring person. I no longer care to share sohbets, and keep it to myself. To progress in the way of Allah and His Prophets (asws), what should I do now?

 hoja dua doa

You already know the answer to your question. If you are doing good things in the way of Allah and you are doing it and  you are making progress then you stop making those actions and you feel stuck and you say, ‘what should I do to come out of this stuck position, to make progress?’ we say, you have to continue with what make sense to you before when you are doing it and you make progress. No one is forcing you. This is not a way of forcing. No one is forcing you to do more worship. No one is forcing you to care for others. No one is forcing you to share sohbets. If you don’t want to be a humble or a caring person, no one is forcing you and say, ‘you must be caring and you must be humble.’

Everyone is free to do what they want. But nobody is free from the consequences of their actions. So you are free to care. But you are not free to have freedom from the consequences of caring. If you care, the results of that is Allah will care for you more. Prophet will care for you more. If you don’t care, well those ones, they are not going to care for you too much. You cannot now say, ‘I don’t care and I want them to care.’  You cannot also say, ‘I care and I don’t want them to care.’

So you may do as you like, but you cannot run away from the results, the consequences of your actions. If you want to make progress in the way of Allah and His Prophet in this way,  you have to step on your ego.  Your ego wants you to worship more, to make more zikr, to share sohbets, to do all these things for show. The ego makes people to do so many things for show. Then you are going to go against that. You are going to sit down and say, ‘no, I’m not going to.’ because you know this is for show and  you are going to understand why you are doing that, for what reasons you are doing it.  You have made a commitment. If you make a commitment, whether you feel it or you don’t feel it, whether it’s easy or it’s hard, you are going to be committed and you are going to do it. That time, it doesn’t matter whether your stomach is empty or your stomach is full, your  faith will not go according to your stomach, or emotions, or your mood. At the very least, you’ll say, ‘I’ve already made a commitment, I cannot run away from it.’

So, you need to step on your ego. If your ego doesn’t want to make zikr and worship and to share sohbets, ego just wants to be lazy, then that’s the time you should take the ego under your feet, and to control it and to do the opposite of what the ego is saying. Otherwise, then you are on this way and you are not going to make any progress. Welcome to Jihadul Akhbar. Welcome to the struggle against the Nafs. If you are not struggling against your nafs, in this way, then, you haven’t reach to certain level yet.  Because the whole secrets in this way is to be going against to your nafs. So, may it be easy for you. But you need to wake up. We need to be honest and sincere with each other. We should not play games with each other, or with ourselves.


Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 October 3, 2014

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