This ummat is saying the Shahadat of Prophets, But this ummat is sleeping, especially in the Ahir Zaman.


 Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.


We begin with the Shahadat, we will begin well, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. We begin on a clean footing, a clean beginning. The power of the Shahadat, will bring light to darkness, will bring you peace from disaster, and will bring you Paradise from the Hells that we are coming from, and the Hells that we are going to that we are preparing by ourselves. May Allah accept our Shahadat. May our Shahadat be sincere. May our Shahadat be true. May our Shahadat be certain.

We are saying that we are witnessing that there is one Allah, we are witnessing that we are following the Prophet, but we have not witness Allah, and we have not witness the Prophet (asws).  The whole point of Tarikat is to strengthen the Shahadat. Isn’t it? The forty-one Tarikats,  hundreds and thousands of branches, the four books, the hundred and four books,  the teachings of a hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets, is to make that Shahadat to be real. Is to teach that Shahadat and to make that a certainty, yakin, so that we are not just repeating the words of the Shahadat, but that we are living the Shahadat, we are being busy with the Shahadat at every moment of our lives, that we are wishing for that Shahadat to become more real in the Hereafter, that we want that Shahadat to be real here in this world and more to be revealed in the Hereafter. Because that Shahadat, it is an Ocean with no beginning and no end.

Is there any beginning and end to Allah swt?

He is the Creator of beginning and the end. The Holy Prophet (asws), he is the Master of the beginning and the end. Do you understand that? We are saying this so many times, ‘Sayyid ul Awwali wal Akhiril – the Master of the beginning and the Master of the End,’ meaning he controls. Allah swt has created and has given the control to him.

So, Hundred and twenty four thousands Prophets came to bring the Shahadat, to make us to be witness to Allah, and witness to the Prophet(asws). The Shahadat that we are saying right now is not the same Shahadat that the Ummat of, say Hz  Isa or Hz Musa or Hz Suleyman or Hz Daud or Hz Nuh. Their ummat’s Shahadat is different. Hz Nuh, Hz Daud, Hz Suleyman, Hz Musa, Hz Isa, Shahadat, it is different from this ummat. Their ummat Shahadat is to believe, to witness that there is one Allah and the Prophet that is sent to them is their Prophet. That is their Shahadat. The followers of Musa (as) says, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Musa Rasulullah.’ But the Shahadat of Musa (as) is the same Shahadat that we are saying. So we are saying the Shahadat of Prophets.

This ummat is saying the Shahadat of Prophets. That out of billions uncountable nations that Allah has created,  only selected one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets, and these ones, what Shahadat they gave? Is the same as what we gave, the nations of the Last Prophet. And this is just one of the countless mercy and treasures and secrets that Allah swt has given to this nation, that the Prophets they understood. But we are sleeping! That the Prophets, they wanted to give up their Prophethood just to become like one of us, a regular ahle, a regular member of this ummat. They are willing to give up their Prophethood just to have what you and I have. Because they understood the blessings of belonging to the Nation of Hazreti Mustafa, the Nation of the chosen one. But this ummat is sleeping, especially in the Ahir Zaman, they are sleeping more, drunk more, dead more.


So our Shahadat now, it is the most important and the most precious and the most valuable thing that Allah swt has ever given to us. And we must guard it. Whatever that is valuable and whatever that is precious, Islam is teaching, ‘Guard it. Take care of it.’ West is saying, ‘flaunt it. Show it off. Debase it.’ Islam is saying, ‘hold it to you because there is so many enemies out there who wants to take it away from you, who wants to destroy it, who wants to corrupt it.’ So we keep it close, and we guard it. That is the Shahadat.

How are we going to guard the Shahadat?

That is the concern, that is the main thing that the Tarikats, they are supposed to be busy with. How not only to protect that Shahadat, but how to make that Shahadat now to become true. Because we are saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah,’ we become Syahid. Syahid means witness, you witness that there is one Allah. Have we witness?


If we are still stuck with the five senses, we are going to witness the sky, the sun, the Earth, the water, each other, but we are not going to witness Allah. Then we are not going to witness the Prophet (asws). Have we witness? No, we haven’t.

So the Tarikats, especially in this jama’at of the Osmanli Naksibendi Tarikat, we are concentrating on that witnessing. How you are going to concentrate on that witnessing? By taking away everything else that is veiling you from that witnessing. Removing the seventy thousand veils that is between you and Allah. Looking into your heart and understanding and witnessing the Illahs first.  We are living in this world where falsehood is clear and more attractive than truth to the people of this dunya. To the people of Akhirat, to the people of truth, this falsehood is never clear. Falsehood is never strong. Truth is strong. But to the people of this dunya, truth is very far away and falsehood is right in front of their face. They say falsehood is real, and truth, it is not.  You say, ‘why?’  They say, ‘because I can’t see it with my eyes. I can’t taste it with my tongue. I can’t feel it. I can’t hear it. I can’t touch it.’  Ohh, we are saying, this is the measure of what is real to you? Your five senses, huh? So you are no better than animals.

Some are saying, ‘no. because I can’t think it. I’m not animal, I use my intelligence. I can philosophise and imagine.’ MashaAllah, then what happens when you are ninety years old? What happens when you are a hundred years old? These days, people lose their minds when they are in their mid-life, isn’t it? From the poisons that they eat from the food and the medicine and everything, they started to lose up here (Hoja pointing to the head). So what is real, goes beyond our five physical senses and the senses of our imagination and our brains. So we are concentrating now to get rid of the Illahs, and to witness Allah. That is all tarikats are concern about. Everything else is just details. That is why we are making the zikr of La illaha ilallah.

la illaha illallah

What is it that we are doing here that is against to Islam? We are doing exactly as the ayat is saying in the Holy Quran, which surah  did we mention in the Khutbah? Al- Imran. And that ayat is speaking about what? Man who think and they understand, who remember Allah standing, sitting and lying on their side, and they remember Allah in everything that they see and they glorify their Lord. So that everywhere you turn, yes, you see the face of Allah and you glorify Him. It is not to say, everywhere you turn, you are going to say, ‘this glass is Allah,  this camera is Allah, this…’ No. Hasha Astarghfirullah. But you see now, the signs of Allah and you say, ‘SubhanaAllah, if this flower hold such never ending beauty, what about the Creator of that flower.’

And that Creator is saying, ‘for you to understand My beauty, you will not be able to in this world. I can only show you My signs. But for you to understand My beauty, you have to come to Me.’ Do you understand? ‘You have to come to Me. I am calling out to you. All you have to do is to remember Me. And to look out and to take one step to Me. I will take ten steps to you. You want Me to be there, I cannot be. It is impossible.’ Because Allah cannot be contained. He is beyond place and time. But there is still a possibility of witnessing Allah in this world, and that is through your heart. That time, when you have nothing but Allah in your heart, not only you will witness Him, but you will find Angels coming just to look at you and to look at your heart and to witness their Lord too. That’s the time you may become a direction, like Sheykh Maulana, like Sheykh Effendi, always surrounded by them. Because Allah has said to the Angels, ‘you cannot even perceive, you cannot even look at Me in the Heavens, in those high station. In the Angelic realm, you cannot even witness Me. But if you want to witness Me, go down to the earth and find man who remember Me constantly, you will find Me.’

You think, the Angels they are also not looking for their Lord? Hah! at that time, you think what the Angels are going to do when they come and they witness the presence of their Lord in your heart? What do you think? They are not cheap like you and me, just coming, looking and say, ‘okay, so long.’ They come and they bless you. The Angels come and they brush you with their wings. They come and they give you from their power, from their secrets. They come and they soothe your heart, they give from themselves because you have given them something that they could not even witness in their Angelic realm.  Because you have stepped up to become the representatives of Allah.

Now that is open to you and to me, especially to this nation, especially in this ahir zaman when there are billions, but the candidates to understanding and living this is only  a handful. So this is all our Shahadat, to remove everything, ‘I witness that there is no Lord except for Allah.’

friends of Allah wali

We have to come to that position when there is La illaha. To say, No Lord, we have to look at all the false Lord in our hearts and to say to this, ‘no Lord, no Lord, no Lord, no Lord, no Lord,  no Lord,’ and say, ‘Allah. Illallah.Illallah.’ Illallah, is not just to say, ‘illallah,’ some saying, ‘just imagine the calligraphy of Allah in your heart,’ that’s not it. That’s another secret we’ll open for another day, InsyaAllah.

This much is enough. These are new days for us. When the hearts they are ready, so many things may open for us to understand. But for this kind of understanding,  maybe so many should not be here because you take away from the sohbet. See the person sitting there scratching himself listening to the sohbet. Sohbet falls. Now the person shifting himself, then it falls. We are trying to make it to be high, for everyone to feel the different Rahmat. Some of you are feeling it, right? But if you are not ready, we cannot open. If we open, we are going to be in trouble. Still we are speaking, still that one is scratching. What can we do.

So, don’t worry, soon there will be a time when we say, like Sheykh Effendi is saying, First class mureeds, second class mureeds,  third class mureeds. Those who are ready for real sohbet, you are going to stay. Those who are listening without even moving. Because now you are completely connected. When you are listening to sohbet and you are not moving, in reality you are moving a thousand miles per second. You are expanding, you are circling,  and in order to travel faster, you have to be completely stable. Once you start shifting and everything, you cannot travel. The airplane is moving top speed. But is it moving top speed like this (shaking). No. it is moving stable. Rock hard. And it can travel that way. Same thing with us. But if you are not understanding from the basic of the edep, we cannot. Time and again we open, just to say we have permission and some knowledge of this too when the time is right InsyaAllah.

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq. May Allah forgive me. We know nothing. I know nothing. Our Sheykh knows everything. Whatever that is necessary, he will give. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha.

vintage design element  with flowers and ivy  vintage design element  with flowers and ivy  vintage design element  with flowers and ivy

SelamAleykum warahmatullah

 Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 November 14, 2014

            vintage design element  with flowers and ivyvintage design element  with flowers and ivyvintage design element  with flowers and ivy

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