Don’t get stuck believing more in the falseness of this five senses


A mureed raise this concern to Hoja Effendi, telling him about the weakness of our faith, the lack of connection to our Sheykh and that people generally have been completely misled and misguided. We are just going in circles with a false thinking that we have achieved something only to wake up finding that we have achieved nothing. We are being led astray en masse by certain images on TV and other social media and false literature. There is complete deviation nowadays.

Hoja and mureed

This is when the man starts believing more in the falseness of his senses than the reality of his heart and his spirit. You need your senses to be satisfied then your heart is going to be satisfied. They need to see the proofs on a piece of paper. They need to see an image. They need to see something then they are going to believe. Which is why Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘O Believers. Believe.’ Believers have to constantly believe. Because now we are living in this world too. Unless you are an Awliya, where you start to witness your faith, we have not achieved that level of safety in our faith. We can be led astray, we can be led to Haqq. That is the majority of the people. Those who have finished with this world and they are not being led astray anymore, they are being targeted to lead others. So, when we start to believe more in the world of the senses as a reality, then it is what our heart and our spirit is telling us, that’s why we get into a lot of  trouble.

‘O Believers! Believe.’ We have to believe. More than forty times a day we are saying, ‘Ihdinas Siratul Mustaqim. Guide us, Ya Rabbi, in the straight path.’ If we already have Shahadat, if we pray, we did everything, why do we have to repeat this ayat over and over again, ‘guide us in the straight path.?’ Because always, there is sheytan. For sheytan, always there is the ego. And the sheytan and the ego, dunya and our hawa, the desires, what are they doing? Are they there to bring us to Haqq and to Allah? They are always bringing us to batil, to falseness. And now, why are we saying so many times that this is the age of dajjal? Because like what you said, en masse is happening, and what Sheykh Effendi says that 99.99% of the world now is going to the wrong direction!

believe in Allah

Muslims have lost the compass. We have lost the compass, Christians have lost the compass, Jews have lost the compass, long time ago. But Muslims, they have lost the compass now. And we start to become very cheap with our faith and very cheap with the things that we want to believe. And like what I have said before, do Muslims even believe that there are Holy people anymore, people who can work miracles anymore?  Do they even believe in miracles anymore? Or they believe in what they see, what they taste, what they feel and what they hear? No, if you are like that, if you are trap just inside your five senses, then you are no better than the animals. Then the animals is better than you because the animals have been created for that purpose. We have not been created for that, we have been created to be representing Allah swt.

So, now we are here. And we know that the system now, it is a system that has been designed now to bring us out from faith to disbelief. Especially in the last hundred years, it has been designed step by step, what we have been doing individually, to families, to communities, to countries and nations. Step by step, we are coming out of faith. We are following the Jews and the Christians and we are leaving our own belief system. What we said before yesterday? Why are we talking about the Ottomans?

The Ottomans is our direct link. It is not that link, people when they talk about their own tribalism and nationalism, what their tribes and the culture have to offer, not a single one from the Balkans to China, Russia to Africa, to the middle East, when they celebrate their national day, ever bring up the Ottomans. They cannot. They Arabs, definitely they are not going to bring up the Ottomans. When they celebrate their national day, they will go not only not talking about the Ottomans, they go to pre-Islamic times. They will talk about how either we were great nations before Islam, worshipping to their own sense of identity now,  pre-Islamic identity, or they say before that we were nothing and now we make ourselves to be something. So, wiping out hundreds of years of Islamic identity. Once you start wiping out  hundreds  of years of Islamic identity, we become fools. We become very easy targets for anyone to come and imprint things on us and to lead us astray.

ottoman sultan

The Ottomans, like what we have said before, one of the distinguishing feature, one of the things that made them very different, is that, again because it is the Turkish empire, just as the Mughals, the Mughals, they were Turks, we look at this two  Sunni empire, they were more than a hundred percent supporting  Tasawwuf, Tarikat and Sufism. Isn’t it?

From the state imperial level to the street level, everyone was supporting it, believing it. If we talk about earlier ones, the Umawis and the Abbasis, we are not going to enter so much there, but when we look at the Ottomans, we look at the Mughals in India, it was part of their lives. You cannot separate now Islam and the Tarikats and the Sheykhs. Then what happens now when the whole nations and the whole empire is guided by Sheykhs? They don’t have sheytan as a Sheykh. Once you say, ‘we don’t want to believe in Sheykh,’ you have sheytan as your Sheykh. And then you have that from the highest level to the lowest level. Now everyone has sheytan as a Sheykh, and sheytan is making everyone en masse to be drunk, to be blind, to not use their intelligent and their logic, to not use their heart, while making them to believe that they are the best of the Muslims!

So yes, we know now what the reality of the world is; there are things, there are more things that is not caught inside this five senses than there are things that are within this five senses. And there are more things for us to understand, that there are things that we can see. And the Prophets and the AwliyaAllah, that’s what they are trying to take us away from this world, low world, to a higher world, to say that you are also an inheritor of this world, Allah swt has created all this world for us. So don’t get stuck into your own world. it’s not going to work so much.

So, Alhamdulillah, we are here living in the ahir Zaman where we are declaring our love and our connection and our bayat to our Sheykh. Be happy with that. Be very happy that out of this billions of people, Allah swt has chosen us, has chosen us to have our Sheykh as our guide, and not sheytan. And Allah swt will ask us on the Day of Judgment, ‘in this end times when this whole world is filled with Jababirah, with cruelty and tyranny, what did we do? Who did we follow? Where our hearts are?’ Because so many, once  their heart starts to become a little bit more tolerant to the evil of this world, you become part of that evil and you will be punished for it.

We are not. We are not liking that. Doesn’t matter what people call us. It doesn’t matter that who is saying it. One or million. Because we are not looking at this time. We are not looking at this place. We are looking at the time and the place, the time before time and the place before there was a place. We are aiming for that. Here, it doesn’t matter. That man has been here ten years, twenty years, thirty years, so what? He is going to pass. Whatever that we have collected, it’s going to be destroyed. Whatever that we have is going to pass and we are going to go somewhere else. And that place that we are going to go, we cannot take anything with us. We cannot take our children that we love. We cannot take the job that we hold so high. We cannot take our friends, we cannot take nothing, except for our good intentions and our actions.


So we have to concentrate on that, what the khutbah is saying, the work, the work to bring Islam. We are not da’is, we are not the ones who are having the da’wah, which, by the way, is forbidden to go door to door and to knock on people’s house. Islam, it is forbidden. That is Christians style. So now, our work is what?

To bring the light of the Prophet (asws), and the light of the Prophet (asws), as much as you are carrying his sunnah, that much light will be given to you. You can carry his sunnah physically, you can carry his spiritual sunnah, you can carry his edep, because everything that you take from the Prophet (asws), it is nothing but light upon light and it is going to chase away all the darkness. And the people who are going to be attracted will be the people of light who will be attracted to that light.

The people who are not liking it, they belong completely to sheytan. That’s all. And we should not be afraid. That is our purpose here. We should change our purpose, we should not say, ‘I came to America to find a job. I came to America to find a wife, a husband, to set up a new life.’ You will be asked. Imagine if Allah swt ask, ‘why did you move from Muslim say India, or Pakistan, and you go to a place where it is completely non Islamic country,’  and you say to Allah, ‘I move because I need to find a job.’

We may have made that intention before. Now, we know better. And it is Allah that is pulling us here for a job anyway. And our work as Sunnis, as those who are following the Sunnah of the Prophet (asws), is to bring the Sun of Islam into every house. That has to be the overarching reason why we are moving, why we are doing things. Everything else comes with it. Everything else can come with it. But that has to be the first thing that we say, we have to remind ourselves. Just as when we wake up, first thing we have to do is to renew our Shahadat, and to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, today I make a promise to live for You.’

We may forget that, being busy with the work, working and doing other things, but we have already make that first promise to our Lord, and that counts for a lot in these days.We are here for the sake of our Sheykh. And as much as the people, they are wanting it, we will continue, and it is necessary because there should be areas of safety in the coming days, in different parts of the world, in different parts of this country where people can come to find safety. People; Muslims, Christians or Jews, believers or unbelievers, because the heavy days they are coming. They are on top of us. We should always keep that in mind.


May Allah swt forgive me and bless you. May He keep our hearts to be together. And may every good people come around us to build this jamaat. There’s more work, to build this jamaat and today we are here, tomorrow we may be somewhere else.

Those ones who are listening in the dergah, what you are going to do when the call and the permission is given and we are ask to go to different places for a majority of the year to spread the teachings of our Sheykh.

So, we have to get use to it. We have to find work to keep us busy and we have to continue with that work. May Allah make it easy for you and for me.

Bi Hurmatil Habib,                                       Bi Hurmatil Fatiha.

SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 November 29, 2014



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