How can we submit ourselves to the will of Allah swt when something we pray for isn’t granted to us?


Question:  How can we submit ourselves to the will of Allah swt when something we pray for isn’t granted to us?

Hoja effendi

So your submission is according to if Allah obeys you or not?

That’s a very un Islamic way. ‘O God, please give me a Mercedes Benz, if You don’t give it to me, I’ll get very upset with You and I’m not going to pray to You.’ Very childish. Very juvenile. Very spoiled brat kind of relationship to the Lord of the Lord.

Some people, some nations, they cannot think bigger than that, they have to say Allah is father. Because the closest thing they have to someone with authority, that they can really get along and understand, is their father. You understand? So with your father, ‘I love you dad…I hate you dad!’ it happens in the same day. So they transfer that to our Lord, Allah swt Jalla Jalāluhu . In Islam, we are even forbidden to call our Prophet, a father. Isn’t it? This ayat came, ‘he is not a father to anyone of you.’ Because the relationship now, it is beyond that father. Someone much higher.

So, if you think Allah is just like a wish granter, fortune teller, a magician, then  your relationship to  your Lord has to be re-evaluated. If you think that Allah is just there to listen to your prayers and to grant you, like Santa Clause, you have to re-evaluate your understanding of the Lord and the Creator, everything. That means, you still think of your Lord as a Santa Clause. That time you are not a believer. You are just a spoiled brat going to a toy store sitting on the lap of an old man with a white beard. Then you don’t understand who your Lord is, you don’t understand your relationship to your Lord. You don’t understand why He created you. You are not understanding that He has created everything for you.

Maybe, something that you wish for, that you think it is good for you, it is not. Maybe something that is bad for you, it becomes good. This is ayat, isn’t it? How are you going to understand now if it’s good or it’s bad, what my Lord is asking, what am I supposed to do, questions of life. How are you going to find answers to this? You can never find it by yourself. You cannot go to books or philosophy. You cannot watch daytime soap opera to get the answer. You cannot listen to talk show to get the answers. You have to get the answers from the one that your Lord has sent with the answer. He did not send everyone to give the answer. He did not send everyone to represent Him. He send the Prophets. Go to the Prophets. ‘Oh, Prophets have passed.’ Go to their inheritors, the Awliya Allah and the Sheykh. Go to them, they will be able to guide you. They are not going to force you, they are guiding you. They say, ‘this is what  you are supposed to do.’

It’s up to you now. You want to do it, you do it. You will win for yourself. That’s the time that you will understand a little bit more about yourself, a little bit more about your Lord. And you will be able to fulfil the reason of your creation.

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you. Maybe you like the answer, maybe you don’t like the answer, it doesn’t matter to me. You like or you don’t like, I have to say according to the authority  and the permission and the order that my Sheykh has given to us. If it benefit you, it’s for you. It’s not for me. But these words also apply to me. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws) and our Sheykh.



Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 November 20, 2014


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