The Jama’at of The New Ottomans



What is our purpose? Our purpose, not your purpose. Our purpose is to have what? To have a jama’at, to have a community. Why is this important? If it is not important, Holy Prophet (asws) would not have founded a community. He would not have made Hijrat to Medina.

We made Hijrat, everyone of us, isn’t it? From our own jahiliyyah to come to top of the mountain where the air is clean, to live a clean life. So we made hijra, to form a community. We did not make hijra to come here to live individual lifestyle, to live individual, selfish lifestyle. To live individual lives that has no connections with anyone, no interest in anyone, not caring for anyone. Some, they had those wrong intentions. They left the jahiliyyah, they came top of the mountain but they still live selfish, individual lifestyles, not caring for anyone, not knowing each other’s names too. And we are seeing it, although they are here physically, but they hate it. Always looking down, always filled with hatred. Never trying to build a community. Never trying to build a friendship. Those ones are worst. Alhamdulillah, they are not here anymore. May Allah not make us to be like them. May Allah make them to turn around also, to wake up before it gets too late. There is no other road. Their leash is in Sheykh Effendi’s hands anyway. But what are we doing?

There are so many, from the rest of the world, they would die to be here, to leave the jahiliyyah community that they are in, that when they take one step forward, sheytan pulls them ten steps back. They are praying, they are making Darood e-Shareef, they are making a zikr, but because there is no flock, there is no community, and in a flock, there is not only the head, there are shepherd dogs, isn’t it? There is also a shepherd. But because they have no flock, they have no shepherd dogs to scare away the wolves and the hyenas, to protect them, and they don’t have a shepherd, even if they are very very good sheep, one step forward they take, sheytan pulls them ten steps back. And they are thirsty, looking for a community, a flock that has good shepherd dogs and good shepherd.

Ottoman (2)

Be careful. If we are not being thankful and acting on that thankfulness, Allah will remove us and replace us with better people. And Allah knows, that I know, there are thousands of better, maybe  millions of better ones, better than me, to have this job if I’m not holding the value and trying to live according to the laws and the rules of the community that Sheykh Effendi has set up for us to become the New Ottomans. If you don’t have a community, how are you going to have a nation?  If you don’t have a nation, how are you going to have an empire?

We are here training leaders. Sheykh Effendi trains leaders. He is not training other ones. If you want that sort of training, the tradition still continues here, with or without me. With or without me.

If you want to just hang out and play, and feel good and be gentle and full of love, not to be trained as a leader, you are also free. There are so many other groups and jama’at, groups maybe, not jama’at because you cannot have a jama’at that is based on just selfishness, socializing, gossip, having a good time, Malayani. You cannot have a jama’at, that is not a jama’at. That is a gathering. That is a group.

So our purpose is to be here, to learn how to live and in an Islamic jama’at, not Islamic jama’at for half an hour every Jumma, not an Islamic jama’at when there is muslim day to have picnics in six flags! Not to have jama’at just because we need to fund raise and make a school, putting money, building a building that takes ten years to build but continuously sucking money from people!

We are here, our purpose is to have a lifestyle as a jama’at from the cradle to the grave, living according to the rules and the manners of Islam. Rules and manners of the Holy Prophet (asws), of our Sheykh, of the Ottoman traditions, as much as we can. From the cradle to the grave. Yes.

Islam is not a part time commitment. Tasawwuf is not a part time commitment.  It is supposed to be a lifestyle, isn’t it? Our life, dunya is supposed to be a part time commitment. The job is a part time commitment. We have families, we have friends, they are not in the way  of Islam, it’s okay, you cannot break ties with them unless they are being oppressive to you, part time commitment. It’s okay. Full time commitment is Allah and His Prophet and to the Awliya Allah who are teaching us how to reach to Allah and His Prophet, as a community. You cannot reach to Allah and His Prophet alone. You cannot. Sheytan and the ego, always pulls you  when you are alone. They want you to be alone. That’s when they play tricks with you. They get inside your head, inside your heart and they make you to become so confused and so messed up and that time you start thinking weird things. We all know that. We all have been there, correct?

We did not come here, innocent. Everyone went through life and understood. That’s why we look at Sheykh Effendi, we sit with him, and we stay. Because he is giving us something that we cannot find anywhere. He is giving us the true teachings of Sheykh Maulana. He is giving us the true, strong teachings of this order. That’s why so many people hate him. So many is saying, ‘now is the time for love. Now is not the time for discipline.’ Which Prophet said that? Really? Which book? Which Prophet said that? Which Saint said that? Maulana Rumi?

Haah! ‘Love’ Maulana Rumi is saying, ‘Love! Love!’ everyone is quoting Maulana Rumi. You cannot even enter to his dergah if we live at his time. The discipline that is in the Tekiye, in the Zawiya, in the Dergah of the Mevlavi Order, if people today they understand what is the  rules and the laws, those ones, muslims who say that, ‘we love Rumi,’ they are going to say, ‘this is not Islam, it’s not even tasawwuf.’ They are going to say, ‘Rumi got it all wrong.’

Yeah, believe me. Everything comes with the discipline. Discipline is tertib. Tertib, it is manners. Edep Ya Hu. And manners, it is the essence of Tasawwuf. So, you don’t want the essence, but you want to keep gnawing on the bone and the meat and the skin and the hair, go ahead. We give you everything. We just want the essence.

Alhamdulillah, Sheykh Effendi is continuously giving us from beyond the mountain of Qaf, that teaching. And holding our leashes tight. May Allah swt bless him, raise him to higher station and make us to leave our anger, to leave our stubbornness, to leave our arrogance, behind.


Wa minaAllahu Taufiq, Al Fatiha.


Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 November 2014

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