How did Sheykh Effendi respond to ridicule and obstruction in his work?


Question: Before his veiling, Sheykh Effendi was obstructed and ridiculed in doing his work. How did he respond to this?


Like a Sultan. Like a Saint. Dogs may bark, but the Caravan continues. He never stop to bark back. He is ridiculed, he is obstructed, he is criticised, he is slandered, he is even being called Kafir, not by common people but certain high level people. He just sits and he smiles, and he continues his work. And Alhamdulillah, his work is continuing. And his work is getting stronger. And it is getting bigger. And it is showing the power of that Sheykh that he doesn’t have to be here physically for his work to continue.

So many, if you see, Sheykh coming, thousands come, coming out from the woodwork like bugs, like scorpions, all coming out. Once the Sheykh leaves, everyone going back to their own selfish lifestyle. Nothing is achieved. Sheykh comes and whoop! another one coming and going, but nothing is done. Nothing. There’s no community being build, there is no real work, there is no washing up, there is no knocking wall to wall. Because it is impossible now to attract thousands of people if you are knocking them wall to wall. Because people are not stupid, they are going to say, ‘why I am going to that Sheykh? Everytime I’m going to go to him and he is going to knock me wall to wall. I’m not going to go. I’m going to go to another Sheykh that smiles at me and say what a Saint I am, a high level person. And I’m just going to sit with him and I’m going to achieve Fana. I’m going to go to that Sheykh.’ People are not stupid, right?

So now, they are continuing with us, of course. But are we responding? No. We don’t respond. Biz Osmanliyiz! Pek Sanliyiz! we are Ottomans and we have Honour, and we don’t bark back to those dogs. Eh, we will see what is ahead when the dust settles. Whether it’s a horse or it’s a donkey. We are not concern if people approve us or people disapprove us. We are very concern everyday to live for the sake of Allah, not to fail Him, and to continue our Sheykh’s work. That’s what we are busy with.

We are not busy with photo opportunities, we are not busy with this dunya, we are busy with his work. Very humble work we are doing. And because of that, so many people are finding us a threat. They found Sheykh Effendi a threat although he only had a few ‘cripples’ around him, and now that he passed, they are so happy. They think that the threat has passed. Ohh! wait, wait, huh, wait till you see what is going to happen. Because the Sword is unsheathed. It is open. Now it’s still not showing too much, but it’s going to. That time it’s going to cut. It’s going to separate. The Furqan. Understand? That Sword will separate. SahibulSaif will start to separate. Make sure you are on the right side. Be sincere.

Are we thinking we are somebody?

No. Believe us, we spend enough time with our Sheykh to even have that thought cross in our heart to think that we are somebody, that we are achieving somewhere. It’s unusual for us. And there’s reminders every time.

So, this is how he handled it. He is not like other ones, getting on social media barking back, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark….! And this one bark, bark, bark, back at that one. That one bark, bark, bark, back at this one. This one bark back at that one. And then later to say, when there are so many thousands caught in the crosshairs, they said, ‘Oh! It’s just a test. We are barking but we are really nice to each other. It’s just a test and those ones…you have failed!’

Huh, they don’t do that. Saints don’t entrap you like that. We want to believe it too, maybe they are, it’s just a test, they are not really barking at each other. But, we see, subhanaAllah, they continue to bark, and now they are biting!

So, it used to be, when Lions they fight, the street dogs don’t interfere. Right? Now because it’s Ahir Zaman, when the street dogs they fight, the Lions they don’t interfere. So we don’t interfere. We are very simple humble people, just a couple of people around, crooked, one day up one day down, doing things. But we have our firm hand hold, we have the urwatialwuthqa, firm hand hold, our Sheykh that is holding us always with a tight leash. InsyaAllah we will never deviate.

Definitely when he comes back, first thing I’m going to say to him is, ‘Sheykh, I have failed you.’ But, if we have that, it will keep us in check, InsyaAllah. We must try. We must try harder. We must look to see where, it’s not rhetoric, I’m not saying it just for fun, I’m saying it, I can have proof for that, I’m concentrating on that. I’m not concentrating on the success or the work that we have done. I cannot take credit for anything anyway. Sheykh Effendi is doing it. Whatever that we must take credit for is to take credit for the wrong things that we have done, and that is Ayat.

So if you want to be with us, on that boat of Nuh (as) welcome to you. If not, welcome to you too. Welcome to those who come, farewell to those who leaves. SelamAleykum.

Sheykh, Hoja

 Al Fatiha

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

September, 2014

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