Drink From The Fountain Of Youth


We are asking support from our Sheykh SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim al-Kibrisi to send us something, so that we don’t speak from other people’s egos and imagination that you pick from here, you pick from here, you pick from there, and you mix it up and you present it.


Mankind today they are very careful, so many of them, not all of them, but so many of them they are very careful of what they eat and what they drink. They only want Organic food, healthy food. Muslims only want healthy food, Zabiha. But we are not careful with what enters our mind and what enters into our heart. Why is that? We are careful with what enters into our mouth and that’s just for physical body, it doesn’t really affect our spirit. But when it comes to our spirit, we accept from everywhere. Is that correct? You judge for yourself.

Why must we drink water from the gutter? Why must we drink water from the drains if there is the fresh spring water that comes out, it’s available to us. The one who says, ‘no, I rather drink the gutter water, or the drain water,’ that one is just being foolish or arrogant and something is not right with his head. There is a spring that is in front of you, the purest water, why are you not drinking from that?

Why are we looking for our Sheykh? Why, when we have found our Sheykh that we stick to our Sheykh?

Because we have found that Fountain of Youth, that Fountain of Health, that pure spring water, and that spring water is not coming from our Sheykh, it is coming from the Prophet (asws), it is coming from Allah swt. And this is the reason why now, in Tariqat, we are putting our Sheykh in front of us. In reality it is the Prophet that is in front of us. Because the Sheykh is teaching everything about the Prophet. He never points to himself, he points to the Prophet. Everything that he does has to be coming from the Prophet (asws). And the Prophet (asws) never says, ‘because you are following me, stay there.’ Or none of the Sahabi e-Kiram says, ‘why are we following Prophet so much? It is Allah. We concentrate on Prophet so much that we are making a Shirk. We must concentrate on Allah.’ Because they have intelligence. Because they know that  Prophet is bringing them to Allah. Because they know that now the Prophet (asws) is the most beloved one to Allah.  Because they know and they believe that Allah is saying, ‘if you want to love Allah, you must love the Prophet and obey him, submit to him, for Allah to love you.’

So many they say they are following Allah but in reality, they have passed their way. It is not the way that have been shown by the Prophet (asws). It is the way that the ego wants to lay it down. Because now, this comes the sickness that is in our ego, in our nafs, in each and every one of us. And what is that sickness? Disobedient.  What is that sickness that is in our ego? Arrogance.


‘I will not submit to anything,’  the ego is saying, ‘especially not to a man. He is just like me. Why I have to submit to him? I submit myself to Allah.’

Do you know who said that?

Sheytan said that.

When Allah ordered all the Angels and everything in creation, in reality, to bow down to Adam (as), bowing down is not an action, there’s a deeper meaning to that. It’s submission. It’s obeying that one that has been created to be the Khalifa of Allah. Allah did not create the Angels to be His Khalifa. He has created man, that Insan e-Kamil. And Sheytan say, ‘why I should be bowing down to him? I bow down only to Allah. Why I have to put a man in front of me?’

Same argument that this wahhabis that they are using. Same argument; ‘He is a man just like one of us. Who can guarantee that he can lead us to Allah?’

Our Shahadat is not complete if we do not say, ‘Muhammadur Rasulullah.’ It becomes like the Jews. They only say, La illaha ilallah. That they don’t believe in the Prophet.  So now there’s a big trouble there. Because if we are not following the Holy Prophet (asws) and if we are not following those ones that he has specifically instructed to be his successors, to be his waris, representing both external knowledge and  especially internal knowledge; zahir and batin. It is the batin that is more important than zahir. Who can argue that the zahir is more important than batin? Who can say outside is more important  than inside? It is the inside that is more important than the outside. It is the spirit that is more important than the body.  So you want outside? or you want knowledge that deals with your spirit?

So that nafs there, same characteristics, it takes cue from sheytan, ‘why I have to bow down to any man? Why I have to obey anyone? There’s only Allah. I only obey Allah.’ if the man does that, he is obeying Allah according to his own ego.

When Allah swt created, and this is knowledge coming down to us from the Sahabi e-Kiram, from the Awliya Allah. When Allah swt created the spirit and put that spirit in front of Him and said, ‘come forward.’ The spirit moves forward. ‘Move to your right.’ The spirit moves to the right. ‘Move to your left.’ The spirit moves to the left. ‘Move to your back.’ The spirit moves to the back. The spirit only obeys Allah. It is the creature of Allah but it does not put its own will in front of Allah’s will.  It knows itself.

sincere intention

When Allah created the ego, the nafs that He has put into each and everyone of us, and that nafs was asked to move forward, the ego move back. ‘Move to the right,’ the ego move to the left. Everything that Allah has asked, it does the opposite. That is the nature of our nafs. That is the nature of the ego. And when Allah swt ask, ‘who am I and who are you?’ The ego says, ‘you are you  and I am me.’ That creature that is inside of us is capable of doing what no other existence is doing, which is to declare itself Lord. No other creature is declaring itself Lord. But when it say, ‘you are you and I am me,’ meaning you are existing, I’m also existing. You are a separate creature, I’m a separate creature too. You are Lord, I am a Lord. If we don’t get rid of these characteristics, it doesn’t matter if you read Quran twenty four hours, it doesn’t matter if you swallow the whole Quran, it doesn’t matter if you pray twenty four hours, but you still have this egoistic characteristic inside of you, you will destroy yourself and you will destroy others around you. Because now, we go beyond our actions. Now we get into the intentions. What is the intention of our actions. What are we aiming for?

So many they are stuck at that level; ‘you know Arabic? You don’t know Arabic, then you are not a Muslim.’ Mashaallah. To become a Muslim, it’s dependent on the language? Alhamdulillah Allah swt did not bring Islam to the Arabs. He brought Islam to the whole world, and Alhamdulillah, our Prophet (asws) has said, what did he say? ‘No Arab is higher than an Ajam, or an Ajam is higher than an Arab,’ did the say except for ilm? Did he say except for knowledge? He said except for what? Taqwa.

What is Taqwa?

In English they say, ‘God consciousness.’ You understand that Allah is always looking at you. To know that Allah is always watching you. And you’ll be very careful that time with your movements, with where you look, how you speak, because you don’t want to anger your Lord. Not because you fear that your Lord is just going to punish you. This now comes Ashq. This now, we are talking about love. Because you understand how much Allah has created us with His own love, that He has love His Habib, and because this whole of creations emanate from that. So we don’t want to make Allah to be unhappy with us. You know, if you love someone you never want that person to be unhappy. Allah has put in that feeling into each and every one of us. But Allah swt is the Creator of love. He is higher than that.

So now, we are doing things, yes, only to make our Lord to be happy with us. Once we have that Taqwa, doesn’t matter if you are Arab or Ajam, once you have that taqwa and you are moving always with the knowledge that Allah is looking at you, and now you are going to move according to the way that Allah says, ‘this is the best way to move. Don’t move according to  your own way. Move according to the way of My Habib. Move according to the way of My beloved one in everything that you do. And don’t you dare dislike anything that My Habib loves.’

We may say we are weak and that we cannot carry so many things. That’s okay. But to make up, like so many muslims now, they make up excuses and  rationales and reasons why they cannot carry certain sunnats, or they say certain sunnats are not important, are not applicable for this day and age. What applies in this day and age, nothing but corruption and evil and tyranny. Are we going to be like them too? You fit into that. This doesn’t fit (Hoja pointing to the Turban), this doesn’t fit (Hoja pointing to the beard), this doesn’t fit (Hoja pointing to the Hyderia). But who am I trying to please when I do this? I’m not trying to please society. They can do whatever they want. I’m trying to please my Lord. And that comes with sincerity.


We are trying to work on our sincerity. Sincerity comes with the price. Never a sincere person will ever say, ‘yes, I am sincere.’ It just doesn’t go. It’s not the principle. Never a knowledgeable person is going to say, ‘yes, I am knowledgeable.’ Never.  And that is not a very smart thing too. Because that person, no matter how knowledgeable, he knows that he is an ignorant person in relation to a knowledge that he doesn’t know.

So how he can say, I’m knowledgeable.? And Allah swt has said in the Holy Quran, ‘there is a knower above every knower.’  You think you are somewhere? Uh, there are others who know more than you.

Yes, we say, we are learning. We are students. We are talib. But don’t say those words now.  They say, if you say you are a Talib, they are going to say you are Taliban (Hoja laughs).  So don’t.  We are students. We are trying to learn, first, about ourselves. We are trying to learn what blocks us from Allah. This is what Tarikat is. Like they say, there is seventy thousand veils between  you and Allah. To recognise what are the veils that is blocking you from Allah, and to take those veils off. Because our return is Allah. Jannat is our home but our return is Allah. Rabbana wa ilaikal-masir. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. Our return is to Allah. May our return be good, InsyaAllah.

We are holding on to the Jubbah of our Sheykh so that our return may be good. You know why? If you compare our faith to the faith of the Muslims one hundred years ago, or five hundred years ago, of one thousand years ago, it is not comparable. You cannot even come close. That’s why, the old Saint they  are saying, ‘may we just be dust under the feet of our Prophet. Dust under the feet of our Sheykh.’ Because we know, ah, this is a realisation that you must know that you are nothing but dust, that you are dirty, that you are no good for nothing. But, because of the love that that one has for you, the dust that is under their feet, wherever they go, they bring that dust with them. If they go to Jannat, may we follow them.  Because they are the ones who are bringing us.

dust under the feet

We are not concentrating that our amal or ibadat is going to reach somewhere. We pray, we do everything, Alhamdulillah, that is taught to us, but I’m not going to now be judge, may Allah not judge me according to my amal or my ibadat, because we know that we are going to fail. If you are sincere, you will know that how much value it has. But , InsyaAllah  ar-Rahman, may we get the Syafaat of our Prophet, and the Syafaat  of the Awliya Allah.

Muslims now they don’t believe in Syafaat. Don’t believe, you are going to end up in Hell. Simple as that. Because even the Prophets they are going to ask for the intercession of the Holy Prophet (asws). This is an open Hadiths. Hazreti Adam, Hazreti Nuh,  Hazreti Isa, Hazreti Musa, all these Prophets when on the Day of Judgment we are going to run to them. What happen then when on the day of Judgment, why we don’t run to Allah? That hadiths is saying that the ummat is going to run first to Adam (as) saying, ‘O Father of mankind, help us. Pray for us. You are close to Allah. Help us.’ Where are the wahabbis that time to say, ‘no, no, I’m not going to go to any middle man, just straight to Allah.’ Go ask Allah. But Prophet is not describing us going to Allah that time. He is saying, ‘the believers and the whole of mankind, they are going to run to find someone that is close to Allah to help them.’

This is the basis of Syafaat. And what does Adam Safiullah say? He says, ‘I cannot. I myself in trouble because I ate from the forbidden fruit. I am waiting for Mustafa to come.’  They run to Nuh (as). They say, ‘you are the second father of mankind. Help us.’ He says, ‘no. because of my dua, the whole of mankind was destroyed.’ They run to every Prophet. Every Prophet says no. Every Prophet say, ‘I’ve made this mistake.’ Isa (as). ‘Ya Ruhullah, help us.’ He says, ‘No. because my nation is calling me an illah, and I don’t know how to face my Lord. I myself in need of Syafaat.’

Then, when Holy Prophet (asws) arrives, they say, ‘Ahh, Mustafa has come. He has come.’ And that is the time when he is going to supplicate to Allah swt on our behalf, not for himsel, but on our behalf. For us.  And everything that the Prophet ask, Allah grants. Because he is His Habib. Those ones who don’t believe in this, it’s because they are jealous. They want to be the Habib of Allah. But Allah swt, He has created all of us, Alhamdulillah, He has granted us so much blessings to be part of this nation, with so much love. We must return that.

And the believer, the servant, he will come to realise that whatever he has been given, first he will realise that nothing is coming from him. It’s coming from Allah. Then, he will say, ‘this is an emanet. It’s a trust and I must return that trust.’ He will return his will, he will return his life. He will say, ‘everything is sacrifice for you. Now I’m dead. I’m nothing.’ To come to that point, ohh, so much test and endurance you have to go through. That’s not for everyone also. It’s enough now. We are holding on to those ones that Allah loves while we ourselves, we carry out whatever orders that Allah has given us, try to be good ones, clean ones. Don’t run around too much. Try to be sincere ones and wait for SahibulZaman to come. InsyaAllah.

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq. May Allah forgive me and bless all you for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asw).


Al Fatiha

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

December 12, 2014


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