How can I subdue the habit of playing video games again?


 Question: With Sheykh Effendi Himmah, I managed to get rid of a habit of playing video games. Recently this habit has come back to me. How can I subdue  it again?


How can you subdue? You take a stick and break your video games, or sell it (Hoja said laughingly).

What do you want? Miracles? Huh! Use the intelligence. Tarikat is for intelligent people. Not just to say, “I just want special dua, and like a magic formula, a magician saying (some magic words); ‘baklaa, baklaa, baklaa…’” And then something happens!

No, no, no. You have to work at it now. You have to think. You have to work. You have to step on your ego, which is why, Tarikat, Sufism is call Jihadul Akbar, is the greatest struggle. To go out and to fight against Kufur, physically, it is a small struggle. Prophet is saying, ‘it is a small struggle to the greatest struggle.’ The greatest struggle is the jihad against the ego. Ego is saying, ‘I want it!’ You are now going to use your spiritual power, your will, because the will of the spirit is together with the will of Allah, to say, ‘No you are not going to!’

Once you do that, your station will rise, you will get more faith, you have more intelligence, you will come closer to your Lord because you are stepping on your ego and that ego has that power now to raise you to higher station. May it be easy InsyaAllah.

But think. Say, ‘why am I doing this? Is this really giving me benefit?’ And be strong. Yeah, of course you are going to pray and you are going to ask Allah swt to give you strength. But, if all else fails, if it’s an addiction,  you know, people who are addicted, say physical drug addiction, how did they break that drug addiction? Just couple of words? Therapy? Holding hands? No. Finally, they say to break it, Cold Turkey! That’s it. Isn’t it? Cold Turkey. Cold Turkey is what? Ego is screaming, ‘ I want it!’ And you are not giving to it.

So, may it be easy, InsyaAllah.


Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 October 2014

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