How Can I Join The Dergah?


Question: I have recently started watching your sohbets online and I really like your teachings. How can I join the Dergah?

You already join the Dergah. If you like to be with us, we like to be with  you. You like to be with us, you are already with us, and we are with you. What else is there?

So many people, they are with us but they don’t really like us too much. Or one day they are going to like and the next day they are going to feel fed up. The Dergah is where you are going to find out the value and the truth on whether your faith is authentic or not. You know authentic? Original. What do you have to do? You have to test it. Anything that anyone claims to have a high value, you cannot just say, ‘oh okay I believe.’ You have to test it. What is the highest in value?

What is the highest value?  What is it?


Shahadat, is the highest value. Now, you have to keep the Shahadat high. You are saying, ‘Allah, no other ilahs (god), not even my ego,’ because in reality the ego is the only thing that declares itself an ilah. And that ego is put in you and me. Do you hear any Angel declaring itself an ilah? No. Or any one of those ones, sheytan, never declares he is (ilah).  Animals? No. But the ego that Allah swt has put in mankind is declaring itself to be an ilah.

La illaha ilallah, you witness. How are you going to witness there is no other ilah?

If you witness that you, your own ilah which is your ego, you have buried it. Are you going to bury it? Submit. Then you are going to admit there is no other way to reach to Allah except to the Holy Prophet (asws), wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa Rasuluhu. Then that time you will test your Shahadat. You test your Shahadat, you test your faith whether it is authentic or not, by coming to the Dergah. Sitting, understanding, learning then you are going to get wash up, you are going to get knock up wall to wall. You know, so many things you want to test you have to put something stronger than what it is to test it, correct? Same thing, with us. You want to test the Shahadat strongly, there has to be some polishing of our Shahadat to remove the ego from it.

So, you want to join the Dergah, welcome. If you like us, welcome. The reality is you don’t like me, you like our Sheykh. The reality is you don’t like my teachings, you love the teachings of our Sheykh. Because what we are speaking, is the teachings of our Sheykh, teachings of our GrandSheykh, teachings of the Holy Prophet (asws). So, welcome to you. If you want to come here and spend time with us and eat, and worship, and make zikr, and get wash up, you are welcome to come too. If you want to take bayat, you’re welcome. If you don’t want,  you’re welcome. Doesn’t matter. Welcome to those who come, farewell to those who leave. We are not going to force people to come. We don’t kick them to leave. But if they leave, we are not going to say, ‘why are you leaving? You must stay.’ No.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may it be easy for you.


Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. 

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 October, 2014

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