Why does the Ulama attack each other even though they are Sunnis?


Question: Why does the Ulama attack each other even though they are Sunnis?

speaking ill of scholars

Because they are too free. That’s why they attack each other. If they are busy with the real work, they are going to stop attacking. Even if they don’t like, they’ll say, ‘this is not my business.’ You understand?

You ever see doctors attacking each other? No, we don’t see doctors attacking each other. Doctors, they try to fix the patients. What happens when there is a bad doctor? Have you ever seen the doctors, they gang up on that bad doctor, fake doctor? No. They say, there is a system, isn’t it? In America, who takes care of all the doctors and watches them? I’m saying in other countries, they have the Ministry of Health, Department of Health. Now they control them (doctors). So they say, ‘Huh! You are a fake doctor. You are no good doctor.’ They are the ones (who control the situation) while the doctors themselves, they have no time to go to look at each other and say, ‘this one is fake…This one is not good…..This one is this….’ Because they are busy treating the patients.

First, the Ulama, they are not treating their patients. You understand? They are making them to become more sick. If they are really busy, they’ll know even if there’s wrong Ulama, they’ll say, ‘I’m busy with this. Let the department take care of it.’ But what happens now? In the past there was a Department of, say, Religious Affairs that is not under regimes that would tie them up and make them to speak only when they tell them to speak. In the past there was a Department or Ministry that was independent, and they speak only Haqq. They are not afraid from the Khalifas, from the Sultan, They speak from Haqq. You understand?

There’s a Department of Alims and Ulamas, what we call, the Sheykh ul-Islam, the office of Sheykh ul-Islam that is dealing with religious matters and there’s also another department dealing with spiritual matters. And these two were always working together too. That’s why you have the four Mazhab Imams. All of them, although they are Sunnis, all of them they were also following a Sheykh. They were all following  Tarikat. And until recently, you cannot even enter into Al-Azhar University to learn if you are not following a Tarikat. They say, ‘we teach you only the zahir knowledge, but we don’t know what you are going to do with this knowledge. We don’t know what kind of person you are inside. We don’t want to be responsible for it. You have a Sheykh, your Sheykh is going to be responsible. You must have a Sheykh. Otherwise we don’t want you to be here. Otherwise we are going to be responsible.’ They were smart before. They understood.

Lokman Effendi (2)

So you see, the Alims and the Ulamas attacking each other because there is no Ministry, there is no control. Because the Khilafat, they removed. The office of Sheykh ul-Islam, they removed. Now, especially in this different countries, for example in the western countries, you don’t have that. Because they say, ‘no, everyone has to be free. Everyone has to be democratic. Everyone has to….’

It’s true. It’s good. In some ways it’s good. But then, they say, ‘Same. The one who is representing Ahle Sunnat, he has a right and the ones who are representing other wrong ways also they have a right in this law, in this country. And we must respect that.’ But if you are living in a Muslim country, we only stand for Haqq. We don’t stand up for batil. Then there are other Muslim countries now, so called Muslim countries, where they have Ministries or Majlis or Riyasat or something, but we are looking, they are like hand puppets. They don’t speak from Allah. They speak from whoever put their hands up and move their mouth, you understand? So many they are like that. Because what? They are getting paid.

The Sheykhs, they don’t want nothing. They can never be paid. That’s why, from that time till now, they are only running after Sheykhs, to close down Dergahs and Tekiye. They are not running after the Alims and Ulamas. Alims and Ulamas, especially in these days, they are only looking to gather as many people as possible. They are looking to publish. They are looking to be called to the White House. They are looking for public recognition. And if a Sheykh is looking for all those things, he is not real. Those things may come, but he’s not looking for it. Give me one scholar who says, ‘No, no, I don’t want to be published.’ What scholar is that? Give me one scholar who says, ‘No, no I don’t want to go to give lectures. I just want to sit here and I just want to learn.’

So, again, because they are busy with their ego and busy with each other’s ego, that’s why you see them always fighting and there is no control over them. That’s why non-stop, and what are they fighting about? Maybe it’s okay if they are fighting about good things, but they are fighting about Moonsighting. Years they are fighting about Moonsighting, or, Zabiha, or this, or that. Foolish things. It is not even the way of Tarikat to go out purposely and to fight with wahabbis. You understand? That is not our function. We may protect ourselves from them. If they come we may speak, we may say. But it is not for us now to go and to go to wahabbi masjid and say, ‘you are wrong. You are doing wrong. You are this..da..da…da..’ the same way that they are doing to us. No, it is not.

So one time, BismillahirRahmanirRahim, one time, Sheykh Maulana (qadasAllahu sirrah) may Allah raise his station, he was in Cairo, in Kahira in Egypt, in the city of Al-Azhar. And he was sitting down and an Arab came to him and said to him, ‘Ya Sheykh, this is your first time here?’

Sheykh Maulana has been there so many times, but he just smile, and he said, ‘yes.’

And that man said, ‘do you know how many Alims we have in Kahira, in Cairo, in Egypt? Oh, so many!’ he is saying. He starts boasting now. He says, ‘every year, thousands come out and this is a great city because of that.’

Sheykh Maulana smiled. He said, ‘my son, if I come to a city and I see that there are so many doctors and I’m seeing that people are still sick from their own disease, then I’m going to know that the doctors, they are fake. But if I go to a city and I see that there is only one doctor and everyone is well, then I know that doctor is good.’ and he says, ‘Alims they are like that. This city is filled with Alims but people are getting more sick everyday. So what good are these Alims?’

Never forget, Hazreti Mahdi (as) is going to come. One of the first thing that he is going to do is he is going to punish seventy thousand alims from this nation. Seventy thousand! Not ten. Not seven. Not one thousand. Seventy thousand, Alims of this nation. Because they are leading the ummat to the wrong direction. So sit down and think, and be careful.

surrender to truth

Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. 

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 December 13, 2014

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