Find yourself through the intelligence of the Prophet and the Friends of Allah


If your life is not showing your belief you are a hypocrite. If you say, ‘I believe in something,’ but your life is showing something else, you are not being sincere. You are not being honest. You are hypocrite.


Sincerity is, the way that you believe will be the way that you live. The way that you live, that’s how you are going to die. And the way that you die, that’s how you are going to be raised on the Judgment Day. This is something our Sheykh is stressing, years, to us.

So now, the way that you live, if you are living the way that you believe, what is your belief now?

If you believe now (the way that you live), is there’s no such thing as this spirit, you only believe in your five senses, like an animal, you don’t believe there’s going to be an afterlife, you don’t  believe there’s accounting, you don’t believe you have been created, you don’t believe that there is a Creator, which is the most foolish thing. If I tell you, this thing (Hoja showed a mobile phone), this machine here that we made, did we make this? Can anyone deny that we made this? Can anyone say, ‘no, this became the way it is because of evolution. Billions and billions and billions of years ago there was a big explosion, everything got pulled apart, sea is boiling, creatures coming out from the sea, became animal, became monkey and then later became man and all…da..da..da, and then suddenly you get this!’ Can anyone believe this (mobile phone) is because of evolution?

No! We made this. This is not evolution. There is someone who made this. We cannot say we are the Creator too. We didn’t create. Create is to make something out of nothing. We invented this.

We invented this (mobile phone). But the man, the most foolish one who does not have intelligence, because faith and intelligence in Islam it is together. I don’t care what it is in different religion, different religion says, ‘oh no, faith is one thing, intelligence is another.’ They are always fighting with each other. That’s why your religion is not perfect. That’s why your religion is not complete. Because in Islam, faith and your intelligence, it is working together. And faith, it is more than intelligence. You have to have intelligence in Islam, but after a while, the intelligence must finish for the faith to work. Just as when the plane is taking off, first it uses the wheels. It goes, it goes, it goes….so fast, but now, in order to take off the wheels must stop moving. The wheels must come up. The wheels must be hidden. It must look as if you didn’t use your wheels at all to get where you are. You have to have that for the engine now to work and for the plane to take off.

Now you got to live the way that you believe. If you don’t believe, and you think that you just being an animal, eating and drinking and enjoying yourself, fulfilling nothing but your five senses as an animal, that time you will die as an animal. In Islam, it is saying that if you live as an animal, you will be raised as an animal. So many in the Judgement Day you will see, may Allah protect us from that, so many in the Judgment Day they will wake up and they will find themselves in the form of animals. Meaning, this is their true form. How they live, that is how they are going to die and that is how they are going to be raised.


So now it is important to live properly. Living properly is not to say, ‘I’m only going to eat and drink.’ Living properly is not to say, ‘I’m only going to pursue my happiness, I don’t care what the world is saying, I have to pursue my happiness at all cost. Even if it means that I’m going to destroy lives around me, I must get that. I must fulfil my desire.’ That’s not living properly.

You must live the way that you have been created. You must live the way that your Creator wants you to live. Not the way that you want to live. A simple machine like this (a mobile phone), it has a manual, it has a book that tells  you how to use this. If you don’t read that book, maybe you are going to use only a few features. If you read that book properly, if you find out more about this, then you are going to find that you can use hundreds of features. This is a simple machine. What about this (human body) that nothing can create something like this? That only the way that one eye works, not two eyes, how one eye works is enough for a man of intelligence, if he looks at how the optic nerves and everything in the eyes is working, for him to say, ‘SubhanaAllah, Glory be to my Lord. Glory be to Allah, AllahuAkhbar.’ And to fall into prostration and to say, ‘You are the most perfect Lord because You create the most perfect creature.’ And mankind, we have been created in the most perfect form.


So intelligence will make you to come closer to Allah. But what kind of intelligence?

Not intelligence of stubborn people. Not the intelligence of egoistic people. Not the intelligence of people who are not using their intelligence. We must use the intelligence that Allah is saying, ‘use the intelligence of the ones that he have been sent to represent Him.’ That time you use the intelligence of the Prophet and the friends of Allah, and that’s the time you are going to discover yourself. And you are going to discover your Lord. Once you discover yourself and you discover your Lord, there’s nothing in existence that you cannot discover. You will discover everything, when it is necessary. Not just because you are curious and you want to find out. When it is necessary for the good of mankind, you will know.

Knowledge does not come from books. Knowledge comes to the heart. If you are still finding knowledge through books, you are still lost. You are still taking knowledge from stale sources. That book was written by a man.  And that Book (Quran e-Serif), was given to the man through his heart. So now the heart is key. That’s the time, the way back to your Lord, as we are saying before, it’s more dangerous, it’s more treacherous and it is harder than to climb up an Everest mountain. And that is when  you need a guide. And the guide is the one who has travelled the way. He has reached his destination and now he is being sent to come back to bring us to our destination. He is not just as so many people thinking that a guide as so many, even Sheykhs they are saying, ‘oh, a Sheykh is just there for you, to show the way to you. Not to collect people around you. Not to have an army.’ They are saying. We are not building an army. Of course, the army we are building is the army against to our nafs, against to our ego.

They are saying, ‘No. A sheykh is only there to show you the way then he pulls back.’

That kind of Sheykh, there’s so many in this world. That kind of Sheykh, where the Sheykh is just going to throw you a map, to say, ‘travel there.’ He doesn’t even have to know what the map is saying. He doesn’t even have to travel that way. He just has to give it to you. That’s what the many Sheykhs are doing now. They don’t guide people.

Some, such big Sheykhs eh, huge Sheykhs, some people with some spiritual questions coming to them and say, ‘I have a problem with my ego. Can you advise me?’ meaning a disease of the heart, can you advise me? Meaning, ‘my heart is sick, O Doctor. O Tabibul Qulub. O you who are saying that you are a friend of Allah and a physician of the heart. I need you to now cut my heart and take out the impurities.’

And what did that big Sheykh say? ‘Ah, I wrote a book, read it. You’ll be fine.’

It’s like you are going to a surgeon and  you say, ‘I have a heart disease, I need you to cut open,’ and he says, ‘Ah, read this manual, I give you some knives. Go cut yourself.’

This is what it has come to in this time. Fake ones! But of course, they are busy with so many other things. But if you are busy with guiding people, that time, if you are busy with guiding people, you are going to know what the people need. And you must give it to them, and you must take it from a higher authority, higher source.


Our Source is our Sheykh. No one else. He is getting his source from a higher authority, from Sultanul Awliya. We are happy. We have been given permission, we have been given a job to do. That’s what we plan to do. Doesn’t matter now if the whole world supports us. We are not going to change our way, InsyaAllah. It doesn’t matter if the whole world opposes us. We are going to continue our way. Because our Sheykh is our guide and what do we want him to do?

Is we want him to always have a firm handhold with us. We are holding tightly to his rope, we are trying not to separate and he is going to bring us to safety, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. Otherwise we cannot reach to safety by ourselves. That is a Guide.

Foolish ones, they are saying, ‘I don’t believe in afterlife. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in God. Who has died and come back to say that there is a God, there is a Hereafter?’

You Idiot! You don’t need to die to know that there is an Allah. If you need to die, why don’t you kill yourself? You are really asking that question, kill yourself then. I dare you. You really asking that question and you’re true to yourself, kill yourself. See whether there is an Allah or not. But if you are intelligent, you know that you don’t have to die, to pass from this world, to know that there is a Creator. The signs of the Creator are everywhere. It is everywhere. You just have to be intelligent. That’s all. And you have to hang out with intelligent people. And you have to ask intelligent question. And you have to learn how to learn and you have to learn how to ask, you have to learn how to listen. If not, if you don’t, which everyone is free to not to, if you don’t, you are going to be responsible. Not me.

You cannot blame your Lord. You cannot blame Sheytan/Satan, to say, ‘O, Satan tricked me.’ You cannot. You only blame yourself.

We are happy, Alhamdulillah, that we are under our Sheykh. But our Sheykh’s lessons are not for donkeys. His sohbets are not for donkeys! If you are still stuck in that donkey level, don’t come near us. You’ll not understand nothing. You will not. We will tell you day and night till we get blue in the face, and believe me we have done that, you will not understand nothing. It is for a person who has passed through some intelligence and some experience in life, they understand what life is teaching them and they understand what this life is and they say, ‘now, there has to be an afterlife. Let me now dig deeper to my belief.’

If you are not a donkey, welcome. Because our Sheykh’s Jamaat, his circle, his sohbets, is for us to become humans. Is to make us to rise up from the lowest of the low, from Asfala Safileen, back to our originality, which is what? Ahsani Taqweem. And Allah invitation is to the whole of mankind, to come back to the most complete, the most perfect form, Ahsani Taqweem, because we have been created in Ahsani Taqweem. We have been created in perfection. We have not been created with original sin. We have been created in original innocence, original perfection. And we must go back to that perfection.

The guide is there to bring us back to original perfection, because they have come back from that original perfection. They have reached that original perfection. And they are coming back to gather us and to bring us to our Lord.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. May we always hold on tightly to our Sheykh. May we not become donkeys. May we become intelligent human beings who are not going to be fooled by this world, not going to be fooled by our desires, not going to be fooled by our ego, not going to be fooled by Sheytan. To always have the vision of a believer with our Sheykh in front of us.

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Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. 

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 December 19, 2014

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