What is our Destination?


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Our destination, is to go back to our Lord. Nothing else, for a believer. We are not traders, businessmen. We are not doing business with our Lord, to say, ‘if I’m doing this good, I’m going to get this much.’ Understand? ‘ If I do this, then I’m going to get this much reward. Then this is how much I’m going to get in Paradise.’

Believer, their relationship with Allah is different. Yes, it is a relationship that is beyond love. Because it is not the love, of understanding of this worldly love too. The use of word ‘love’ is so debase. They can use the word love to say, ‘I love pizza. And I love Allah.’ so many they are worshipping to that. Can we say in Arabic, if you use the word Arabic,  how do you say in Arabic? ‘Ana Hubb pizza.’ Can you say that? So weird  right? Sometimes I can speak Arabic too (Hoja laughs). Can you say you love it?

How can you use the same word for both one simple stupid thing and use it for our Lord? Different words you must use.  But pizza is not our lord. You understand? So many people, they only live and they die for pizza too. It  becomes their Lord. If they don’t get pizza, you watch what happens to them. They are ready to kill the whole world, ‘I want Pizza!’ if you give them pizza, they are so nice, they are so quiet. This is showing what they are worshipping.

So now, this is beyond love now, what we are looking for. What is beyond love?

It is called submission.  Where it’s not me, only about just feeling good too. When you submit, you are saying, ‘it’s about you feeling good. It’s about you being happy. It’s about you. It’s not about me. I don’t matter. You matter. I don’t want to exist, because I only want you to exist. It is you not me.’ This is what it means now. Understand?


When you start doing that, so now, it becomes beyond love now. This is submission, this is Islam. And that is when you start to fear your Lord. It’s a different fear from, say, a tiger. Or these days, policemen, or the dark. This is a mature feeling of fear. And what is the fear? The fear is, ‘I don’t want to do anything that is going to displease you. Because your  pleasure is everything. It’s not about what I can get from you.’

So many people, when you say, ‘did you pray?’

The say, ‘yea I pray.’

‘what did you pray for?’

‘Oh, I pray that I pass my exam. I pray that I get a good job. I pray that, this…’ Your relationship to your Lord is still a very childish relationship. Santa Claus relationship. You want to just sit on the knee and say, ‘I want this and I want this.’ This is not how you are going to treat your Lord.

Your Lord, Allah swt, when you come to that level of love, you come to that level of submission, you are looking to His heart. And you don’t want to do anything that is going to displease Him. You fear that you are going to do something to displease Him, to disappoint Him. Because you always want to love Him.

So, this is what it is. We are trying to do this. We are not claiming nothing. We are not claiming that we have reached somewhere. It is not in our Sheykh’s jamaat to praise the mureeds and to say, ‘you have achieved to this Maqam., and you have achieved to that Maqam.’ No, our only maqam is the toilet. That is our only maqam. And this is what the Awliya Allah has always taught. And this is the way. You are sitting on that chair, that is your station. Dirtiness still comes out from you, you still have a toilet inside of you, don’t dream. Don’t dream. Reality is teaching you. You are turning all the best food, the most clean, the most beautiful food that you spent hours, years growing, hours cooking, minutes eating, and it turns into the most  rotten thing inside of you. You turn the most beautiful thing into something the most rotten. Then that is your station.

We still have the toilet inside of us. The more you go down, the more your Lord will raise you up. We are not going down, just to say we are going down. We understand the reality then that time. That reality, the more you understand your own reality, that time the more meaning when you say,  ‘Allahu Akhbar.’ When you say, ‘SubhanaAllah.’ So many people, they say subhanaAllah like they are substituting subhanaAllah for other things. ‘Yea, I used my hand, subhanaAllah.’ We are asking one person, and he say, ‘huh, people are saying bida’at using the tasbih, I used my hand, the fingers, subhanaAllah.’

So, this is all  to understand how great our Lord is that there is nothing in existence except for Him. We are still not in real existence. The secrets of all the four books that Allah has sent; the Taurat, the Zabur, the Injil and the Furqan, the Torah, the Psalm, the Bible, the Evangelist and the Quran, is in  ‘La illaha ilallah’; there is no ilah, there is no God, except for Allah. Except for Allah, I don’t like to use the word God. That is not the word that Holy Prophet is using. That is not the word that Jesus used. He didn’t say, ‘God.’  ‘God’ is Germanic, isn’t it? He wasn’t German, last I checked.  Oh, you believe Hollywood so much. people now take everything from Hollywood, from movies and TV. All their knowledge and all information, they can twist everything, and you believe? Because it’s in the movies, it’s on the internet, it’s on YouTube. What did Jesus (as) say in the movie Passion of the Christ? He says, ‘Alaha.’ Allah. Allah. You think if Isa (as) said the word, ‘Alaha, Allah,’ what do you think Musa (as) also said? What do you think Daud (as) said, David? What do you think Ibrahim (as) said?

So, so many names, doesn’t matter now. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. But there is only one Lord. You may use different names for Him, but to understand that there is no other Ilah except for Him, except for Allah. And now, when you enter through the door of Islam, and Tarikat, you start now to look inwards, and you check yourself for the inner idols that you have. What is it that you are worshiping? What is it that you are spending time with? What is it that you are obsessing about? That is what  you are worshiping. Is it Allah? Is it our Creator, or is it something else?

Some like we said, pizza, they get alive. When we say God, their eyes glazed over. When we say pizza, they become alive. So you believe that is the one who gives you life. Because you become alive. So now, you enter through the door of Islam, you enter through the door of Tarikat, it makes you to look inside of you and with the help of the guide, he is going to now start taking away the idols that you have put in your heart.

Some people worship the idol of anger. They are always angry. You tell them don’t be angry,  they get angry with you. Because their anger now, it gives them power and energy and they cannot imagine life without being angry. Some is so sour. Some nations, they are very sour. They don’t even smile. If you smile, then they think that you are going to trick them. ‘Why are you smiling?’ Some nations they don’t like you to laugh too much. If you laugh, they go in front of your face, they start laughing at you, fake laugh, cos it’s very unusual. Astarghfirullah.

Doesn’t matter what kind of nation we belong to, what kind of nationality, we are all in the nation of the Holy Prophet (asws). The nation of the last Prophet. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we will always remain together, trying to sincerely  hold on to our Sheykh. May Allah forgive me and bless you. InsyaAllah.

submission hoja


Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. 

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

 December 19, 2014





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  1. May Allah bless you and hoja
    Keep up the good work

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