How do we become friends with the Friends of Allah?


friends of Allah wali

How do we become friends with the Friends of Allah? It’s a very long road, very long journey, to be friends. How do the Friends of Allah become the Friends of Allah? Just by saying, Hey, you want to be my friend? until you become friends with Allah?

How do the Friends of Allah become the Friends of Allah?

Long journey they have to take. Big test they have to go through. If you want to be the friends with the Friends of Allah, there’s some journey that you have to take. There’s some test that you have to go through because their company, it is the most exalted company. It is the highest company. It is the holiest company. Their company, it’s a very high company. Their association is a very high association.

Can you say that you want to sit and have dinner with Obama? And just because you want to have dinner with Obama and then you are just going to go and have dinner with Obama, to be in his company, to become his friend?

No. You cannot even smell his dogs. Correct?  Can you say you want to have the company of the Association of the Governor? Or the Mayor? Is it so easy? It is not. And this is dunya association. The Heavenly association is even more difficult. But difficult for the ego, it is very easy for the spirit. It is difficult for the ego. What is required?

It is sincerity. But when you are busy with this world, with this dunya, and you are busy just with your desires, in the pursuit of your own selfish interest or your happiness, then that time, yea, it’s going to be difficult for you. That time, you are going to be so surrounded by just your ego that it’s going to be impossible for your spirit to come out. Your spirit is choked.

Allah has created us in Ahsani Taqweem, the most perfect form, but through all these lifestyle and thinking, we become like donkeys. So many people become eşek, become donkeys. That time when you are a donkey, a donkey cannot come and sit in the company of man until they stop being donkeys. In the old days, people understood that they were donkeys. Either they stay out or they changed to be in the company of man.

But these days people they don’t understand that, even that idea, or they don’t believe in it, or they are happy being donkeys. Or they are very upset that we are man and they say, ‘why you don’t become donkey like us? Why you don’t wear like what we are wearing? Don’t you see we are free? We can go and support this capitalist system and do everything that we want. Why you have to support the Prophetic system by wearing sunnat clothes? You must become donkey like us.’ They are saying. Isn’t it? They got upset.

So it is very hard for your ego. It is very simple for your spirit. All you need to do is to be sincere. First step; to sit, to listen, be with them. First, don’t try to be their friend. Be with them. This is Holy command from Allah swt, ‘Be with the Saliheen.’  Sit with them, study them, worship with them. Understand, learn from them. Prove yourself to them. Serve them. Submit to them. Then they will take you into their company, because what they have to give, it is something which is very precious and something which is very powerful. They don’t give something that valuable to people that are not trustworthy.

be with saliheen1

So you have to gain that trust. To gain someone’s trust, it is not simple. It is not easy. It is not by words, it is by actions. In fact, you can say very harsh words, hard words to them too, but if your actions, you are showing that you are helping them and you are supporting them and you are being trustworthy, they will not even look at what you are saying.  They say, ‘they are saying something else, but when the moment came, that something is in need of help, they are the ones who come.’ That time they are going to say, ‘give them those secrets.’

So it all boils down to service now. Again. InsyaAllah, may we become the friends to the Friends to the Friends  of Allah swt. What was that famous poem that some English poet wrote it too? Describing who?

Ibrahim ibn Adham, big King size Wali. And in that poem, in that story that is written by a British, English poet, saying Ibrahim ibn Adham was sleeping one night, and he hears something happening. He opens his eyes and he sees an Angel writing on a book. He approach the Angel and saying, ‘O great one, what are you writing in that book? So beautiful, you are writing in golden letters.’

And the Angel says, ‘don’t you know, these are the names of the Friends of Allah.’

Ibrahim ibn Adham, his heart started beating very fast and he’s saying, ‘O Holy one, please look in that list to see if my name is there.’

The Angel says, ‘your name is not here.’

Ibrahim ibn Adham got sad a little bit, then he says, ‘if I’m not in the list of the Friends of Allah, then maybe I can be on the list of those who love them.’

The Angel acknowledged him. The vision ended. The next night, he woke up again seeing a bright light and the Angel writing. He’s asking the angel, ‘O Holy ones, what are you writing today?’

The Angel is saying, ‘I’m writing the list of the Friends of Allah, of the ones who love Allah and Allah loves them, who knows Allah and Allah knows them.’ And then the Angel showed him the book and Ibrahim ibn Adham’s name was the top. Why?

Because, he’s not like so many foolish people in Tarikat to say, ‘Oh, I want to be a Saint. How can I be a Saint?’  He is saying, ‘No, I want to be those ones who love them. Those ones who serve them. Those ones who submit to them.’

May we be those ones. InsyaAllah. That is enough for us.

saint of Allah

Al Fatiha

 Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

December 20, 2014

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