When The Muslim World Left The Way of Rahmatil ‘Alamin

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We are entering now, InsyaAllah, into the Holy month of RabiulAwal. May it be accepted.  He is the Prophet of Mercy, alaihi salatu wasalam. His Prophethood was and is still an example of Mercy; how to be merciful to each other, how to be merciful to the believers, how you are going to be merciful to the unbelievers. What kind of unbelievers? The unbelievers that spent every second of their lives to try to kill him (asws) and to kill Islam and to kill everyone who support it. That in the conquest of Mecca, he gave complete general amnesty to everyone, a couple of exception, but never before you will see in any example in History between two sides when they are fighting each other, for years, for decades, especially one side is determined to completely annihilate and complete the other side and the other side when they gain power, they are going to forgive.

He is the Prophet of Mercy. His nation is the nation of Mercy. His nation, for over thirteen hundred years, you see how they have brought mercy and civilisation to the rest of this world. But that day where we said we don’t want his lifestyle, that his lifestyle does not matter,  that day that we say we do not want his representatives, his representatives, his Khalifa doesn’t matter, that day we cease to become merciful, we became tyrant. Muslim became tyrant to each other, tyrant to the world. The nations; Jews, Christians and Muslims become tyrant to each other non-stop. This is the era of Jababirah. This is the time of tyranny.

La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimeen, that is the dua of the Prophet Yunus (as). Compare now what the Prophet Yunus (as), what he did for him to say that and what we are doing for us to say that.

Yunus (as), he was a Prophet of Allah and he was guiding his nation who refused to listen to him. They completely became disobedient, arrogant, stubborn, tyrant to themselves and to him, and he spent his whole life, he didn’t care for wife or children or work or possession or anything. He was just running to bring his nation back to the way of Allah swt. His nation refused, fighting against him, being tyrant to him. So what did he do for him to say, La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimeen?

All he did was, he left his nation. He left. ‘They are not going to listen to me,’ so he left. He jumped to a ship. The ship went through very harsh weather condition, a storm. Then they find out some things here that is causing this. Pulled straws, he came out, he jumped into the water and the fish swallowed him, the whale.  It swallowed him and he stayed in the whale’s belly for forty days. And while he was in the whale’s belly, he was being punished, he was reciting, La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimeen.  He says, ‘La illaha illa anta – there’s no Lord but You. Subhanaka – glory be to You, inni kuntu minazzalimeen-truly I’m one of the oppressors, I am oppressing myself.

This whole world, 21st century, from East to West, North and South, for men and women, believers and unbelievers, we have become tyrants. We have become complete tyrants to ourselves, tyrants to our family, tyrants to our friends, tyrants to our nations. Nations have become tyrants to each other, we have become tyrants to this world, we have become tyrants to the air, to the sea, to the animal life, and now they are planning to become tyrants outside of this planet. There’s never ending, this age of tyranny, from the youngest to the oldest. That’s what they are teaching; tyranny. And what is tyranny? What is it? What is Dhulm? What is being Zalim? Where is this coming from?

Being zalim, being a tyrant, having authority and abusing that authority. Being a dhulm, being zalim is a characteristic that Allah swt has said, ‘I have forbidden dhulm to Myself.’ That Allah swt has made tyranny forbidden, haram to Himself. And He has made now tyranny haram, forbidden for His creation. But 21st century man has turned completely cruel and they become tyrant. With so much education, they become more tyrant. With more technology, they become more tyrant. With more money, they become more tyrant. With more amal and ibadat, they become more tyrant. Understand?

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We are living in it now where everywhere they are teaching you; ‘You want something? go and take it. Run. Run to get what you want. Don’t look to see who is in front of you. If they are in front of you, crush them! You will not be responsible, because they are standing in front of you.’

Muslims used to be the ones who protect each other and who even protect the unbelievers. Look to our history. This is not individual practise, this is State practise. This is imperial practise. They used to protect unbelievers. Look to see the civilisation from the beginning. Not just to say one or two dynasties. No. From the time of the Prophet (asws), there was protection to the unbelievers.  Unbelievers, that peacefully they are just worshipping, didn’t Holy Prophet (asws) issue a decree, giving protection to religious communities, especially the Ahle Kitab, people of the book, to continue their practise without any harm. Didn’t the Khulafa al-Rashidun, they continue that? They did.

From the time of the Umawis, to the time of the Holy Ottoman Empire, that practise continues. It continued. In every Islamic empire, and every Islamic dynasty, it continued. Why it continued? Because Prophet did it.

But when the Muslim left their Prophet, left Islam and they become tyrant, that’s the time, forget about being tyrants to unbelievers, they become tyrants to the believers! Because once you left the way of the Rahmatil ‘Alamin, the mercy to the universes, once you left the way of mercy, you become a tyrant. And once you are a tyrant, you have no heart, you can do anything and you will still think that you are number one. You will still think that you are rightly guided. You can be killing old men and women, children,  you can be killing anyone, you will not have mercy in your heart.

Where do we learn this from?

Definitely not from Islam. Definitely not from the Holy Prophet (asws). Not from the Sahabi e-Kiram. Not from the Tabi’ins. Not from the Awliya Allah.  We learn it from our ego and we learn it from other people’s ego. And other people’s ego that says, ‘no, when it’s time for war, we can kill anything that is in front of you.’  That is not in Islam. The west practise that. Not in Islam.

War according to Islam

Even if there is war, there are specific guidelines to it, laws to it. You cannot harm the old, you cannot harm the women, the children, you cannot even cut a tree, you cannot destroy places of worship, that is forbidden. But when you don’t have any mercy and you are thinking that you are the only one who is right and everyone else deserves to go to Jahannam. Because every believer, every Muslim, every ahle Sunnat, every ahle Tarikat, sees everyone as a potential nominee to  Paradise, as a nominee to Heaven, as a nominee for safety. Those tyrants see everyone as a nominee for Jahannam. That’s why it doesn’t matter to them if they make their life a Jahannam, a hell in this world because they say they are bound to go to hell anyway. So who is making all this so called Muslims with such ideas?

It didn’t happen during the time of the Prophet (asws) that they took over. They were wiped out. It didn’t happen during the time of the Umawis or the Abassids,  during the time of the Fatimis. It didn’t happen during the time of the Seljuk or the Ottomans, where this group of tyrants with no mercy in their hearts still calling themselves Muslims are attacking first the Muslims, then the non-Muslims. They did not exist. If they did, they were very small community that from time to time, they get smacked and they go underground. But they came out from the underground, like a scorpion and they are fed, and they are huge and they start to take over the Muslim world.  Who made them to come out? Not the Khilafat. Who made them to come out, to say, ‘now we give you and we feed you and your sting is very powerful and strong, now you can destroy anyone who does not believe the way that you believe in.’  Who gave them power?

This squarehead wahabbis! Not the Muslims. Not the ahle Sunnat. Not the ahle Tarikat. Not the Khilafat. Look to your history, you will find the answer.  So we don’t apologise for the actions that they make. Those ones who support them and fed them and make them to become powerful to sting the whole world, and now they are stinging them back, they should apologise. They should not only apologise, they should bend over backwards to fix the matter. But they don’t want to fix the matter because they know, with this kind of fitnah in Islam, the Muslims will never be strong again. With this kind of fitnah, Islam will not rule.

We are not interfering with this matters. We  speak to two, three, people. Our words don’t reach no where. That’s okay.  The Heavens, they are listening to us, and we are asking the Heaven to send their Heavenly support to this world, to end this tyranny. To end this tyranny. To bring back mercy to this world. To bring back Mercy into the hearts of mankind.  The month of mercy is going to approach. But Awliya, they are not going to celebrate so much. They sit and they cry, looking at the state of the Ummat and still the ummat being arrogant and stubborn. The ummat still being in ghaflat and being drunk. They are crying, not for themselves. They are crying for the ummat. Because the ummat is an emanet that is entrusted to them, but now, their hands are tied. And they are just waiting for SahibulZaman to appear.  This is what we are doing. May Allah accept our wait and our worship. And make us to hold on tightly to our Sheykh. InsyaAllah. There is safety in that. No other way.

dua jamaat

Al Fatiha

After Jumma Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

December 20, 2014


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