How should we prepare for Mawlid?


 Question : How should we prepare for Mawlid?


That’s a good question. What would you do to prepare yourself, say, if you are a mureed, what would you do knowing that Sheykh Effendi is going to come next week? What would you do? Or what would we not do? Isn’t the Mawlid inviting the presence, the huzur of the Holy Prophet (asws). Isn’t it?

Just simple, you are having a Mawlid, you are inviting the presence of the Holy Prophet (asws). If you are told that you have to go visit the President, one week from now, you are going to be so excited, you can’t sleep. You have to think, ‘what I’m going to wear? What kind of haircut I must have? To who I’m going to tell. I’m so excited. I cannot sleep.’

How many of us are really excited about Mawlid that we cannot sleep, and to be excited, to prepare ourselves?

So many Mawlid events, I’m seeing everyone seems so dead. They are singing all those naats, sad ones and everyone is just doing like this (Sheykh slouched), staring like that, thinking it’s so mashaAllah they are meditating but actually in the head they are saying, ‘I’m hungry. I wonder what’s for dinner? Did he bring the Biryani or not? What kind of Biryani? Goat or chicken? I’m so hungry.’ Right?

There’s no excitement. There’s no life. You want to prepare for Mawlid? Our Sheykh is teaching us; Run, make some sort of activity. Make some sort of change. Be excited about it. There’s different prayers that you are going to do. Different salawat you are going to do. Different zikr that you are going to do. So at least now, when you come to the presence of the Prophet (asws) you may have something. In our way, we are always collecting different zikr, different salawats, coming together to say, ‘its humble but this is what we are presenting to you, ya  Rasulullah,’ through the hands of our Sheykh, of course. We are not presenting to his Holiness by ourselves. I wouldn’t.

So, if we are running to do that, really trying and honestly trying, the days leading up to Mawlid, you are saying, ‘I’m going to be more patient. I’m not going to be so much in ghaflat. I’m not going to sleep too much. I’m going to worship a little bit more. I’m going to be a little bit nicer to people. I’m going to make more charity.’ What do you want? You want me to list to you all the sunnats that you have to do before the mawlid.  You can google that anywhere. I’m going to give you something else. Understand?

Then watch for the tricks  and the traps of your ego and sheytan that they have laid at your doorstep, until Mawlid time.  Watch for that. So many people can prepare themselves but a little booby trap in front of them, they are not seeing, they get caught. You understand? Making so many zikr and everything, but something really made them upset, they lose it, they start to become so angry and it burns all your amal and all your ibadat. Finish. Then that time you come empty handed.

So be intelligent. If you are at the Dergah, everything is like a pressure cooker. Holy days, nights coming, people are coming, must be things that’s going to drive people crazy. Be cool. Watch out. Be vigilant.

Be vigilant. Watch out. Understand. Yeah, that time you will be able to protect whatever that is. You are prepared. Understanding? Be excited. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman.


Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. Al Fatiha.

 Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

December 26, 2014


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