The Ummat Is Sick And Dying, Where Are Our Doctors?



RabiulAwwal Mubarak. May these days be blessed, InsyaAllah. Although when we look at it, this world is not getting blessed. Every day it’s getting worse isn’t it? Every day more hardship, more disasters, more cruelty, more greediness, more oppression, piling up every single day.

We are doing this to ourselves. All the oppressions and torture or the poverty and all the disasters, we did this to ourselves. We cannot even blame nature these days. Because we have upset nature. We have made nature very upset. So it’s coming back to us. What goes around comes around. We cannot blame nature. We cannot blame Allah. Because we have done this to ourselves. So where is the blessings now coming and where is it going to? And a believer is someone who is part of a body. Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘the believer is like a whole body. If one part of the body hurts, the whole body hurts.’

Where are the believers these days? Where is the hurt these days? And our whole body, the whole ummat is sick, and is tortured, and is dying. Isn’t it?

So who is hurt by all these? Who is in pain? And who is running to fix it?

The medicine is not going to come from ourselves. The cure is not going to come from ourselves. We must know that. It is going to come from above. When you are sick, you don’t have to do your own research and to find your own medicine. No. But you are going to a doctor to know, to find out if you are sick or not. And the good doctor is going to tell you, ‘you are sick.’ And a better doctor is going to say, ‘this is how you get sick and this is how you are going to cure yourself. I’m going to give you medicine. But your whole lifestyle now has to change.’ Isn’t it?

Now the whole body of this ummat is sick and it is dying, where are our doctors?

leaders are like shepherds

I’m not talking about Statesmen and Politicians that are all corrupt. I’m not talking about those ones. I’m talking about those ones who are claiming to be doctors of the heart. Those Alims and the Ulamas. Where are they? Those Sheykhs and the Imams, where are they  and what are they speaking about? What are they being busy with?

At least they are going to say, ‘this is how you get sick. You are sick! Wake up. You are sick.’ The sick person, even if you give them the best food, it’s no use to them. You give them the best clothes, it’s no use to them. Nothing is useful to them. Nothing. You are saying to them, ‘You must memorise Quran.’ It’s good, but you are sick. You say, ‘I’m going to give you everything that the world needs, the world wants, that you may want from this dunya.’ But the man is sick, he cannot enjoy nothing that well.

So now, what are the Imams and the Sheykhs they are doing? What are they, in these days, especially to identify the sickness in the ummat, are they being busy with that? No. they are busy with Fitnah, non-stop; ‘Who are you.Who am I. I am this and you are this.’ Busy with that! The whole ummat has to be warned. The whole ummat needs to be reminded that, ‘you are not well. You have been sick for a long time.’

Number 1, you are sick because you cut off your head. You have no head. Our head, is the Khalifah. We cut it off. That’s why we are sick. Ohh, which Imam or Sheykhs are talking about that? Nothing. None. At least they are going to say, ‘Ummat, wake up, you are sick. Because the great one who makes confusion, the dajjal, already established his,’ hmm, I don’t want to say kingdom, ‘he has already established his system here. He’s been working at it for a long time and it is almost complete. Wake up to the system!’

They know how to get so excited when they see something a little bit of mystical thing in movies, matrix and everything, everyone get so excited writing so many things and said, ‘Oh this is Sufi, this is Sufi.’ But when it comes to real life, how you are going to, what kind of system you are living in and how to pull yourself out from it, they don’t want to say, they cannot say, because they are part of the system. Because the system is feeding them and paying them. They should be speaking about that.

How you get sick?

Your surroundings. They should warn the ummat, ‘this is how you get sick because of your own activities.’ They are not doing that. Everyone is talking about unity. Unity, unity, unity. Unity means nothing if you are not united under Haqq. If you are united under football, what good is that?  If you are united under hate, that’s terrible. So what are you united under? Has to be a Khilafat. We were united one time, under one Khalifah. Now you want to get united again? Same solution.


You don’t have to think so hard. ‘Oh what is it that I have to do? What is the solution?’ Solution is already given fourteen hundred years ago, that for thirteen hundred years, we’ve had that solution. We have been working with that solution and it has continued and brought us so much success dunya and ahirat.  Why you are going to reinvent something else?

Huh, so they are not doing that, to say that you are sick and you did all these activities to make you more sick. They are not saying what is the solution. They are selling us, Snake oil. Snake oil? Snake oil. Saying, ‘oh, if only everyone has more education, we are going to be united. If everyone has PHD…’ I met a Sheykh once and he says, ‘if it is up to me I will make every Muslims to have a PHD.’ That is the solution? mashaAllah. Yahudi solution.

So now, we are stopping. Barakat is falling, definitely. Where there is Nur, Nar cannot enter. We are not making Nur for ourselves. That’s why Nar is always here because we are not living and breathing and having the lifestyle of a Nur, of light; the lifestyle and the teaching of that one who has light upon light; the Holy Prophet (asws). Now people are going to go crazy now. They are going to say, ‘what do you mean? That ayat is saying light upon light and you are saying that it is the Prophet?’ Prophet (asws) says, ‘before Allah created anything,’ what did He create? His (asws) light. Isn’t it? So don’t be silly and to show your own ignorance. Sit down and think. Hold  your horses and understand what we are trying to say here.

So now, we’ve come to the point. Mawlid coming here,a lot of Barakat coming. But we are putting a shield of Nar. We are putting a shield of fire around us. So that Barakat is not touching us. Otherwise, that Barakat will touch us and transform everything. Isn’t it? But we put a shield of fire with our disobedience, with our sickness, with our diseases, with our practices, and that shield of fire has a cost. And the cost is ourselves.

So the ummat is sick and it is dying. It is hurting. Those ones with real voices speaking from Haqq, they are going to remind the Ummat. Those ones who are not, or they are mixed up, they are going to be busy with other things, or they are going to be busy with love. They talk about so much love, it’s as if they come from Paradise. They talk about so much love, it seems as if everywhere they go, it turns into a Paradise. But it’s not. They are coming from a nest of vipers and they are making nest of vipers and scorpions everywhere, just spreading Fitnah and confusion.

Who had love? Who is the first ones that we must look to who had love? Who? Sahaba e-Kiram. Love for the Holy Prophet (asws). We must look to them. insyaAllah.

May Allah forgive me. This much is enough. A little bit heavy but understand this is the reality now. We should not get lost. We should not get lost just because we live in a luxury place like America. Everything is here. And we can sit and make mawlid and we think that our faith is somewhere. It is not. We have not been tested. I was just having conversation with someone and jokingly I said about somewhere in Pakistan, somewhere in Afghanistan, somewhere, anywhere, the middle east or China and they said, ‘Yea, there’s people living in those very harsh condition in the mountain and they have nothing. They have no food, they have no clothes, but they kept their Iman and they are having great hopes for the Hereafter life. They believe in that.’  Those ones, they have their love and their love is tested. Not us. InsyaAllah, may Allah not test us. But we should not be spoilt.

hoja dua

 WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha.

Sohbet after Jumma by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

December 26, 2014

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