How do we have courage in the way of Allah and leaving dunia things?


Question: How do we have courage in the way of Allah and leaving dunia things? I have come to realize that fears motivates my ego. How can I not be a coward?

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A jamaat is important. You can think that fear is what is crippling you, and that it is wrong. You can read about it, you can talk about it, but what is going to give you courage? What is going to give you courage?

When you meet a person who has courage. When he gives you courage.

Awliya Allah they are like that. So many times, we have so many problems, it’s all entangled up in our head, it’s choking us, it’s strangling us. We don’t know where to turn. We have our Sheykh, we can’t wait to see him and when we see him, we want to say everything, but just being in his presence now, everything starts disentangling. Everything else melts away. Suddenly you have all these problems, all these questions, they are not important anymore. You sit and you just feel strong. You feel save. Answers come to you and you say, ‘it doesn’t matter.’

hoja giving sohbet

This is what the friends of Allah does. That kind of courage. That kind of faith. Because he looks to your heart and he sees it. Because he has gone through that. And he understands what it is that needs to be done. He doesn’t even need to speak, that time. He will look, and according to the strength of that Sheykh, he doesn’t even need to look with these physical eyes. All he needs is for you to take one step. He will take ten steps.

You understand?

If you come to him running, maybe he will fly to you. So you need to be with those who have courage. This is what is call sunnat; where you have an Imam, you have a guide, you have someone, a leader and you are following him.

And other people look at how you are following him and they follow that method, that way too. And others who don’t have access to that leader, they see those ones who follow them and they continue and they continue and they continue forming a continuous chain that is never broken until Judgment Day.

So be with those ones who have courage. Be with the Rijalullah. Be with the man of Allah. Watch them, observe them. Study them. Don’t spend your time studying Malayani nonsense on TV shows and movies and taking them to be your role models and checking out things on the internet, nonsense. Don’t occupy  your heart with all of that. If you are occupying your heart with that, it’s very difficult now. Because your heart is busy occupied with that, you have to empty it first now to let that kind of courage, that kind of guide, that kind of light to enter. First you have to clean it up a little bit, then that time it’s easy. Otherwise, your will is great but your heart is still rusty, it’s still dirty, it’s still busy. You can sit in the presence of a Sheykh but you are not taking that one step, you can sit in the presence of  forty Prophets that time, it’s not going to change you. Until you open your heart.

Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab, they saw the Prophet physically, almost all their lives. They saw him growing up and the Prophet came and give waaz to them, give sohbet to them. Still they didn’t change. Not once, years.  So many came to the presence of the Prophet (asws), with one word, their heart melted, it opens, they become Sahabi. So many just by looking, they became Sahabi.

So what is the difference now?

Allah swt did not create us, some with the heart sealed and some with the heart open, some with so much light and some with so much darkness. No. that opportunity is given, especially when there is a Prophet who came and a Awliya who comes, that means that everyone is a nominee. Equal opportunity now. So what is making some to not just take one step, they run to that light? And what made the others to not only shut their eyes but they turn around and show their backs?

It is that thing which is call the ego. Ego. And this is what our Sheykh is concentrating. Not to be concentrating on Fitnah. Not to be concentrating on confusion. Not to be concentrating on this one is high, this one is low. This one is in this station, this one is in low station. This one is this and that. They are being busy with it. They will continue to be busy with it. They are not going to change because they are being busy chasing after this titles for decades. Has our Sheykh ever been trying to chase after this?

He doesn’t care. It didn’t matter to him. What they are calling him, it doesn’t matter. He says, ‘it doesn’t matter what you call me. A Sheykh or a donkey. I know my work.’ And with the work, you will see what is that person. With the work you are going to see whether that one is a donkey or that one is a horse.  It is not with the title. It is not with praising. It is not what millions of people are calling you. It is with the work.

SE and donkeyse black horse

Alhamdulillah, our Sheykh, he has finished that work. And now, his work is still continuing with us. All of us. And we have a big work ahead. And we don’t care that time what people call us. Like our Sheykh, if people start cursing at us, he says, ‘very good now we are following the sunnat of our Sheykh.’ We are happy with that. We are honoured with that. May Allah not test us. But we must be busy with our work. InsyaAllah.

So yes, be with those ones who have courage and they take that courage and that fearlessness from the man of Allah, who takes it from the Prophet (asws). That time it’s going to be something real.


Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. 

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi QS, Osmanli Dergahı NY

December 20, 2014

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