What is the day of Promises?


Question: What is the day of Promises?


That is the day in the Pre-eternity. That is the day when all of mankind they were assembled. We were nothing but lights, spirits. And Allah swt is addressing to us directly, and this is the Day of Promises that is recorded in the Holy Quran. Every single person, men, women, that is going to be born up till Judgement Day, they were there. And they were there, we were there, and we were there also assembled in groups behind the Imams too. Just as it is on Judgment Day, isn’t it?

Quran is saying, ‘you will go behind those ones that you follow.’ So if you are following sheytan, you are going to be behind your imam, the sheytan, on the Judgment Day. If you are following your ego, so many their ego is going to be their imams on the Day of Judgment. Our Imam is our Sheykh. Our Imam is our Sultanul Awliya, our Prophet (asws).

So when that day, we are also assembled, but don’t think that it’s chaos. There’s no such thing as chaos. Everything is order. Everything is perfect. It may look, but if you look deeper and you’ll find there’s universe, behind the universe, behind the universe. So we were all gathered there. And that is the day when Allah swt asked us, ‘Alastu Birabbikum? Am I not your Lord?’ and we replied on that day, we made a promise to Allah. We took an oath, we swore to Him, and we say, ‘Yes, You are.’

What does that mean, ‘am I not your Lord?’ Lord is everything. Saying, ‘am I not your Creator? Will you obey anyone else but Me? Will you submit to anything else but Me? Will you love anything else but Me?’

And when we say,’Qalu Bala,’ which is indeed, ‘yes, You are our Lord. We worship only You. We love only You. We serve only You.’ That is the day of Promises where we took an Oath, a promise to our Lord Allah swt. And we were there. Which is why, sometimes, you will see  people in your life, you see them for the first time, maybe you see them and they belong to a different nation that is all the way in the opposite side of the world but you look at them and you feel such a pull, such a familiarity, such a closeness, like you’ve known this person all your life. You may not even be speaking the same language, you feel comfortable. Especially in Holy Association and that’s because we were together, close, on that day, with our Sheykh. That’s why our Sheykh, he can meet a billion people  and everyone says, ‘I remember you.’

So many secrets happen on that day. Because he was our Imam too. What it means when you have Imam in front of you? You follow that Imam.

So we were familiar with each other because we were close together. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may we return to our Lord together as His servant, as His obedient servant behind our Sheykh. InysAllah. Never we want to be separated from him.

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Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

December 19, 2014

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