How should we deal with our close ones who are against Tarikat?


Question: How should we deal with our close ones who are against Tarikat?

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How are you going to deal with your close ones who are against to Tarikat? Deal with patience. Deal with intelligence. Have more patience, have more intelligence and have more faith. Stand firm in the way. Be intelligent enough to know what is coming from sheytan and your ego and knowing how is the best way to deal with it.

These days, so many close one, yes, they are not understanding Tarikat, they are not interested in Tarikat, or they are against to Tarikat. How are  you going to deal?

Even in the first jahiliyyah, Prophet (asws) said this, ayat came down for them to say, to his own family members who are against to his Tarikat, ‘Lakum Dinukum Waliyadin –  to you your religion and to me, mine.’ Second jahiliyyah, have the same attitude. To you your religion and to me, mine. If you can agree to disagree, we can live. But if you are always going to bombard me and attack me and I’m just trying to be patient because I’m following my Prophet (asws) – thirteen years he was very patient. All the Sahabi e-Kiram they were very patient. They were insulted, they were oppressed, they were tortured, they were starved, they were beaten. Any wrong things, bad things that happened to the earlier nations, the believers that were being treated like that by the unbelievers, it happened to the Sahabi e-Kiram.

Thirteen years, they kept quiet, they kept patient. He didn’t raise one hand to strike. He didn’t even raise a hand to defend himself so many times. And he is a Prophet, that if he just prayed, Jibreel (as) will come and smashed whatever that is troubling him. That they will just turn the whole town upside down. Like when he was stoned by his own family member who sent children in the town of Taif. That blood was running down and filled his shoes, and the Archangel came and say, ‘give us the order ya Rasulullah, and we will turn this whole town upside down.’ And he was patient and he said, ‘they don’t know. If they don’t accept, maybe their children are going to accept.’ And it is true, their children accepted.

So be patient like your Prophet (asws). When they continue to oppress you, until it becomes unbearable, be like your Prophet (asws) again. What did he do? He emigrated. He left. He didn’t fight. He left.

He left. When they came to attack him because he left, they were pursuing him to destroy him, that’s the time, stand up to defend yourself. I’m not saying go and kill and shoot and be violent. I’m saying, that time, defend yourself. You are going to say to them, ‘what are you doing? Leave me alone. You think I’m on the wrong way. Leave me alone.’

So, follow the sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws), and understand what is the sunnat through your Sheykh. Don’t just take sunnat here and there and try to apply it to your life too. So many times, it may not be what you think it is. I know some people they study so much and they think they are so smart, they are following, for example Hanafi fiqh and we pray like this. Now they know so much, they think that they are smart, they start reading here and there and say, ‘Oh, read the hadiths. Prophet (asws) prayed like this one time, so I’m going to pray like this. Nobody knows. I know. Because I just discover. I know secrets. Nobody knows. They are so blind, subhanaAllah. I’m the only one. I’m so smart.’ Sheytan. Completely.

So follow, InsyaAllah, follow those who ask you no fee, they themselves they are rightly guided. For us, that is our Sheykh and he is enough for us. Wake up. Wake up and have more intelligence. InsyaAllah, may Allah grant us more patience. Fatiha.

sheykh and murids


Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

December 26, 2014


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