Take Care Of The Most Precious Emanet Of Your Sheykh


SOAR CAVE (JABAL-E-SOAR)... innersoar

The Cave of Thaur, a place that is very important and Holy and sacred in Islam for fourteen hundred years, that those wahhabi sheytan because they are sheytan they don’t like anything that is Holy, they take the cement and they cover up the entrance of that cave. The Cave of Thaur, that the Prophet (asws) went into the cave with Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddique (ra). It is a very long story and it is a story that is filled with miracles. It is a story that is filled with faith. It is a story that is filled with the love of Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddique, the second of the two in the cave. The second in creation. And in that cave, so many things happened.

In that cave, when they crept inside and Hz Abu Bakr could hear the animals in human form, those musyriks, those killers that they were coming to kill the Holy Prophet (asws), outside and if they had only just looked down and put their hands in, they would have touched him. And Allah then made those doves to quickly build a nest at the mouth of the cave, and a spider came and build a web across it and the musyriks, they said, ‘it is impossible that he is inside.’ It didn’t strike them to look.  They said, ‘it is impossible.  Why are we even going to bother? Otherwise these birds would have flown away. Their nest would have been disturbed and the spider’s web would have been broken.’

But that spider’s web is charged. That’s not a Spider, spider. That is another creature there. Those birds are another creatures too. That if they were to come close to that, they would have been punished and killed by those ones. And that spider’s web is filled with thousands of voltage that if they were just to touch, they would have been perished to non-existence. They brought a guide and that guide said, ‘he is here. It’s either he is here in the cave or he went up, or he went down.’ They didn’t even try to check. Hz Abu Bakr, he was hearing that and he was crying. Holy Prophet (asws) woke up and says, ‘Ya Abu Bakr, why are you so fearful?’

He says, ‘Ya Rasulullah,’ – You think Hz Abu Bakr was scared? He wasn’t scared. Why Prophet was saying that? He was teaching us, fourteen hundred years, to know that all these incidents, all these so called stories, we are going to speak and to say to our children and our grandchildren and we are going to take lessons from it, continuous treasures and jewels from it, until Judgement Day. Never finishing. Prophet knew Hz Abu Bakr is not scared. He’s been with him for how many years in Mecca? Thirteen years. How is he going to be just scared? Thirteen years he put his life there. There was a time that he was there with the Prophet (asws), he was beaten up so badly, he was unconscious for days and when he woke up, the first thing he said was, ‘how is my friend? How is the Prophet?’ He was concern about that. That is the kind of love that Tarikat teaches the murids to have for their Sheykh. The way that the Sahabi, the way that Hz Abu Bakr have, to say to their Prophet, the way that they said to their Prophet, the way that we are going to say to our Sheykh who is representing that Prophet, ‘May our parents be sacrificed for you. May our children be sacrificed for you. May everything be sacrificed for you.’ That is when you take their teachings and you put it in your life. And they are not just stories that you hear but you don’t put it there for real.

And Hz Abu Bakr Siddique saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, I’m fearing not for myself but for you. If they come, I may not be able to protect you maybe.’

Holy Prophet (asws) saying, ‘Ya Abu Bakr, don’t be afraid. Allah is with us. If they come through this direction, we are going to escape through here.’ and he pointed to his back, the back wall of the cave suddenly it disappears and appearing a shore and an Ocean forever. And there was a ship that is waiting for them.

He says, ‘we are going to escape through there.’


So Hz Abu Bakr Siddique (ra), in that cave,  that cave where so many things happened. In that cave, where the first Zikr of this Naksibendi Order happened, where there was a command given from Allah swt to Prophet (asws), saying, ‘Now call all those ones who are going to be in this way,’ the way of the Prophet through the way of Hz Abu Bakr Siddique.

So all our Grandsheykhs, and all our Sheykhs and all their murids then appeared in the spiritual form and we made the first zikr there.

We were there. We just don’t remember. Same way we were in our mother’s womb, correct? Do we remember? No. Before our mother’s womb, we were somewhere else too. Do we remember? No. Why not? Does it make it unreal because we just don’t remember? No. there’s something wrong with us. Not something wrong with that reality.

So then in that cave, Allah swt showed the Holy Prophet (asws), his whole nation, and his nation was the biggest  nation, from all 124 000 Prophets and they were beautiful and he was happy and he started smiling. Then Allah showed, how his nation now, especially in the Ahir Zaman, they are going to commit every wrong things that all the nations of the earlier Prophets they committed, his nation is going to commit and that bright beautiful Nur turns dark and ugly and the Prophet starts crying. And Allah swt is saying then, in that cave, giving the Prophet his charged, his responsibility, saying to them, ‘O My beloved Prophet, O My Habib, now your work, your job, your responsibility is to return them to Me, the way that I created them, in Ahsani Taqweem. In the most perfect form.’

And even the Holy Prophet (asws) saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, it is difficult for me to do this alone.’ Which is when, then Allah swt sent from Him, for him, the help especially of the forty Grandsheykhs of the Naksibendi Order, and the Sheykhs.


cave of Thaur


So now our work is what?

Although we love our Sheykh so much, does it make sense now, for example, I love my Sheykh so much, I’m so overcome by emotion like so many of you, so emotional, but when it comes to a test of your Sheykh and to take care of each other which is called, and I have said this so many times, it is an Emanet, you are not taking care of the emanet around you. You are going around breaking everything. Maybe Sheykh Effendi took years to build something. I’m witness of that. But people just coming without any authority, without any knowledge, without any experience just coming in and breaking things. It is wrong. Maybe I get so emotional, does it make sense now if I said, ‘Oh, I cannot do anything else now. I just want to sit and be with my Sheykh.’?  ‘ I just want to sit and cry and make zikr, and just be with him.’? Maybe it fits to some people who are not normal, who are childish, who are irresponsible. Because we have a work to do. Isn’t it? And it is not our work, it is the work of our Sheykh. You think he will be happy with my show of love that I leave everything and I just stay with him? He will be very upset with me. I know that. But so many of us we, are doing that.

So now, there is the love and there is the work that shows the love. And there is the work, there is the prove of that love. But if you are not doing that work, there is no prove of your love. It’s just a word. You love your Sheykh, you must love everyone whom he loves, and you must love everyone who loves him.

So, there is a work, there is a job. There is a work, there is job, there is a purpose and Allah swt has created us for a purpose. He has created Inns and Jins, ‘to know Us and to worship Us.’ To know Allah and to worship Allah, and we are using ‘Us’ as in Allah is saying, ‘to know Us and to worship Us.’ So that is the work. That is the purpose. What Allah swt was doing with Sayyidul wal Awwali wal Akhiri before that, is none of my business. What Allah swt is going to do with Sayydina Mustafa after that, is none of my business too. Don’t go around searching because you are not him. It’s none of your business. As it is, it’s none of people’s business to go around to see how lovers are. Isn’t it? To see what they do in private. But these days, people are asking other people’s private things. Especially in the Dergah, it is forbidden.

There is a Haremlet and there is a Selamlet, you don’t mix the two up. You don’t ask anything that is private to each other. I’ve never heard men going around asking, ‘oh, how about you, what is your wife doing?’ It is forbidden! It is forbidden for the wives to go around talking about their husbands too, or for others to ask. This you have to know. This you have to learn. Maybe you pick up wrong things, maybe you don’t know, you should know. Because if you are watching our Sheykh and if you are watching his work, you are watching those who are representing him, it should come directly to your heart.  It should just hit your heart like that. You don’t have to ask too many things. You don’t have to know. It’s there staring at your face, only if your Qibla is there, if you are watching, if you are understanding. But if you are busy with illusion and delusion, then that time, I say, ‘One (Hoja pointing his index finger upward),’ and you are going to say, ‘no, that is a finger.’ When I say, I point to that (Hoja pointing his index finger to the front), then you are going to say, ‘oh he is making Shahadat.’ You understand?

Don’t. First, you know how to use your five senses properly? Use that. Later, try to, if it is given to you, in these days, it is not. If it is given to you, then try to use your six sense. These days, people don’t even use their five senses, and they don’t have common sense! This is coming from what? This is also coming from arrogance saying, ‘I know. You don’t know.’ And worse now they are saying as they used to during Sheykh Effendi’s time, ‘Sheykh, you don’t know, I know. You don’t see these things, I see these things. You don’t know what’s happening in there, I know. I know what’s happening in other’s heart. I know. Maybe you should check their hearts.’

Are you understanding what you are saying? Are you understanding what kind of games sheytan is playing with you?

You better wake up because these are the things, the poisons that come. You don’t care so much about others or jamaat, it’s going to poison your heart. It’s going to poison your heart against your guide. Very easily it’s going to do that. Because if the most precious thing in the eyes of the Prophet (asws) other than his Rabb is the Ummat and the most precious thing for a Sheykh is the jamaat that he has left. Instead of taking care of each other, people are just being very  crazy and unthinking and clumsy with each other. Stop that before things start crushing on your head that time.

Hoja Effendi

So, a few things that we have to know on this Holy nights. This is how you are going to make the night to be holy, the days to be Holy. Days, and nights are not going to be Holy so much just because you sit and you worship. You sit and you worship, you make Tahajjud all night long but morning times, the minute you wake up, you are spreading confusion or you start saying things that other people are just going to be upset, knowing that you have no authority to speak, it’s  wrong, everything is going to be cancelled then that time and instead of being a blessings, punishment now is going to come. This is for you and this is for me. This is for men and this is for women. Do not interfere. Otherwise, you are going to find out, believe it or not.

As you like again. If you do it, it’s going to benefit you. If you don’t do it, I’m not the one who is going to lose. These words are for you and for me.

 WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha.

Sohbet after Zikir by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

January 01, 2015

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