Mevlid: Real Ottomans Hold On To The Risalat of The Holy Prophet (asws)


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Nationalism it is forbidden in Islam. Tribalism  it is forbidden in Islam. Holy Prophet (asws) came when people were divided between each other. Same people, but divided because they belong to different tribes. Prophet came to bring what? Ummat. Did he say, ‘O my family, O my family.’? Did he say, ‘O Arabs, O Arabs.’?

He says, ‘O, my Ummat.’ His love is more than the love of a father to his children. More, because he is a Prophet (asws) and because he knows that everything that has come into creation, is for his sake. As Allah swt is saying in a Hadiths e-Qudsi, what did He say? ‘Lau laqa. Lau laqa’, what does that mean?  ‘If it were not for you.’

Allah is addressing to the Prophet (asws), ‘If it were not for you, I would not have created the universes.’ So everything is created from the light of the Prophet (asws), for his sake. And the Ottomans, from beginning to the end, they live for the sake of the Ummat. Not for the sake of the Turks, not for the sake of the Arabs, not for sake of the name of their tribes, it is for the ummat. And they called everyone in that Ummat an Ottoman. Whether you are from western China, or Southeast Asia, or from the Steppes of Russia, or from South Africa, or from Eastern Europe, you are an Ottoman. And their aim was to bring everyone together. Just as the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Ummati, ummati.’

They understood that, this Holy Ottomans, and they wanted to bring the whole ummat together. They did not try to make everyone to change their language or to change their culture, or to change their religion. They left everyone alone. Each has their own identity now. Because people now thinking, ‘Oh, we are Ottomans, that means we have to be Turkish.’ No, it doesn’t mean that too. That means that you don’t have too much intelligence now. Ottoman means, they are believing and living the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (asws), and they were holding on to the Risalat.  How is the Risalat, how is the Prophethood going to continue?

It is through Khilafat. It is only through the Khilafat. And it is the Khilafat that the Holy Prophet (asws), he has praised. Sultans, they were Sultans. And Hz Ibn Arabi was saying, and he wrote this hundreds of years before they even appeared. He says, ‘they will appear and they will come back. For a while they are going to be veiled, but they will come back.’


So the concentration now, for the Ottomans, is to bring the whole ummat together. Under what? Under Khilafat. Because only the Khilafat is representing the Prophet (asws). Only the Khilafat is representing the Prophet (asws) ruling here, in the world. So you believe in that, you have proper believe to your Prophet (asws).  So, we are not divided. We are together. And just as the Holy Prophet (asws), as we said in the khutba, from the beginning up till the end, from the day that he was born, to the day that he was veiled, he is declaring Allah’s Oneness, he is declaring his own Prophethood, and he is calling out to his Ummat. The Ottomans are doing exactly the same. But through the betrayal of the ummat who says, ‘we don’t want to be Ottomans. We don’t want to be united under the Khilafat. We want tribalism,’ modern tribalism is what? Nationalism,‘we want to be divided from each other so that first we say, Pakistanis, or we are Kurds, or we are Turkish, or we are Albanians, or we are Chinese, or we are Malaysian.’ Because when there was an ummat, they say, ‘first we are Muslims, and we are all Ottomans.’

So once they put that fitna inside of the nation, doesn’t matter now if the whole world is Muslim, there is already a confusion, it’s split up. Never, if they don’t come back together under a Khilafat, they are going to be successful to bring back justice into this world, to bring back compassion into this world, to stop all these violence and to stop all these oppression and tyranny that is coming east, west, north and south, that Muslims themselves they are guilty of that, Christians are guilty of that. Jews are guilty of that. Believers and unbelievers, there’s no one that is free from this guilt. Everyone has a hand in it. There is blood in our hands. To even understand this and to realize it is already a miracle. Because majority of the world, they don’t believe, they don’t want to believe, they don’t even want to think. To even think about it is a big miracle. Then, that time you are preparing for Hz Mahdi (as) because you are understanding what this world is, what it lacks, what is the reality. That is the time when Mahdi (as) comes, as our Sheykh says, he will gather all the believers together. He is not going to gather just the Muslims together. There are so many claiming they are Muslims but they don’t believe. There are many, maybe they are not Muslims but they believe.

Hz Mahdi(as) is going to gather all the believers from every corner. That time you are not going to be categorised according to how you label yourself; Kurdish, or Pakistani, or Bosnian, or Muslim or Christianal Jew.  You are going to be divided between Haqq and batil, believers and unbelievers.

In these Holy days, InsyaAllah, we have to remember that is the mission of the Holy Prophet (asws). And what is his mission for this Ahir Zaman? That is another question to ask. What are we supposed to do to continue his work in this Ahir Zaman for these days? That is something we have to ask. For these days of Mawlid, these days of Mawlid, don’t spend it in empty celebration but understand, yes we are happy for the Prophet, yes we are happy that he’s born, yes we are happy for this holy season, but what did Prophet (asws) live for and what did he die for? Meaning, of course he is not dead, he’s veiled, from beginning to end, what was his mission?  Ummati, Ummati.

What was his mission and what is our mission now for this time? Then from there, groups, communities, individually, you will know exactly what you are going to do. That time we are saying, even if we are the ones who is  going to clean the shoes, horseshoes of Mahdi’s (as) armies, we are going to be blessed. Huge blessing coming to us, because we are involve some way, somehow. Keep that alive. Don’t keep this dunya alive because this dunya is dead. This dunya is fake. Keep that truth alive. Keep that mission alive. Keep our Sheykh alive. Don’t bury him. So many, even in tears you are burying him. Because he left us with couple of things to do. If you are busy doing it, you are not going to have too much time even to mourn him. We haven’t mourned him for years. We’ve never mourn him, cos there is no time for that.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may Allah swt in these Holy days wake up this ummat, remove the tyrants from this ummat, remove all the wrong regimes from this ummat and to bring the believers from every one, from every group to come together for the sake of truth and Haqq, to bring balance back into this world, InsyaAllah. And Ya Rabbi, may You be witness that we are not going to be partners to this world or the people of this world or the people of dajjal. Make us to be under always, the feet of our Sheykh. WaminaAllahu Taufiq Al Fatiha.

 Sohbet after Jumma by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

January 2, 2015

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