Uways al-Qarani



Uways al-Qarani qaddas Allahu sirruh was a shepherd. He didn’t have money, he didn’t have fame, he didn’t have a degree, he didn’t finish universities. Nothing. He wasn’t even someone among his nation – someone that was no good for anything. Foolish one, that we can fool him. Everyday he’s running after the camels, looking after camels. For instance, if it’s a hundred dollars, this fool he takes only one dollar. Give it to him. So he was taking.

From that time, in those areas, Yemen and everywhere, so many kings, so many very high-class in their own time, people came, very famous people came. Their name is forgotten. One `X’ to their name. And they have been sent (who knows?) maybe to punishment. But that one, Allah is keeping his name from that time and it’s reaching to us after fourteen hundred years. Always any person who has proper faith in his heart, who has proper respect to Holy Prophet alayhi salatu wa salam, soon as you say “Uwaysul Qarani”, must show same respect, almost, to that one. Only thing, that he has gained this title in dunya and akhirat, is not also because he was on Sejdah all the time, or he was hafiz that he was reciting Quran all the time. He was an illiterate man. He never sat in the presence of the Prophet alayhi salatu wa salam, knowing that if he goes and he sees the Prophet one time, he will be in the book called “The Sahabis” – the best ones that ever came and ever are going to come to the face of earth after the prophets.

No one can reach to the levels of Sahabi-e Kiram. He didn’t even see the Prophet (asws). He didn’t sit in his presence. He didn’t see Prophet (asws), bodily. Understanding? How Allah is giving title to that one?

Allah is giving. Nobody else gave, Allah gave. Because Allah gave, He made His Holy Prophet (asws), send his Jubbah to him. So many Sahabi that they are waiting, they give their life for that Jubbah. They give everything they own for that Jubbah. Prophet saying to two pillars of Islam, Umar and Ali radiallahu anh, “Take this”, and sending them to Yemen saying, “Go and find that one and give this Jubbah to that one and tell him to pray for my nation.”

Allahu Akbar! People in this twenty first century, the scholars became ignorant. Because the scholars are running to get degrees here and there to say, “I have a degree. I am a scholar.” Heh, Understand? Who can remove his name? Wahhabis or Americans or Russians or the whole world? Allah kept that name high and that name is going to be high, it is high now, tomorrow, next day, until Judgment Day, and after Judgment Day it’s going to be even higher.

He was just a servant to Allah and Allah accepted his servanthood and he was not even maybe doing the prayer properly as so many today they say, “What is your fiqh brother? What’d you know brother? This wrong, that wrong.” Allah accepted him to be among those ones, saying “This one is my beloved.”

They are saying that to his Beloved, (Allah) saying, “That is also My beloved. You
are My beloved, but that one is My beloved too.” And because Prophet (asws), is showing respect, everyone who is showing respect to Prophet must show respect too. Allahu Akbar! If we’re running for titles, everyone is running for titles to make show. Run for titles, to get title from Him, from Allah Subhana wa ta’ala. If you get that title, highest and forever, dunya and akhirat. No one can touch you in dunya, no one can touch you in akhirat. You will be the Sultan in dunya and akhirat.

Uways al-Qarani  was a shepherd man. And even that little money that he was making he was giving Zakat, he was giving it for the sake of Allah. And everyone is looking, “This foolish one, we’re fooling him, we’re cheating him. He’s looking after our camels. We have all this richness, he’s coming around and he’s giving us something. We are cheating him, giving him only one dinar to watch after our camels. We have millions of them. He comes and he gives it to us, saying, ‘You need’.” For us, it’s for us to know that if we are running for this dunya, we’re going to lose dunya and akhirat. If we’re running to Allah, we’re going to win dunya and akhirat.

servant of Allah

Examples not only that one, thousands, but that one, it is special example that he lived in the time of Prophet (asws); and he didn’t see the Prophet (asws) too,  and so many stories about him that if we start talking it will not be enough for tonight. And he is the one who stopped the war between Ali and Muawiya (ra), he is the one. And he give his life on that way and he stopped the war. It stopped. The Shaytan supported the war, they were watching. Then they see that Holy Uwaysel Qarani is coming and he is just looking left and right to both sides, looking at the Sahabis, and looking at him they feeling shame and putting their swords down and war stopping.

Those Shaytans they said, “If we don’t stop this one, he’s going to stop the war and we’re not going to reach to our aim to finishing Islam like this.”  So they said, “aim that one,”. And they throw the spear to him (Uways) and he fell down; he became the martyr there. Because he died, the war stopped completely now. Now there’s another big problem. Who’s going to take his body? Look at the beloved. Now two sides they are going to start fighting – not two sides. They were separated to seven different sides now, saying, “That body belongs to us, we must take it to our country.” And he fell down on Ali radiallahu anhu’s side and Ali (ra) put it there saying, “Ya Rabbi! You put me to a difficult situation that it is impossible for me to solve this one. The other one maybe, but this one impossible, because the seven groups here they want his body from me and they are saying, ‘You are the Just one Ya Ali. We are on your side, you must be careful to know to whom you are giving that body tomorrow.'”

He says, “Ya Rabbi! I don’t know anything.” Order coming to him saying, put seven wooden boxes there – seven wooden boxes. Next morning they were coming, one group taking, opening, “Huh! body is here. Thank you Ya Ali!” They running. The other one opening, “The body is here, thank you Ya Ali!” running. Seven different bodies in seven different wooden boxes. That’s why now it’s not maqams only. There are seven tombs, like that one that I went to in Damascus. He is real there, physically there too. And he appeared Elhamdulillah on the blessing of Shaykh Mevlana. All those people that they are
living in Damascus, who went with me, they were knocked out. His tomb is very powerful. Just from a little bit of zikir, like this one tonight, they were losing themselves and making unusual sounds – going, “ja ja ja ja ja ja” … Bam!!! It was like they were getting smacked. They were falling down.

Seven different bodies appeared next day in seven different Qabr. Allahu Akbar! And saying that Allah Subhana wa ta’ala in the Judgment Day, He’s going to put forty different bodies for Uwaysul Qarani; and He’s going to even test His holy Prophet (asws), saying, “That one, he found Me through your love. He loves you so much that through your love he found Me.” Allah saying to His Holy Prophet, “Now he loves you so much that he found Me, his love to you made him come to Me. Now find him from these forty bodies. Which one was the real, that one that was living in dunya running after you?”

That’s why Prophet (asws) was giving him the Jubbah saying, “That one will be with his Prophet’s Jubbah in the Judgment Day, and he will know this is the one.” Allahu Akbar! Elhamdulillah.

maqam uwais al-qarni

Sohbet given by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani (QS) – OSMANLI Dergah, NY on September 3rd, 2004.

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