What is your destination: Jannat or Jahannam?


Welcome to you. We are asking support from our Sheykh to send us something that we may take benefit from it, dunya and Ahiret, in this world and in the next. Something that is going to give us benefit.


In these days, there’s a lot of talk, but no benefit. A lot of people talking to each other, back and forth, writing, so much ink being wasted, so much paper  being wasted, but no benefit. So many gatherings coming together, but no benefit. We want something that gives us benefit. Not only for this world, for this dunya, but benefit most importantly for the Hereafter life. Because we are aiming for the Hereafter life. As Believers our aim must be for the Hereafter life. Our concentration must be for the Hereafter life. Our worries must be for the Hereafter life. Our planning must be for the Hereafter life. And the Hereafter life, it is not something that is so easy and simple for us. It is not.

What kind of Hereafter life we are aiming for?

Whatever life that you are leading here on earth, it’s showing what kind of Hereafter life that you  want to lead. If we are here on this world and we are just pleasing our desires and pleasing our ego, without pleasing the One who has created us, without pleasing Him that only wants the best for us, then that time, the Hereafter life that we are building for ourselves is not going to be very pleasant. Because we’ve taken ourselves out, we’ve taken ourselves out from that best place  that is billion times better than this world.

In order to have a relationship to that best place, that Heavenly place, that Paradise, you must see the reality of this world. You must realise the reality of this world, the reality of what this world has to offer, the reality of what pleasures and treasures this world is giving you, the reality of what friendships or relationships that you may have on people and that people have on you. Then when you realise that reality, then  you understand that this world that we are living in, it is the Asfala Safileen, it’s the lowest of the low.

Our aim is to go back to our home. The home that we have been created for, and that home is Paradise. We are going home. We are not going to another destination. No matter how much you travel, no matter how much you see, no matter how interesting this world is, nothing is as sweet as the journey going home.

journey home

But majority of the people, they are not looking to that journey of going home because they say, ‘no, this world, this earth is our home. We made it into our home. We made it into our Paradise.’ You didn’t make it into a Paradise, this world has turned into a Hell. You made it into a Hell for yourself and you turn it into a hell for others. From individuals to communities, to whole governments, you’ve made this world into a hell. We have destroyed so much from this world. We have destroyed the air. We have destroyed the earth. We have destroyed the water. We have destroyed the plants. We have destroyed the animals and never stopping, we  are destroying each other. And the Prophets they were sent to say, ‘stop this. Stop this destructions. Stop this tyranny. Stop this terrorising each other. Turn back to your Lord.’ Turn back to Him that only wants the best for you. That He has created only the best for you. That He is calling you to Himself, because He has created you for Himself. He has not created you for this world. He has created you for Himself. And the Prophets, they come and they warn us and they remind us.

Reminding us.  It is there, in our memory. The Paradise is there in our memory. We experience it. But we have forgotten it. The more you are wrapping up your heart with the love of this world, the more you will forget. The more you are wrapping up your heart with anger, the more you will forget. The more you wrap up your heart with revenge, with jealousy, with arrogance, with stubbornness, the more that you are doing that, the more you are going to forget about every kind of reality except for what you are feeling that time. You forget how people help you. You forget how Allah is providing everything, all you are interested in, because you are going through that is that anger, that stubbornness, that jealousy, that arrogance that you just wanted to go on and on forever.

So we have not been created for this world. We have been created for Paradise. If we don’t learn how to be Ahle Jannat, people of Paradise, here in this world, you will never learn how to be people of Paradise in Paradise. You are going to turn the Paradise into a Hell one more time. And the Prophets and the Saints, they have been sent to teach us how to be Ahle Jannat.

What Ahle Jannat? Muslims are not even getting along with Muslims. Muslims are killing Muslims. Fighting with each other. Tarikats  are fighting against Tarikat. In one Tarikat, murids are fighting against each other, in one Jamaat, murids are fighting with each other, having very strong feelings, they never feel so strong about anything, but so strong feeling saying, ‘I am very upset with you, I will never forgive  you.’ Those words will be printed to your heart, one veil comes down. One veil comes down. You are not removing it in this world, they will remove it in the grave that time with what Sheykh Effendi calls, with the Brilo. The brilo, with the scrubber. It’s going to hurt that time. You still have a problem there, you didn’t get rid of it completely, you still have not learn how to be forgiving, you still have not learn how to be generous, they will teach you that time in the fire.

To get rid of all wrong characteristics now, the final point is that fire. So if you are not learning to be Ahle Jannat, you are only learning how to be Ahle Jahannam. If you’re not learning how to be Ahle Jannat from those ones who have experienced the Parardise, not only you will be punished, but you’ll be punished twice because you are given that opportunity that maybe billions they don’t have that opportunity and you are just throwing it away.

We are asking Allah swt, our Lord, our  Creator, to always surround ourselves with those ones who are preparing for Paradise. And Paradise, it is not something that is so simple. Yes, the key to Paradise is what?

Saying, ‘La ilaha illa ‘llah.’

That is the key to Paradise. But Holy Prophet (asws) is saying what?

If you don’t love each other for the sake of Allah, what happens? That ‘La ilaha illa ‘llah’ that you are saying will not be accepted. Because in the Paradise that time, you have to get along with people. You don’t want to? Okay. You did everything, you will be rewarded,  but you will be alone then that time. Stay in your Palace, stay in your garden, stay in your world alone. That time, your Paradise will turn into Hell.

gates of paradise

One time Jibreel (as), was shown by Allah swt the Jannat and the Jahannam, the Paradise  and the  Hellfire. And when Jibreel (as) saw the Hellfire, he says, ‘Ya Rabbi, what a place that You have created, and if this was meant for the children of Adam, no child of Adam would want to go there.’ Nobody wants to go to the Hellfire. And when Jibreel (as) was shown everything from Paradise, he is saying, “Ya Rabbi, what You have created is so wonderful. It’s amazing. No child of Adam will say, ‘I don’t want to go to Paradise.’” Everybody wants to go to Paradise.

Then Allah swt showed him the way, the path, to Jahannam, to Hell. And Jibreel (as), the Archangel say, ‘Ya Rabbi, the way to Hellfire is filled with desires and pleasures and so many good things, enjoyable, not good things, enjoyable things for the ego that this way, every child of Adam is going to walk this way to the Hellfire.’ And when Jibreel (as) was shown the way to Jannat, the way to Paradise, he is saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, this way to Paradise, it is so filled with difficulties that I don’t think a single person, a human, a child of Adam is going to enter into the Jannat because it is so difficult.’

So pick your difficulty. For some the difficulty is arrogance, they cannot get rid of it. Walking, walking, walking on that Sirat, and you fall. For some, their hearts have turned to stones, they cannot see anywhere except for that  is in front of them, their anger. Anger belongs to the fire. That  difficulty, everything else you may do perfectly, everything else you may do very good, your worship, everything, but there is that something that is blocking you, that veil, and that is going to cause you to fall off from the Sirat, from the bridge, into the Hellfire. Look to see what is that difficulty that is ahead of you. Work on that now. Our Sheykh is working on it now, for your sake, for my sake.

We should not be in ghaflet. We should not be in heedless station. We should always be awake to ourselves. Awake to our own weakness, so that we can become strong. Awake to our own mistakes, so that we can be better. Don’t be awake to others’ mistakes. Don’t’ be awake to others’ weaknesses. Be aware to your own. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of SahibulSaif.

garden of Paradise


Sohbet after Zikir by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

January 15, 2015

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