Categories of Sincerity: Where do you fit?


Lokman Effendi - Sincerity

There are three conditions for sincerity. Sheykh Effendi wants us to look at this.  This is a subject that can never get old. This is a subject that is always very important for us, everyone, young and old. Of course, the minute that you say, ‘I’ve been Muslim for sixty years,’ it’s finished. Finish. Once you are proud, you cannot be sincere, you will never get what sincerity is.

‘I’m a Muslim for sixty years, don’t you dare tell me what sincerity is. I know everything.’ So many they are like that.

So sincerity, what are the conditions of sincerity?

The conditions of the sincerity that is mentioned in the Khutbah by that friend of Allah Dhul-Nun Misri,  number one: you can only be sincere when if someone praises you or someone insult you, it remains the same to you. You don’t get too much happy, you don’t get too much upset. You don’t take it for serious. And what’s number two? It is when you do something good, you forget about it as you are doing it. Correct? When you are doing  something good, while you are doing something good, you forget that you are doing something good. You are just doing it. And what’s number three? You are not doing it for the reward of the Hereafter either.

What it means over there is, the praise and the blame, when someone praises you because you deserve to be praised, you are doing something good and you deserve to be praised, your heart doesn’t shake because of that. You are doing something good and someone blames you, your heart doesn’t shake.

These days, people are doing bad things, they are doing wrong things and they are given signs, they are given reminders, they get upset with that. They get very upset. It is not to say just with the tongue, ‘oh I don’t want anyone to praise me.’ So many are saying like that. So many are saying with their tongue, ‘no, I don’t want anyone to praise me. I just want to do my job.’ But in reality,  you don’t want anyone to praise you but if someone corrects you, corrects you meaning to put you into the correct way little bit, you get very upset. You say you don’t want praise, but if someone corrects you a little bit, or maybe corrects you more, or maybe corrects you very much, you get very upset. So many they are stuck there. They cannot come out from that. Maybe they don’t look for praise, but they cannot take any criticism. Criticism here, correcting here, Sheykh Effendi has said so many times, you know you are doing something wrong, someone corrects you, you should go to that person and kiss his hand.

Hoja and Sheykh edep

So many, when they are doing something good, they praise themselves. They praise themselves. It doesn’t matter now what form of that praising is, some openly praising, some hiddenly praising, some hiding using different words. I’ve been to so many places, when a person is speaking, we are speaking something and I said, ‘you have a question?’ He said, ‘yes.’ First thing he does is to praise himself. First thing: ‘I am Mr so and so. I am the first one to build this masjid. MashaAllah, by the Grace of Allah, so many people take Shahadat. I help so many families. I did this….I did this…I did this….(praising),  Alhamdulillah.’ Alhamdulillah really means all praise to Allah. but you already took all the praise to yourself. What are you leaving for Allah now? Understand?

So many they are like that. They are not even aware because it has become like a common way of introducing themselves:

‘Who are you?’

‘I am this one.’

‘ who are you?’

‘I am this one. I did this… And who are you?’

‘I did this and I did this…’

Wrong. For a believer, it is wrong. The minute you start praising yourself, the minute you start bragging about yourself, you have already burnt all the good deeds anyway.  Sheytan has already taken it. Because you have now proudness. The person can deny as much as he wants, ‘No, no, no, I am not proud. I said Alhamdulilah, didin’t I? before anything I said Alhamdulillah. It’s Allah that’s doing it not me.’ Then why you don’t let Allah to speak to us about what good you have done. Why you have to speak and tell us what you have done?

And so many, when they are doing something good, not only they are praising themselves, they expect praise from others, and they want everyone to know. And they expect a reward. They expect a reward!

What is the reason of our creation?

Is there anything there, the real reason of our creation, that speaks about the reward? “BismillahirRahmanirRahim. And We have created the humans and the Jinns, to only to know Us and to worship Us.” There is nothing there that says the reward. The reason is to know Allah, and to worship Allah. You cannot worship Allah if you don’t know Him. And there is no worship in the Hereafter that is forever. There is only knowledge, to know. To know. What happens when you know someone? You become close. You become close to that person. When you become close to that person, you know that person, you will have knowledge. And the knowledge of Allah, do you think it’s finish after we die?  It continues.

We are going to be with the ones that we love. So, what do you love? Gold? They are going to give you Palaces of gold. So many worshipping for gold. So many making Zikr for power. You want all of that, you’ll get. But you are going to miss the point. You are going to miss the point. What is the point? What is the goal? What is the maksud?

It is Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala.

So Ihlas, to be a servant, a servant does not expect any reward except to please his Master, the pleasure of his Master, the pleasure of Allah swt. Just for Allah swt to say, ‘I am pleased with you.’ Which is why, the Sultanul Ariffin, I believe, Hazreti Abu Yazid al-Bestami (qs), he is saying, “when my Lord addresses me in the Judgement Day saying, ‘O My servant,’” he says, ‘because my Lord is addressing me, I will be so filled with love that with that love I can put out all the fire of Hell. I can stretch myself and I can cover all the fire of Hell to not let one single person to enter into the Hell. Because my Lord is addressing me just with that one word.’

What are we reciting?

Surahtul Yasin, every morning. What is that ayat that when it is recited, we make a dua?

“Salamun Qaulam Mirrabbirrahim” Allah swt says, “Salamun Qaulam Mirrabbirrahim,” Allah giving the salams to the hearts at rest.

salamun qaulam mir rabirrahim

We are aiming for that: “They are pleased with their Lord and their Lord is pleased with them.” It is not: they are pleased with their Lord because their Lord is rewarding them.  “They are pleased with their Lord and their Lord is pleased with them.” How are you going to understand this? How is anyone going to understand this without a Master, without a Sheykh? Impossible. Impossible. But everyone has an idea of what  this is with the love, with real love. To serve. Because that is what real love is;  it is to serve, It is to please that one. Nobody understands it now. Because the love has become only a selfish love. Love has become obsession. Love has become, ‘worship of me,’ that is what the love is.

So, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we must look to see where we fit into that category of sincerity. It is very high, definitely. But the aim is not to be perfect. The aim is to reach to that because that is already a perfection. And there are people who have reached that. And there are times in our lives, maybe we  have felt that, we have reached that. We must make that to become more real for us, not to let the sheytan and our ego to play games with us. Because Allah swt is our Lord. Can anyone object to what He says? Can anyone say, ‘No,’ if He says, ‘all these deeds that you have done for Me is cancel and I put you to Hell,’ can anyone have any power to say, ‘No, and I will not.’? If Allah swt wants to forgive that one who has done nothing in his life that is good, maybe to bring him out, no one can object.

Allah swt, and our aim is just to please Him. Our aim is to please Him. To love what He loves and to leave what He leaves. To dislike, to hate what He hates. This is important. Don’t think you have more mercy than Allah. So many I’m seeing, ‘Oh, Sufism is love. We don’t judge. Islam is love and peace, we don’t judge.’ That’s correct, Islam is love and peace and you don’t judge. Allah has judge.

Allah has judge, for fourteen hundred years, it is clear what you do, the judgement is already there. No one can say, ‘I’m confused.’ You do something good, the judgement, it is good. If you don’t see it here, you are going to see it Hereafter. You are doing something bad, the judgement is bad. If you don’t see it here, you are going to see it Hereafter. So many is saying, ‘it’s so filled with love and peace and I don’t judge. Let me now embrace the truth, Haqq. And let me now also embrace the Batil, every wrong things too, because I don’t judge. I love every wrong things.’

Love what Allah loves and leave what He leaves. This is a very severe test, especially for believers in this 21st century. It’s a very heavy test and we must be able to have an understanding and the intelligence not to have an ounce of love for those that Allah does not love. Don’t think you have more mercy than Allah. I read somewhere, someone is saying, ‘Oh, God is love. God’s method is love.’

Hmm, Allah is not love. Allah is the Creator of love. Allah is Subhana Wa Ta’ala. Whatever you think, He is beyond that. Whatever that you may think, you may praise, He is beyond that. He is a Creator of Mercy, He is a Creator of Love, and so many times in this 21st century, Muslims they get into so much trouble because they don’t know what Allah loves, and they don’t know what Allah dislikes. And because they are so confused, they start putting everything together, confusion starts, their Iman starts to get eaten away, little by little.

May Allah keep us always in sincerity, InsyaAllah. Our aim is to please Him. Our aim is to please the Holy Prophet (asws ) and our Sheykh.

True Mursyid


Sohbet after Jumma by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

January 16, 2015

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