I feel anger when someone ridicules my sheykh. How can I control that anger?


Question: I feel anger when someone ridicules my sheykh. The anger does not leave me for a long time and affects me negatively. How can I control that anger?


Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf Tsani said, ‘the one who is friends with the enemy of  the Sheykh is worse than a dog.’ Meaning, the love and the obedience, the love that we have for our Sheykh, must make us to draw lines, to say that this one his whole aim is to destroy my Sheykh, I cannot go and hug him now.  I cannot say, ‘oh it’s love. I have to love everyone.’ You love everyone? Then why you don’t go to zoo and tell them don’t put the lion in the cage? Why you don’t go to hug lions? Or hug and kiss the snakes? Or go to prison, or go to the streets and hug the people looking very shady. Why you don’t do that? You are so in such Love.

Oh, because you know there are certain people, like this or like that, they aim to harm you and destroy you. So you draw a line. You put a space. You put bars. You put window. You put security between you and that person.

It is a good thing. Now, if someone is really killing your Sheykh, yes,  if your blood is boiling, control it. Don’t put it out to say, ‘now I must love for the person.’ No, you shouldn’t love that one.  So many things that you can do with that. Sit down and understand, ‘I am feeling this way,’ now channel your energy into something that is positive. You say, ‘Ah! It’s boiling. This one is cursing my Sheykh,’ now sit down and run to serve your Sheykh. Do things that you know is going to make him happy. What makes him happy? For you to be a good servant to Allah. Nothing else.

How you control that anger? You control it by directing it, focusing it.  Everything is coming out, now you feel very upset, now you are going to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, help me.’ Now put all that anger into something that is going to help, not something that is going to  destroy. That’s how you are going to do.  Someone really killing our Sheykh, we turn our face and we say, ‘let me sit down and let me recite 100 fatihas for my Sheykh.’ That time your heart is cool and it is also turn a little bit. Cool in a way that your anger now is not going to consume you. There’s not interference now with sheytan or something else, and it becomes something that is positive.

Yea, but, our Sheykh is carrying the sunnat of the Prophet (asws), he’s being ridiculed, he’s being slandered, and we are hearing all those things. As much as we can, we try to defend the honour, but more than that, now, we are running to at least  try to finish the job that he started. That’s our intentions, anyway. Maybe we fail, but that is our intention. That’s what we are living and what we are getting up for every morning. May Allah forgive us.

On this Holy time, may Allah make us to become better servant to Him, for us to have a better jamaat, for all the fitnah and the confusion to leave. For us to have more knowledge. For us to have more health. For us to run in the way of Allah and only to pull people who are going to help us to run in the way of Allah. If we have people who is around us who is stopping us from doing that, may Allah make them to change to become better and may Allah put a saf between us and them. WaminaAllahu Taufiq.

 Al fatiha


Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI New York 

January 24, 2015


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