You do something wrong, run to do something right.



The first thing that we have to know, the Awliya Allah, the Sheykhs, they are not like us.  They are not like us. They are like the Prophets. They are not petty like us; little things they get upset and they keep getting upset, they put it in their heart. They are not vengeful. They are not keeping grudges.

Do they get upset when the murids they messed up?

Yes, they get upset. It is not for them. They get upset for us. They get upset because they know that you continue in that way, you are going to burn yourself. You are continuing on that road, that road is going to lead you to the fire. They are getting upset because they say, ‘didn’t I tell you not to take that road? Didn’t I tell you not to take that road? Leave it.’ And because we are not listening, so they are screaming day and night to make us to wake up. You understand?

We are trivial. We keep. Little things we don’t understand. Little things we get hurt, we get upset, we get angry and we keep and we keep. New style now: stepping on your ego is insincere. I’m not  being sincere if I step on my ego but if I’m just upset or angry or I show my real feelings, that is being sincere. MashaAllah. That is completely upside down now, especially in these days, especially in this country. There is nothing that you will not understand when it concerns with the ego. Something happened, maybe you don’t understand and you get upset, the answer comes to you. Not through signs, through dreams. Not through dreams, through somebody saying something to you. Not  through that, through the tongue of the one who is leading you, you will sit and you will say, ‘I don’t understand this.’ And so many of our mistakes, it may look like there are so many different things, but it boils down to a couple of things that if you understand the principles, all these other things you understand too. Do you understand?

So what makes a person now, not to understand? Second time, third time, fourth time, continuously still not understanding, still being stuck. What is causing the man to be like that?

It is his stubbornness. Because all these four very thick veils: the arrogance,  If the arrogance, you put the veil of arrogance down, nothing can come through. You put the veil of stubbornness down, until you lift it up again, no one can break through.  Abu Jahil, Abu Lahab, they were very arrogant and they were very stubborn. You think, Holy Prophet (asws), did he break through that? No he didn’t. Could he? Of course he could, but there is no forcing, there is no compulsion in religion until they themselves they lift that up, they cannot break it through. They will not be able to learn anything from it.

no compulsion in religion

So now the stubbornness, the characteristic of the ego, the characteristic of the ego that if you don’t get rid of them, they will bring you to Hell fire. You can pray as much as you want. You can worship, you can recite, you can do so many good things also but you don’t get rid of the characteristics of your ego, it will burn everything. And it will burn you. So this is not a small matter. This is a very serious matter. Because it is identifying the enemy that is inside of you, that is betraying you at every turn, at every time and this enemy, you cannot detect it without the help of a guide, of a Master.

So now, your question:  you do something wrong, you do something that is disobedient to our Sheykh, of course you say, ‘how can we be forgiven?’ I’m saying, they are not like us. They forgive. Right as you do it, they have already forgiven. They are not like you and me, asking for each other’s rights. On the Day of Judgement, everyone will ask for each other’s rights. Not the Awliya Allah, not the Saliheen. They are not like us, they are not going to be fighting on the day of Judgement.  But everyone is going to be fighting. Everyone knows what kind of trouble they are in, so everyone is going to call upon every favour, every rights that someone else has.

So they have already forgiven. And in Tarikat, in our way, we have to get out of this American mentality also, so many wrong things there.  They like to say, ‘Oh, did I make you upset? Are you still upset?’ They do something wrong, but they ask you, ‘are you upset? Are you still upset?’ No, it’s not because a person is upset, it’s because you did something wrong. Number 1: complete denial. As if it’s not my fault, it’s the one who is upset. If you don’t get upset, I did something wrong and you don’t get upset, we’ll get along. Everything is perfect. Or you are going to apologise, to make yourself feel better. That’s why you said, ‘I’m sorry.’  If you say I’m sorry, it’s to make myself feel better. It is not to fix the problem.

You made a problem. Who cares whether you feel sorry or you don’t feel sorry. There is a problem. It doesn’t matter what you feel. There is a problem. What are you going to do about the problem? You can be screaming and crying and saying, ‘I’m really sorry.’ But you can change that problem, you can fix that problem and you are not doing it, it means nothing. Majority they are like, because they see they made a mess, so easy, just say, ‘I’m sorry,’ then you will be okay, and they turn around. But for us, we have been taught by SahibulSaif, it’s very simple and we’ve said this thousands of times, you do something wrong, run to do something right.

You do something wrong, run to do something right. Don’t, ‘Aahh, I’m so sorry.’ Of course you are sorry. You did something wrong. What? You want me to give you a medal now because you are sorry? Are you going to fix it? This is not for us too. It’s not for Sheykh Effendi. It is for you. You made a mistake, you made a mess, what are you trying to do to fix it? Maybe it is very difficult to fix it. Maybe it is impossible to fix it. But because you sincerely say, ‘I’m going to run to try to fix it,’ like that ant with a broken leg who carry the  small drop of water to put out the fire of Nimrod, his small effort is accepted and is mentioned in the Quran. Maybe we’ll be like that. Not to run away. There are other ways also then, if you say, ‘yes,  I’m trying to do something. I’m running.’ Then check your sincerity. How much are you running? Are you really running? Are you just saying you are running? Because your ego is very sleek. Everything you put, it’s going to find your way out. Everything you put, it’s going to find your way out too. So you do something wrong, disobeying your Sheykh, you are feeling sorry, you are feeling bad, yes, but if there is a problem now, fix it. As much as you can.

It is not that hard to love a beloved of Allah. Because he is beloved by Allah, all creatures, everything in existence must love him. Because Allah loves. Those that don’t love, they are sheytanic. Finish. But it is more difficult to make that one to love you. It is easy to say my Sheykh is in my heart. Are you in your Sheykh’s heart? You think  it’s by words? It’s so easy? There is a huge price to pay. Why? Because it is very very valuable, priceless thing. It is very expensive. And there is a huge price tag for something that is expensive, isn’t it?


So that’s what it is. You do something wrong, run to do something right. Find a way. Don’t be sitting down. Don’t be lazy. Ah, okay you are sorry, you stay up all night and you cry and you ask for forgiveness. Okay fine. What are you doing? Still the problem is there. Who is going to fix it? Allah? Of course Allah fixes everything but we are saying now, you made that mistake. You did something. So it’s within your power to do something. Run to do it. Don’t be lazy. Understand? That’s what we have to do. This much is enough.


After Jumma Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI New York 

January 23, 2015


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