O Muslims! Wake Up To The Truth


sohbet1Tariqatuna sohbet fii hayri min Jamiyat. Our way is built on association. Through association, people who is looking to live the right lifestyle they may learn something. And take that and apply to your life,  you will be winning dunya and akhirat. If it is not,  this dunya is very temporary, this life is very temporary. Live as you like. But you are going to die. You are going to die. If you are not knowing why you have been created, you are going to die in ghaflat, you are going to die in heedless station.

Those ones who is not in ghaflat, is the one who knows why he has been created. You are not just like animals that they are thinking 24hrs, what they are going to eat and how they are going to multiply. But 21st century people, majority became just like that. What we are going  to eat? What we are going to wear? How are we going to expose ourselves out there to other people and  How are we going to enjoy ourselves? The meaning of enjoyment means, how wild creatures we are going to become not to accept any boundaries. To live wild lifestyle. You like it? You are living in America. Yes, and America is saying to you: You are free. Do as you like!

But you are not that free. You do as you like, but everyday that you are putting one step forward to wrong direction, everyday your life is becoming more miserable. That’s why I’m watching today 21st century people, the sadness is coming out from their face. Suffering and loneliness. And they are trying to cover that up with a fake smile. It is not real. So turn back to your reality because the dunya that you are running after too, it’s just getting very old. The time that has been designated to this world and any other world too, it’s coming to an end.

So, who is in Ghaflat (heedlessness)?

That one who does not know himself. That one who is not looking for himself. ‘Oh, we do know ourselves. I know myself. My name is this and I was born on this date, this city. Matter of fact I even know the hospital.’

And what else do you know about yourself?

‘I finished this University.’


‘I have this many diplomas.’

And? What’s all that good for?

‘I’m enjoying myself. I’m earning the world. Everyday I’m building the world better for myself.’

So that means you are living for your ego. Not for your Lord. If you are living for your ego, you don’t know yourself. You are in big ghaflat. If you own the whole world, you are still in ghaflat. Because tomorrow, you are going to leave the world and go. Where are you going? Do you know? Do you have any idea? Or you just think that you just going to die and finish. That’s what happens to 21st century people. They are thinking that they are just going to die and some says, ‘whatever is going to happen, it’s going to happen.’


Something is going to happen. Definitely. Because Allah Jala wa’ala swt has created us and He has given us intelligence. He has given us a free will. But in reality we are looking, we really don’t have  a will that we can do as we like. If you can do as you like, find the way, go down under the earth. Find the hole and come out from the other side. If you can do as you like, look at the sky. Reach, go beyond. Why are you stuck in this world? So small. But for the people of ego, it is so huge. The people who knows their Lord, who understands their Lord and who knows their weakness, they are seeing that this world is nothing.

Yes. And Holy Prophet is saying, ‘Be careful from the vision of a believer because that one looks with the Nur of Allah.’ You cannot fool that one. The world cannot fool that one. Sheytan cannot fool that one. That one cannot be in ghaflat. That one cannot be in heedless station.

SE giving sohbet

Our word is to the believers. I am not speaking to unbelievers. Unbelievers, those who is believing in this world, they should live as they like. It’s okay. I have no single word to say to those. You are here because, you are saying that you are believer. That’s why I’m speaking to you. Those who is on the camera and watching also, they are also claiming that they are believers. That’s why they are opening that (video) and watching. Otherwise, millions of different types of speeches or enjoyment happening in this world right now, why are you bothering yourself in that case.

So what is the Sohbet? Association? It is to hear. To understand and to take, and to apply to yourself. And to live according to that. And your today becomes better than yesterday. And tomorrow must be better than today. If you are that kind of believer. So check yourself. ‘Is this what’s happening to me?’ If that is not happening to you, something is wrong somewhere, with you. Not with Islam. Not with what Allah send down. Something is wrong with you. Either you are not living according to the way you believe, which in so many times, that’s how it is.

Muslims they are not living the way that their Prophet has brought to them. They are living the secular lifestyle. They are adopting the lifestyle that is built on secularism that built on capitalism, that built on communism, built on feminism. Yes. These are the main things that is destroying mankind and bringing mankind out from the main road. Anytime they are turning one of this, they are turning out of the road. Allah sent Prophet to us. Allah sent Books to us, Guides to us. He is continuing sending it. He has not sent anymore Prophet since fourteen hundred years ago. No. But there’s always people living inside the nation of Muhammad that they are taking their knowledge from the Prophet. They are taking their knowledge from the Heavenly station, not from the books, not from the academies, not from the universities. Their heart is working. And it’s sent to their heart to give the good news to the nations and at the same time, to continue warning them and themselves on what is waiting for them Hereafter.

four saints

So the whole key, whole secret is, first the man is going to know, he has to know why he is living. For what reasons you are living. Are you living for the sake and the pleasure of your Lord? Or you are living for the sake of your ego, running after for selfish egoistic desires? If you are living for that, your today must be worse than yesterday and your tomorrow is going to be disaster. This is not going to change.

This is how it is, how it was from the first man Adam (as), coming down to dunya. He was living in the Paradise and he just became disobedient to one word of the Lord of the heavens and the earth and his next day became disaster. He was living in the Paradise. Soon as he became disobedient to that One word, his Paradise turned into a Hell. The beauty that Allah Jala wa’ala swt dressed him with is taken away, and he’s falling into darkness, and Allah is saying to him, ‘this is your original house, you cannot live in this house anymore too. Because I build this house for you. I build you for Myself. And you became disobedient to Me. So you have no place in this house right now. I am sending you to the darkness place, to this dunya, to that world. Understand what you did, turn around, ask forgiveness correctly. Be an obedient servant and you will enter back to  your original house. Otherwise, you’ll always going to suffer. It’s going to be eternal life waiting in front of you and you’ll always going  to be suffering because I have not created  you, the children of Adam, for dunya or for the hell. I have created you for the Paradise and if you are not turning back to that Paradise, your life is going to turn into eternal hell, dunya and akhirat.’

So for that, the mercy of Allah Jala wa’ala swt is continuously raining on us again, sending Prophets to us, sending Books to us, sending reminders to us, to remind us and to show to us how to live in this temporary life, in this world. What should we concentrate on? What is the priority has to be? What is it that we have to run after?

This is what we have to concentrate on. And if you are not knowing what is it that we are running after, we are going to be suffering in dunya, as we are saying, ‘Eh, the world is here.’ Billions of people, 21st century people, they build better lifestyle. Yes, they build better cars, better houses, better technology, better hospitals, everything is better. What they are dressing is good too. But one thing is becoming worse every single day.  Their inside. Their outside, it is in good shape, but inside is suffering. The ego is taking over the ruling of this body and because the ego is ruling the body, the man is suffering. The spirit is suffering. And this is not the only body that you have, physical body, as soon as the Angel of death comes to you, you fall down, goodbye. Not one doctor, one million doctors, cannot do nothing. And because they cannot do nothing, they are saying to you, ‘take this body and go and dump it under the ground. Because if you leave it above the ground, it’s  going to smell. It is going to bring sickness to the other ones. So put it under the ground.’

You like it? That’s your end and my end. And the beginning.  Beginning to the real life. So now, what is it that we have to concentrate? Yes, we should live for Allah. We should concentrate to say, ‘You have created us, and what do You want from us?’ He said, ‘I want only one thing from  you. To know Me and to be a thankful servant to Me, that what I give to you. Nothing else.’ And if you are not able to do that, you are the worse in this creation. Cos animals they do their thankfulness in their own world to their Lord. The earth and the skies, everything that He has created, they are being thankful servants to their Lord. Children of Adam, they are not remembering their Lord. But if they remember their Lord, they are making Lord to themselves. They are building statues and worshipping, or they are making the man and thinking that the man is the Lord and worshipping.

No, it’s not. He is the Creator, and we are the creatures. It is impossible for the creature that ever he is going to know his Lord in His divine secrets. That is His own unity, impossible. Because if you discover that, the Lordship finishes and the servanthood is finishing. So we are always going to be a servant. But He is saying to us, ‘My servants, in My presence, I treat them better than the kings.’


You are admiring the kings in the world, yes, admiring this strong world, admiring the man with the lots of power. That’s nothing. He is saying, ‘be a servant to Me, I will put everything under your authority. The skies and the earth will be under your authority. Everything becomes obedient to you. Only thing that you got to do is to be obedient servant to Me. And everything that I have created, will be obedient to you.’ How do you like that?

O Muslims, where are you? Are you still living, or you are dead?

You are dead. Majority is dead. Dead in Ghaflat. The world is making you to worry 24 hrs a day. But you are not worrying for  your ahirat. You are not worrying if the Angel of death will reach to you now. Have you prepare yourself to your own reality that Allah has designated for you? You are not thinking about that. Yes. So, that is the ghaflat and wake up from that ghaflat. Say, ‘Ashadu alla illaha ilallah, Wa ashaduana, Muhammadur abduhu wa rasulluhu salallahu ala alihi wa salim.’ And wake up to this world that is real. That this world, it is there for us to win our ahirat. To win our eternal life. Good or bad. It is in  your hand. Don’t think that Allah Jala wa’ala swt is going to punish you, to the punishment of hell. No. You are punishing your own self. Soon as you move out from the orders of your Lord, you are already opening door for a punishment to your own self. That’s why right away in dunya, in this world, suffering begins.

You eat good. You drink good. You run around good. You wear nice clothes, look at the mirror for hours before you go out, to who? For who? Why are you doing all that? You are trying to make show to who? Who’s going to like you? Somebody like you. Another man or another lady. The man is going out there looking at the ladies. Ladies, forget it. Don’t even speak about those ones, cos those ones they are taking almost everything out to say, ‘look what I have. Look at me. I’m such a good one.’ Tauba Astarghfirullah. From where you learn this lifestyle. Who teach you this?

The unbelievers. Not Christianity. Not Judaism. Not Islam. Monkey Darwin teach you this. Yes. Cos Darwin is saying to you, ‘you are coming from monkey. So you don’t have clothes. So you don’t have to wear clothes.’ And they are running on top speed. And they came out with this big sickness that the majority of the mankind is falling in it: Feminism. Sheytan grab the mankind from there saying, ‘if I have control on their women, then this men they became slaves to the women. So then, I can have the control of the whole world!’ And that’s exactly what sheytan did today. To Imams, to Sheykhs, ohh ho…forget  it, don’t even speak about it, they (the Imams and Sheykhs) are out there talking so much but when they go to their wife, their wife is saying, ‘What did you say about feminism!? Hmm?’


Yes. That is exactly what’s happening. Try to go out a little bit of that, look how your life is going to be so terrible but it’s okay. It’s better to be a little bit terrible and you stay on the Siratul Mustaqim. Yes. Otherwise, the men that is under the control of his women, in the judgement day, he is going to be raised in the women’s side. He’s not going to be counted from the men anymore. This story just fits:

Suleyman (as), he was a Prophet and he was a King. Prophet Suleyman, which the Yahudis  are saying Soloman, he was a Prophet and he was a King and he was not only a Prophet to the mankind, he was a Prophet to the jins and he had the authority on every kinds of animals too. The animal world was listening to him too. And he has the authority on the wind, the sun and everything. When he wanted his throne to be moved from one part to another part, he was able to move his city together. Today’s people, they are not believing on that. That’s another big sickness. ‘How can it be?’ they questioned. ‘So he’s a Prophet. How can it be? How can his throne was able to fly?’

But the mankind is living in it. This disobedient 21st century man, is building a big plane and he’s making city inside. They have a palace inside the plane. Plane takes off, flying in the air, going from one point to another point, they believe on that. But they are not believing that the Prophets was able to do that, the Prophet who has the authority on everything. That shows that they completely  have no faith. So wake up. Renew your faith again. Cos if you are saying that such a thing and such a thing cannot happen, you start losing your faith.

luxurious plan-horz

So the Prophet Suleyman (as), he also got married. Cos today’s women they are so upset. They cannot swallow the fact and the reality that Allah Jala wa’ala swt has grant the man the permission that if he wants and if it fits to that category, that he can marry more than one woman. Today’s woman they are not accepting that. None of them. But, they like their husband to come home to say, ‘Oh honey, I love you so much!’ And? To go out there to have ten girlfriends, to fool them all too to say, ‘you are the only one.’ They like to be fooled. And it is saying, ‘look, Allah created you for this much service. I need this one for this service,’ they cannot accept that reality.

‘What kind of Sheykh you are speaking such a thing like this now in the 21st century? This is even against the laws.’

Hmm, who cares about your laws. I’m speaking to you the laws that your Lord has given to you the permission and the boundaries. That’s all. You want to do it, it’s okay. You don’t want to do it, it’s okay. I’m not telling you to go and get two, three wives because, as a matter of fact, today’s man they cannot even handle one wife. So how are you going to get two? So that’s automatically it’s void for you because you give your leash to the hands of woman. That’s all. For that reason, one for you. That’s all. Not two.

Suleyman (as) they know that, he had ninety-nine wives. His father had too. They had more than that. He took one more wife that he liked that one much better than the other ones and saying to that one (just today’s speaking), ‘Honey, what can I give you? I am the King. So ask me something. I like you so much, so I will give you some present that you like.’

The jewels and everything were there. Women, they go crazy over diamonds and things like that. They were fooled, so many of them. And that one came out with a weird desire, saying to Suleyman (as), ‘Ya Suleyman, if you love me so much, I want something from you that you didn’t give to your other wives. Something different.’

He said, ‘Name it to see if I can have that.’

She said, ‘I want you to build me a palace.’

He said, ‘it’s easy. I can build you a palace with diamonds in it. Because the Jinss are under my authority.’

She said, ‘No. I don’t want the diamonds, I don’t want the gold, I don’t want nothing.’

He said, ‘what do you want?’

She said, ‘I want my palace to be built by the birds’ bones.’


‘Yes. You are going to cut the birds, you are going to take all their bones and you are going to build the palace with that.’

Suleyman (as) is thinking saying, ‘I ask this woman what she wants, now she tells me what she wants. What am I going to do?’

So now he says, ‘let me make conference with the birds to see how we are going to fix this problem.’ And he’s giving order for all the birds to come to the conference because he is going to ask them knowledge on what can they do and what kind of birds they should use to take the bones. All came to the conference except the Owl. Owl didn’t come to the conference. All other birds they came.

Suleyman (as) saying, ‘So, where is the Owl?’

They said, ‘Ya Suleyman. He said that he is busy today. He cannot come today.’

‘If he cannot come today, then we cannot start the conference. I need his advice too. So for that, he must come tomorrow. I am giving order. I am the Prophet and I am giving order to that one must come tomorrow.’

The next day, everybody is there, that one (the owl) didn’t come again. Suleyman (as) got very upset, sending message to that one saying, ‘tomorrow he must come otherwise I will punish that one.’ Which he has authority to do so.

Next day, the owl came. And Suleyman (as) saying to him, ‘why you became disobedient to my order from the first day and you came on the fourth day?’

‘Ya Suleyman, on the first day I was very busy.’

‘What were you doing?’

‘I was counting, in this world, to understand how many parts of the world it is dry and how much water is in the world.’

‘Did you find it?’

‘Yes. And this is the answer.’

The owl continued, ‘On the second day, I was counting other things.’

Suleyman (as) asked, ‘how about on the third day? You are here on the fourth day.’

‘On the third day I was counting to see how many males and how many females are living on the earth.’

‘Did you find the answer?’


‘What is it?’

The Owl said, ‘I find that the number are this, but then Divine order has reached to me and saying to me, ‘Don’t count the men from the men, those ones who is running to do whatever their wife wants, that they are under the authority of their women. Saying count them from the women’s because in the judgement day, they are going to get up that way, as women.’

Suleyman (as) is saying, ‘I understand. I got the message. So the conference is already finished. No need to talk to this birds anymore. I got my message.’

Owl is saying, ‘what happen, Ya Suleyman. What’s the message that you just got?’

He said, ‘you know, all the other birds they came here. But you know why I called you here? I was going to think and get advice from you on what kinds of bones and which birds that I should kill and to get their bones and to build the wife a palace because that’s what she wanted. Now I understand that it is a forbidden action that I was ready to do and Allah is sending me a message saying, “if you are doing that, tomorrow in the judgement day, you’ll be counted from the women, meaning heavy punishment will reach you.’”

where are you O muslim men

So, where are you, O the Muslim men?

Of course I’m not talking to non-Muslim. Are you in which part of this? Are you listening to everything that your wife is saying to you? Halal and Haram doesn’t matter? Break borderline, what I like. If you are breaking the line when it comes to haram and you are being obedient to your wife, when she is saying to you this is forbidden and  you know that it is forbidden action to you and to everybody, but because your wife wants and you do it, then you are in big trouble in dunya and ahiret.

So wake up to yourself. Live for Allah’s sake. If you are not living for Allah’s sake, those ones that you love so much, one day, they are going to leave you or you are going to leave them, then you are going to stay alone. This is for men and for women.

If you are living for a man, he’s going to leave you one day and  you are going to suffer and if the men is living for a women, that one is going to leave you one day too. Like this or like that, you are going to suffer. If you are both living for Allah and for His prophet, you have eternal life waiting in front of you. Dunya and ahiret. Your dunya becomes Paradise. Your ahiret becomes better than that. So live for Allah’s sake. And when you live for Allah’s sake, even sheytan is afraid of you. He will run away that time. Difficulties, always Allah test you with so many things, but the sheytan also runs away from you. When you see something wrong in the way of Allah, that the Holy Prophet is saying, “either fix it with your hand, or if you cannot fix it with your hand, fix it with your tongue, if you cannot fix it with your tongue, fix it with your heart, at least to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, this wrong thing that is happening in front of me, I am not accepting and they are wrong and I am turning my face to you.’” Doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. Even if it’s from your own family. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.

Just like a man, there was an Abeed, Salih, a Saintly man and he was living for the sake of his Lord. One day, he’s going out, he’s looking, passing certain area, he’s seeing too many people going and there was a tree and they were surrounding the tree and they are worshiping to the tree. He said to them, ‘what is this that you are doing?’

They said, ‘don’t you see. This is our Lord. We are worshipping to the tree.’

‘Are you a fool one? You are worshipping to a tree? Okay, wait.’

He went home, he got his axe. He went out with the intention saying, ‘I will cut this tree for them to see that this is not a Lord so they may wake up because this is something great wrong that they are doing. And I will destroy the tree so that they may wake up, even if it is one among them, they will wake up. It is still good.’

So while he was coming, on the way, sheytan up till the time of the Holy Prophet (asws) was able to come to a man into man’s form. After the Prophet (asws), it is forbidden for sheytan to come to a man in another man’s form. The man  that is sitting in front of you, to know that it is a man. But the sheytan is taking him under his control, that’s a different story which today’s people, ninety-nine percent is under that authority. So many believers calling themselves believer is also under that authority. You will understand now with this story.

So the man went out and sheytan came to him in the form of a man and saying to him, ‘O Abeed, you are a good man, righteous man. What are you doing?’

He said to him, ‘stand aside. I have a work to do for Allah’s sake.’

Sheytan said, ‘No. I want to help you someway, somehow. Tell me what you want me to do?’

He said, ‘I have just seen a group of people worshipping to a tree and I am going to go to cut that tree for them to turn around. Maybe they will start worshiping to their Lord.’

And that one saying to him, ‘Are you crazy. Isn’t that their Lord is seeing them? Why are you interfering with His work. You continue doing what you are doing. You are the one that is serving to your Lord. He wants them to do that, that’s why He let them to do it. So, why are you interfering?’

That man said to  him, ‘I am looking to  you that you have an evil idea. Get away from me! I am going to cut that tree because that is a big wrong and if I’m not interfering, then I’ll be responsible too because I didn’t interfere, I didn’t say nothing. Get away!’

‘No. How can I get away? You be busy with yourself. Instead of going and spending the time cutting that tree, go worship a little bit more, you will get to better and higher station.’

That Abeed is saying, ‘Look you are standing in front of me. I’m not going to change my mind because I cannot be feeling comfortable while I’m worshipping there, knowing that some people around me, around my area, they are worshipping to a tree.’

So sheytan is standing in a man’s form saying, ‘No, no. I will not let you to do that because there must be a different reason in it if the Lord is letting that to happen.’

He said, ‘You are not moving away from in front of me Huh!?’ He grabbed him and knocked him down on the floor. He punched him couple of punches, put his feet on his neck saying, ‘if you stand in front of me one more time, I will cut your neck off first, later I go to those one.’

And that sheytan is now seeing and saying to himself, ‘O, this one is unusual. With all this evil power that I have, he knocked me down,’ so sheytan said, ‘okay, you know what, I’m watching you because I’m also an Abeed, I am a servant of the Lord also and I have been watching you. You have difficulties in your life coming with the financial problems.’

sheytan is your enemy

And that man really have financial problems. And sheytan is saying, ‘I’ve been watching  you. So the Lord just sent me to you. He likes what you want to do now. So He said to me to tell you that I have the authority also in different secrets. So go back to your house and sleep tonight, by morning you are going to find four gold right under your pillow. And collect some, make your life better then you cut the tree.’

That one is saying, ‘now it is possibility. I’ll wake up one more day.  Let see what he’s going to do. Let see, maybe this is a saint too.’ Cos some people now are mixing up between the saints and the dajjals, that’s why I’m saying this.

The man said, ‘let me go to sleep tonight to see what’s going to happen.’

He slept that night. In the morning he got up quickly. He looked under the pillow and he saw four gold just like that man had promised to him. ‘Oh, he wasn’t lying. I find this four gold.’ He started calculating some days and said to himself, ‘I will do this for these many days, I will have this many gold, then I’ll go and cut the tree again.’

Next day he woke up, he found the gold there again. He got very happy. Some people, as soon as dunya starts coming, that’s exactly what is happening to them too. They are in the way of Allah but as soon as this starts happening a little bit, they got so happy. They jumped up and down. That is changing you? Your faith is very weak. You may lose it just like that saint.

And on the second day he’s finding that gold. Third day he woke up, there’s nothing there. He said to himself, ‘well some mistake happened. Let me just wait for the next day.’

Next day he looked, it was not there again. And he said, ‘if I don’t find that gold again tomorrow, I will go and I will cut that tree.’

Next day he looked, there was nothing there. He took the axe and started to run out, now going to cut the tree. That man (sheytan) appeared in front of him again saying, ‘oh Abeed, where are you going?’

He said, ‘You are the one. You fool me. Now only two days I got the gold. Third day I didn’t find anything. Fourth day, nothing. So now I’m going to cut the tree.’

Sheytan said to him, ‘No you cannot cut the tree anymore. Even if I don’t stand in front of you, you cannot.’

‘How you dare saying this!’

He said, ‘because the first day when you come out from your house to cut the tree, you came out with the intention of pleasing your Lord. Now, you came out because you didn’t find the gold. You are angry. That’s why you are going over there to cut the tree. Matter of fact, I will not give you permission to put one more step ahead.’

‘Who are you? Don’t you see that the last time I beat you up. This time I’ll cut your neck up with this axe.’

‘O foolish one. Last time you were a servant of the Lord. Now you are the servant of the gold. So I have no fear from you. You put one more step, I will give you one smack and you will find yourself in the galaxy. Now I give my power back to you because your intention has changed. So go back there and don’t you dare go to that tree.’

the tree (2)

Good morning Muslims. Wake up to yourself. Take it anyway you like it. And if you are finding some lesson in it for you, use it as you like it. Living for Allah’s sake is going to make you more happy in dunya and ahirat. Living for dunya sake, everyday that you are getting better in dunya, you are going to be more miserable because you are going to worry more. That’s exactly what’s happening to the mankind.

So a Sahabi asked the Prophet (asws) one day,‘who’s the worse man among the mankind?’ He (asws) said, ‘that one who is seeing something wrong and he is not interfering in any way, he is just living for his selfish lifestyle again, that one is just like a dead man among the living ones.’

So, to be able to do that, first we must correct ourselves. Fixed ourselves and to be able to reach to other people that  you said you love so much. You cannot reach to them unless you fix yourself. Unless  you fix your intention and unless you say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m living for Your sake.’ Then you’ll be able to reach to others. We reach to the end of the time. Second Jahilliya, the Holy Prophet  is saying  is going to be worse than the first and the children of Adam has entered to that. Every single day, the Muslims are losing more and more of what Prophet left to them. They are adopting the lifestyle that does not come with Islam. More you do that, more you are going to lose and more you are going to run away from Islam. But don’t forget, every day you are going one more step forward to your grave. Everyday you are getting closer to death and the Angel of death is reaching to you one more closer day to you.


Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha

 Sohbet  given by Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

April 5, 2012


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  1. Ya Allah Bless our shaykh with highest stations in Jannah

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