Knowledge For Our Journey Home



We are asking from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Kibrisi Hz to send us something that is going to benefit us. So that we can take and we can use it. Something useful. Knowledge that is useful. Because in these days, there is so much so called knowledge out there but it is useless. It is not useful. Useless. Useless knowldege, useless information. And this useless information is doing nothing but making a fitnah, confusion in the minds and the hearts of the people. And is making confusion in this whole planet, not just making confusion so that people feel confuse, there is going to be a lot of bloodshed, oppression, wrong things happening because of this confusion. Useless information, useless knowledge. As believers, there is a prayer of the Holy Prophet (asws) to protect us from knowledge that is useless. Knowledge that is useless is what is call, ‘Malayani.’

 Malayani. This is a spiritual teaching. This is not worldly teaching. Worldly teaching is saying: every kind of knowledge, it is useful. Isn’t it? Worldly teaching is saying: Read as much as you can, everything that you can. This is the ideology that they are sending out anyway. But in reality, even in this world, we cannot be reading everything. We must only be concerned with the things that are important to us, concern with things that concerns us. Knowledge, that is the best kind of knowledge is the knowledge that you experience. It is not just knowledge that you are going to read here and there then you are just going to repeat it, but it is knowledge that you experience.

In Spirituality, Tasawwuf, Tarikat, the Prophet first teach it. And they are teaching the knowledge they experience to those who want to go through that experience. Because majority don’t want to go through that experience. Majority they are locked in just these five senses. They are locked within these five senses and they want to stay that way. When you talk about the other senses, when you talk about the Hereafter, when you talk about such subtle Lutuf things, they are saying, ‘you are just imagining.’ We should just be busy, they are saying, with the things that we can touch, we can feel, we can taste, we can see, we can hear, just five senses. They are locked in it.


But man is not an animal and when man is just locked within his five senses, he is worse than an animal. Because that animal sense is better than our sense. The sight, what we see, man can only see that much, but the common cat can see much more than man. Hearing, man can only hear that much but the dog can hear much more than them. Smelling, tasting and everything that you think is just concern with the physical self, not with the spiritual self, majority of mankind saying: we must only stick to this because this is the only reality. That is the lowest reality because the animals, they are more developed than us in those senses. And man is not really chasing to hear more, to see more, to smell more, is it? No.

When it comes to seeing, smelling, tasting, Man, meaning those ones who are not believing in the Hereafter, believing only in this world and the pleasures and the treasures of this world, they just want more and more and more of what it is in front of them. They don’t want something higher than that. So the Prophets, they came to remind us that we have been sent to this Asfala Safileen, to this lowest of the low, which is this world, but we have not been created for this world. We have not been created in Asfala Safileen, we are not created in the lowest of the low. We have been created, as Allah swt is saying, we have been created in the most perfect form. The most perfect form. We have been sent to this lowest world.

The most perfect form does not belong to the Angels. It belongs to man. But not the man who is turning the most perfect form to fit only in this lowest of the low world. The most perfect ones are who?  The Prophets. And no Prophet came to this world, 124 000 Prophets, no Prophet came to this world to tell man how to live in this world more and better, how to make better houses, make better cars, better jobs. No. Every Prophet came to say, ‘turn your face away from this world. This is an illusion and a delusion world. This is the lowest world. This is not even real. Turn our face to the reality that we came from, that we are going to return to.’ To remind us of that reality. And how are you going to reach this reality? How are we going to reach this reality if we are still wrapped up with our ego, if we are still wrapped up with our Nafs, with our desires. If all that we have been busy with is just our desires and this dunya and serving sheytan. That time we will never discover ourselves. We are not even going to discover the senses.

So every Prophet came to teach this. And the Prophets came and they left those ones who are running after this, the inheritors, to remind those ones until Judgement day. Those ones that while living in this world, they understand, they grow up little bit and they understand that we have to return.

We came here from a very, very, very long journey. We didn’t come here yesterday. We came from a very long journey.  You are sixty years old, still a short time. You are a hundred years old, is still a very short time. You are one thousand years old that the Prophets and the people in the old days they live for thousands of years, it’s still a very short time. Because before our existence in this world, we existed also. We existed. Before we came in this world, we were in our original home, and that is Paradise. And we are going back to that original home, that is our Paradise.

Man was not created when Allah swt has finished creating the Angels and the Arsh and Sun and the Moon and the Heaven and the Hell and then He created man. He did not. The man, Adam (as), He created the Physical form, He created after everything is over.  Don’t fall into the same trick that sheytan was being tricked  into, seeing the form of Adam (as) and thinking that this is the new creature that Allah has just created. Adam (as), the physical form of Adam (as) was just created, but his spirit, your spirit, my spirit, everyone spirit, that is the Bani Adam, Allah swt  created that before anything else.

Man is a hidden treasure. But we don’t know our own worth. We don’t know why we have been created, what is the reason of our creation.

TreasureChest (2)

The reason of our creation is to represent Allah, is to know Allah and to worship Him. No other creature Allah swt has created has that purpose and that responsibility. Only mankind. But if mankind is taking the purpose of his existence only to eat  and to drink and to get married and to die, he’s wasting, wasting  that Divine purpose that Allah swt has created him for something much, much higher. Much higher. The Prophets  came to remind us. We have this knowledge inside of us. We have this. The Prophets, they are just making us to wake up. Wake up. Wake up, don’t sleep.

Wake up. Remember. To remember. Remember. Because our memory is reaching to that pre-eternity. Before Allah swt created time, He had created our souls. We came from a very, very long journey and we have a very long journey ahead of us. And the Prophets came to remind us. The Awliya Allah  they are here  to remind us but so many they are playing games with Tarikat, they are playing games with spirituality, they are playing games with Islam. They think it is so easy. It is not easy. It is a very long journey.

We came from New York to Florida, it is a very long journey. We prepared everything, you have a GPS, you have this, you have that, still there may be things in the way that may stop you from going smoothly. It always happens, you know. What about our journey back to our Lord, Allah swt. It’s so easy? The more seriously that we are taking it, the more wisely we are thinking on it, the more realistic we are, the more help will come. The easier it will be, the easier you think it is, if you think it is just magic, the more your ego is going to play tricks on you, the more sheytan may trick you. This is how it is. May Allah make it easy for us.

We are here preparing for our journey back. We are not sent here to this world to live and to eat and to multiply. We are sent here to prepare ourselves for a journey back. What is it that we are preparing today? Look. What is it that you are preparing today? Look and try to understand, like what we said before, what the Angels are writing now. Think, at least: what is my right hand angel, Kiraman and Katibin, the ones who records my good deeds and my bad deeds. The ones who records my good deeds, what did he record today? What have I done for the sake of Allah swt today?


How many are thinking that? How many Imams are reminding their jamaat to think that? How many Sheykhs are saying that? But they want to go to high mysticism, high spirituality but you don’t even understand this basic thing that is in front of you. Concentrate then, what is your left side Angel recording, the angel that records all your wrong actions. Are we thinking? Naksibendi way, we must sit at least five minutes a day to think, ‘what I did today for the sake of Allah?’

Everyone loves to see how much they have left, they have  in their bank balance, they have in their car gas. They have a gauge for everything. You want to know where you are. You want to know how much more mortgage you have to pay. You want to know. You have a gauge. How are you going to gauge the day that you are spending for the sake of Allah? What we are doing now is what Allah swt will do to us on the Day of Judgement. This is not just something that is just, ‘oh, it’s something extra, it’s alternative, it is…’ the day is twenty four hours, our Effendi, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi is saying, the day is twenty four hours, you will find twenty four drawers. On the Day of Judgement they will make you to open each drawer from that  twenty four hours. You will see sometime, twenty four drawers, one drawer will contain jewels, maybe that time, you are sitting down and you are remembering your Lord, or you are working sincerely and remembering your Lord and doing things properly. But sometimes you are going to open and you are going to find it filled with scorpions and with snakes. Twenty four hours, you have to check and if we are not doing it here in this world, definitely  they are going to do it in the Hereafer.

We cannot run away from that. Don’t say, that time, ‘Oh, my Sheykh is going to help me.’ So many are saying, ‘no worry, my Sheykh is going to help me.’ Those who worry, and they hope and they pray that their Sheykh is going to help them, they are different. Because they worry and they hope and they pray, they are trying to fix it and they hope and they pray their Sheykh is going to help them. That is something else. But those who don’t worry and say, ‘don’t worry, my Sheykh is going to help me,’ they fall on wrong category. They are wrong. How am I so bold to say this? Because the Prophets themselves, on the Day of Judgment, do they worry? Do the Prophets worry about their faith on the Day of Jdugment? Or they say, ‘ah, I’m not worrying, my Lord is going to take care of it.’ or ‘ah, I’m not worrying, Prophet is going to come to give syafaat to me,’ or do they worry?

All the people, mankind is going to run after Adam (as), and saying, ‘O father Adam Safiullah, pray on our behalf. We are asking you for syafaat. You are the one chosen by Allah to be the first. You are the father of mankind. Pray for us. Help us.’ And what is Adam (as) saying? Did he say, ‘don’t worry.’? Or did he say, this is hadiths, ‘I myself am worried about my faith because I ate from the forbidden fruit.’ And he’s waiting for the syafaat  of the Rasulullah (asws). They run to Nuh (as), saying the same thing. Nuh (as) the second father of mankind, saying, ‘help us O father Nuh.’  He said, ‘I cannot help you. I myself is in trouble. I am in trouble because I prayed and Allah sent the flood.’ They ran to every Prophet and every Prophet, to Isa (as) and Isa (as) saying, ‘my people are calling me a God.’ Until the Holy  Prophet (asws) comes.

We are following the traditions of the believers and the Prophets. As a Prophet, they worry. We should worry. If we worry and we run to do it, yes, that time, we will be like that ant with one broken leg, trying so hard to do something which is completely impossible, but because he tried so hard, he’s sincere, then the help of Allah comes. That ant with a broken leg, with a drop of water in his mouth to turn off the fire of Nimrod, that the fire is so big it can be seen in Iraq. Impossible for him to turn it off, but Allah is praising him, mentioning that ant in the Quran. Definitely Allah has created us better than that ant. With our capacity. But  definitely, majority are not even thinking and they become worse than that.

So, we should run, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, to check our books everyday. To check what we are sending  to the grave everyday. That way, whatever knowledge that comes,  we will have that in front of us to balance whether this is something that is necessary or it is not.  Whether this is something that is malayani  or it is useful. Something that it gives us benefits or it doesn’t give us benefit. That time your heart will start working. You understand?

You don’t have to read so much, consult so much, your heart will start to work. Because we don’t have time. Time is running out. Very short time between now and the appearances of Mahdi (as). When Mahdi (as) appears those who are ready will go. Those who are not ready they will be left behind. It doesn’t matter if you are Sayed or Sherif. It doesn’t matter that time how long you’ve been in Tarikat or not. You are not ready, you’ll be left. You are ready, everyday you are looking at your ego,  you are trying, you are pushing yourself. You are training yourself. You’ve done all that base work, Mahdi (as) says, ‘ok now come we go. You are ready.’

May we be ready InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. May Allah forgive us for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws) and Sahibul Saif.

Hoja Hz


Sohbet after Zikir by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

February 5, 2015


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