Islam, It Is A Living Religion.


We are asking help and support from our Sheykh to send us something that is going to give benefit to us, InsyaAllah. We are here to understand why we have been sent and to remind ourselves of the promise that we have made to our Lord Allah swt, the reason of our creation and where we are going to go after this.

thank Our Lord

Mankind get stuck. They get stuck in transit because there is a traffic. So they get stuck. They forget where they are from and they forget where they are going to and they think the traffic is the reality. Traffic is not the reality. This world is a transitional place for us to reach to our destination. That is a long road. Alhamdulillah. May Allah keep us always in safety, keep us away from confusion of this Ahir Zaman, and may Allah not test us. Don’t be so macho to think that we can pass the test of Allah. We cannot. All we have to do is to wake up to what this world is going through, what other ones are going through in different countries, in different times, to understand where we are. If not, the man is staring into his own teacup and he sees his tea is turning around and around and he thinks it is a storm, a storm in a teacup. No.

When the Islamic world was an Ummat, the Muslims were one body. They knew what was happening all the way from the other end of the earth, and they felt what all the way to the end of the earth Muslims they were going through. They felt it, they understood and they tried to help. Because they were one body. When this head was cut off and the body was chopped into pieces and  we go back to the jahiliyyah practice of tribalism, then we look into our own little teacup and we think it is a huge storm. Meanwhile there’s a huge storm that is building up to destroy the whole ummat, but we don’t see that. We only look at the small little thing that is happening to us.

Whether it is on a national, because when you are busy like that in a tribal basis, on a nationalistic basis, then that is teaching you to be always looking in your own private affairs. Then easy from that way you are only looking at your own individual personal affairs. But if you look, compare your personal affairs to community, to the country, to the globe, then where it stands in comparison? Nowhere. It doesn’t, it doesn’t stand. And this is present time when you compare things with the present, what if you compare what you are going through at present with what had happened before? That time, more you put yourself into what? Perspective. More you put yourself into perspective, more you understand where you are.

As we were saying in the Khutbah, what we were saying about the Sahaba e-Kiram? What they went through, that those years of sadness, don’t think those years of sadness only happened one time with the Holy Prophet (asws). It happens every time. It happens every year. It happens to Muslims. But if Muslims are awake and they understand that history is alive, which they did for a major part of our history, they don’t want to repeat. They take lesson from the history and they watch out to try to correct the matters, then you come out from yourself and you try to help your ummat the way that the Prophet (asws) was helping the ummat. You start seeing the whole perspective of things. Because what the Holy Prophet (asws) went through, what the Sahaba e-Kiram went through those years of sadness, which in the khutbah that we have just said; they went through that when there was complete cut off, the Muslims were cut off from the rest of the society in Mecca and especially at that time you cannot survive if you don’t have protection from your clan, from your tribe.


Imagine if you are living in Upstate New York or you are living in Florida, or you are living in Turkey, and everybody knows that you are Muslims and nobody wants to sell anything to you, buy anything from you, you cannot rent a house, you cannot go to school, you cannot do anything completely. That’s what happened to them for years. They had no food and their children were starving and they were hungry and they were crying. Their old ones and the weak ones, they were dying. But they were firm and they were steadfast in their faith. And they didn’t give up. Because they believe in the Holy Prophet (asws). They did not believe in him so that they can get something in this dunya. So many of them, they did not believe in him just to get something from the Jannat too. Because once you understand the sohbet of the Holy Prophet (asws), once you taste the association, the closeness with the Prophet (asws), you don’t want anything else. You only want that closeness.

It doesn’t matter where you are; Dunya, Jannat or Jahannam, you have that closeness with the Prophet, that is it. You don’t have that closeness, you don’t have the sohbet of the Prophet, that Jannat can turn into a Jahannam. Because what did they have? They have the love of the Prophet (asws) and they are told what by the Prophet? ‘You are going to be with the one that you love.’ So they were concentrating on that. That sacrifice, those years of sadness, those years of hunger, those years of torture, it is nothing but the love that they have, because that is what is motivating them. If you think that they are doing that just to get Jannat, one, two years, they will crack. Because they were not experiencing that and if people are so cheap and they just want something that they can have proof of, to experience, they did not get that in this world.

Did the Holy Prophet (asws) crack open the Earth to reveal treasures? Did he send people to become Kings and rulers of this world?, to have the riches and the pleasures and the treasures of this world during his time? No, he didn’t. Although he promise them, he says, ‘if you look, if you want, you are going to get it.’ And he says, ‘we are going to take down Qisra. We are going to take down the Emperor of Abyssinia, the Emperor of Rome, we are going to take down all these great power,’ and all these riches are going to give to them, and you know what? All the Sahaba e-Kiram that later they became governors of this rich areas, they did not live like the Emperor. They did not live like the Qisra. They did not live like the Kings. They continued to live like the Prophet (asws). They have all these huge palaces, they get small rooms and they live and they keep, and they stay and they sleep the way that the Holy Prophet (asws) had kept. Exception here and there, we are not going to go to that right now.

Because, they knew that the more that we are imitating, I don’t like to use the word imitate, but the more that they are taking the Sunnat, a lifestyle of the Prophet and putting it in their life and practising it, the closer they are going to be with the Prophet. Because they are reliving it. And once you have that closeness, once you have that sohbet, there’s nothing else that you want in this world. There’s nothing else that you need in this world.

love the Sunnah

So, Alhamdulillah, because we have a Sheykh that showed us what this means, give us a taste of what this means, that a few minutes in their presence takes us away from everything. A few minutes in their presence takes us away from ourselves. A few minutes in their presence we forget about everything and there is nothing that we want except to be in their presence, except to be with them. Otherwise we would not know, we would not feel how the Sahaba e-Kiram felt. We are feeling it a little bit. Alhamdulillah. Otherwise we would not know. That’s why Islam, it is a living tradition. It is a living religion. Continue to live like the Prophet (asws), it will be a living religion to you. If you leave the Sunnat, then it is only going to be a dead religion. Like all the other earlier revealed religions are, it’s finished. It’s dead.  But everything in Islam, it is alive.

How are we saying this?

Because we know exactly how the Prophet (asws) live his life. There is no debate, there is no muddiness, there is no confusion.  We know how he kept his beard. We know how he walks, we know how he talks, we know every detail of his life, not intellectually, because billions of Muslims for fourteen hundred years have kept that alive. If all the books written about the Prophet (asws) were destroyed, his memory will still live because there are thousands who are emulating him. There are  thousands and millions who are continuing his traditions. The language that he spoke is still a living language. It’s not a dead language. The accent that he spoke in, the Arabic accent that he spoke in, is still a living language, a living accent.

So, we are thankful to Allah swt because He has brought us into this lifestyle, into this Deen, into this belief. And this belief is not just a belief that is just a small part of our life, it is our life. Our religion is our life. Work, family, politics, everything else is a part of this life of Islam. Don’t ever think that Islam is a part of our lives. We are a part of Islam. Everything else is a part of Islam. Inna ad-dina indallahu Islam. Everything else is a part of that. It is not a part of us.

So we are thanking our Lord, Allah swt, that in these days of big confusion, we have found a guide and we are trying to stay. Keep it strong. Keep it strong. Don’t let the ego and the sheytan to fool us. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we cannot wait the day when we will be reunited and to be able to continue the journey together with him. May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of our Sheykh, insyaAllah. May his station be raised higher and higher. May there be safety to the believers. May the unbelievers turn their heads around to come into the way of Haqq. May tyranny fall. May justice prevails. May the holder of Justice, Hz Mahdi (as) appears soon. May all those ones who are in suffering and in pain, may Allah make it easy for them. May we not be tested by that. May our faith be strong. May the Muslims come together under the banner of the Prophet (asws) and may the Ottoman rise soon.

WaminaAllahu Taufiq.

 For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha.

my Sheykh

 Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

February 6, 2015

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