How to not let others negativity to get to you?


Question: If you are trying to do your own things for the sake of Allah and those around you they try to annoy you, try to bring you down but they do wrong things themselves, what should you do? Or should you not let it get to you?


Well you are not made of stone. You are going to be bothered by it. Understand this is a spiritual teaching of these times, if you are in a community and you are running after Allah and His Prophet (asws) and that community is making you feel very bad and very annoyed and they are bothering you, meaning they are making this world into a prison for you, be happy. Be happy. Because now, you are making one more hadiths of the Prophet (asws) into a reality: That this world is really like a prison. That there is no enjoyment of this world. That it is false. That it is filled with deceit and deception. You understand?

If you are going through that, be happy. Because Allah swt has not given that kind of experience maybe to billions of people. That they still have what? Even if they are being deceived by the world and they are being tortured or they are being oppressed, they still have hope for the world. They still have hope for the world.

Does a believer have hope for this world?

No.  This is ayat of Quran. Didn’t we just mention in the khutbah? This is what the Prophet (asws) is saying. This is what the Awliya Allah they are repeating: The believers, they have no more hope for this world. So, if you are in a situation when you feel that there is no hope for this world, that always you are being tight and people are always trying to oppress you, one way or another, be happy. Say, “Syukur Ya Rabbi, You make me to experience something that the Prophets they have experienced. You are making me to experience something that the Awliya Allah, Your friends are experiencing, that my Sheykh is experiencing.” That time, where is your heart going to be? It is going to run to Allah. Your heart is going to be busy with Allah because you’ve seen through the deception of this world. You understand?


You are not going to have too much hope of this world. Then you understand, you are just going to smile. You are not going to be upset. You are not going to be fighting back. You just smile. You’ll say, ‘this is the nature of the world. This is the nature of the world.’

So when people tricked you, this is the nature of the world. And you are not going to look to blame those ones who tricked you. You are going to look what is inside of you that is allowing yourself to be tricked. Because the believer has to look with the Nur of Allah. So they say what? ‘Even a fish will not get into trouble if it learns how to keep its mouth shut.’ Right? Sheykh Effendi is saying :the fish that get caught, is the fish that forgot to say, ‘Allah.’ You understand? All animals they get caught because the forget to say, ‘Allah.’

So now the circumstances around you is making you to remember Allah more. It’s making you to long for escape from this world. Long for your real world, real family, real brothers. There is now a look that Allah has given. Because Allah is also The jealous One. For some, He says, ‘No. I don’t want that one to love anything else except for Me.’ Don’t ask for that. That is very heavy. You’ll be asked to sacrifice everything. So many, maybe they fail. So many, maybe they hurt so much they would lose so much. For us, we are just asking to be with our Sheykh. And asking that this world is showing its reality. That we are going to be in this world just as how we were designed to be in this world. Just passing through.  Passing through.

You know, you are taking a car ride from here to New York, whatever you see on the way, does it really matter to you? You may see bright lights, you may see an accident, you may see something wonderful, something amazing, but in the final analysis, does it matter to you? No. because what matters to you is your destination. So for us, our destination is to return back to our Sheykh, then he will take us wherever that he wants to take us. We are not going to dictate now, we are not going to tell our Sheykh, ‘Now you have to take me to Paradise. Now you have to take me to Allah.’

A destiny

“You are going to be with the one that you love.” Holy Prophet (asws) is saying this, isn’t it? So check yourself today, ‘Whom do I love? What do I love? For what reasons do I love? What is it making me to do? What is it stopping me from?’ For all of us, whatever love that we have, has to lead back to our Sheykh. Meaning, it has to lead back to Allah. Meaning, that time you will be, insyaAllah amongst those ones who  are being raised on the Day of Judgment on Columns of Light that even the Prophets they are going to be in amazement, saying, ‘who are these Prophets? We’ve never seen them before. They are sitting on thrones of light.’ And answer will be coming to them saying, ‘these are the ones who love each other for the sake of Allah.’

So build that Jama’at that love each other. It is not easy. It took Prophet (asws) twenty-three years and with the severest of test and even then, even then, what happened after that? Twenty-three years? There were still some certain differences, but doing things for the sake of Allah. InysaAllah ar-Rahman. Understand?

This much is enough. The important thing like what we mentioned before, in the hadiths, read that hadiths, “BismillahirRahmanirRahim Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in his hadiths Sharif, ‘the world is cursed and everything in it is cursed except for the Zikr of Allah, good deeds, the person of knowledge  and the ones who learn from them.'”

Amanna Wa Sadaqna. The words of the Prophet is the truth. This world is cursed. Everything in it is cursed. There is a curse, except the Zikr of Allah, to do good deeds, the person of knowledge, and this knowledge is the knowledge of himself and of his Lord. Not knowledge how to make computers or knowledge how to build tall buildings,it is the knowledge of himself and knowledge of his Lord. And those who sit with them. These are the only four categories that is not cursed. So look to see which category  you are falling under. There’s nothing that we can take, take this.

Alhamdulillah, our Sheykh has given us all four. We are sitting with him, who is a man of knowledge, of Divine Knowledge. He is making us to sit with him. He is making us to remember Allah. He is making us to do good deeds. And he is making us to learn from him. That time, curse is not going to fall on us. You can be saying whatever that you want to say, as much as you want. You can be going up and down, you are going to do that robotically, still if you have love of this dunya, there’s still curse going to reach to you dunya and ahirat.

May Allah protect us from that curse. May Allah put more love of our Sheykh in our hearts and put more love of those who love and those who serve our Sheykh more into our hearts. May our Sheykh love us more. May we become sincere ones. May our jamaat becomes better. May more sincere ones come into our way. May we bring down the Kingdom of Dajjal. May we welcome Hazreti Mahdi (as). May we become those ones who are serving him. For the sake of SahibulSaif.



Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York, 2014

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